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  1. It is ... sorry my fat fingers hit the wrong button ... i'll edit it
  2. Hi, can anyone help me with a 1993 Survivor Series PPV request please? This will be used for a diary in the Dome ... I think this is the original logo (Happy to be told otherwise), and ideally it would have Bam Bam Bigelow on one side with blacked out characters beside/behind him and Randy Savage as the main character on the other side with Ted Dibiase, IRS, Bob Backlund and Koko B.Ware. To be honest I am quite happy with anything, the original has The Quebecers and Tatanka on it but the wont be part of my Survivor Series so nothing with those in. Also rather than be Thanksgiving eve Survivor Series will be on Sunday 28th November 1993. Any questions please ask.
  3. Sorry it's late, work has been shit ... If it's too late for this round I understand
  4. The first one with the Wednesday player is Trond Egil soltvedt
  5. I think you should get double your points for the Chelsea game because of your honesty 👍
  6. I know everyone could say this at some point but I typed Nottingham forest, deleted it, typed Brentford, and then thought you should always trust your gut so went back to forest .... 😭😭😭
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