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  1. Presume most of you have seen this but Paddy Power have come out with the greatest advertisement ever featuring Rhodri Giggs ... Don't know how much they pay their marketing team but they need/deserve more ... 15 seconds in, "The Wandering Cock", is definitely not a mistake
  2. He did manage Sheff Utd for a while but rumours are saying he has been offered 2 million a year (god knows how with FFP and the trouble we're already in). Apparently Steve Agnew and Stephen Clemence (his back room team) have already signed contracts and will take control after tomorrow until he is ready to join permanently ... Seems a bit of a joke situation if that is the case, surely he is ready to take over or he isn't ready? but god knows with us at the minute. I can only imagine he has been promised money to spend which either means players going in January (Westwood, Hooper, Fletcher, Forestieri maybe even Tom Lees?), investment is near and Chansiri does actually want to sell (which doesn't make sense as my limited knowledge of FFP means it doesn't matter how much money the owner has, it's the fact we do jack shit commercially and pay stupid wages etc), or we're going to say sod FFP and really go for it? He has a good record of getting teams promoted so I actually don't care too much about the Sheff Utd link, I just question whether he is the man for the job at the minute, or is he another one of those manages that always gets jobs on past reputation, and past reputation alone (See Pardew, Allardyce, Moyes etc in Premiership). Either way I'll go and freeze tomorrow and hopefully pick up 3 points against Preston.
  3. Looks like Jos has gone from us (Sheffield Wednesday). We really were playing dire football and it's just really strange that certain players have been exiled without any real indication as to why (I know there are rumours about appearances meaning we have to pay additional bonuses to players like Westwood, Hutchinson and Hooper, and other rumours about injuries). I'd love Jokanovic to come to us, but with the club apparently being sold (I actually don't believe that, I think it was a throw away comment at a fan convention because he is getting stick from the fans), transfer embargo etc I'm not sure who would want it? Maybe we go obscure again (I'd never heard of Jos, or Carlos before they were hired) or look further down the leagues and try and stay in the championship this season and progress once we know what is happening. According to the odds Bruce is early favourite but I honestly cannot see Brice at Wednesday for some reason.
  4. Really thought last week was my week to make up some points but fair play to Gorka for his impressive week as well!! Good luck all!
  5. Previous Picks MK Dons Barnsley Lincoln Portsmouth Chelsea Exeter Man City Spurs Bournemouth Liverpool Derby Leicester Man Utd Norwich Colchester  This week Sunderland

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