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  1. Useless fucking bottling fucking cunts. Fuck this club. We have well and truly Spursed it over the last couple of months. 2 shots on target in 3 matches. Absolutely fucking pathetic.
  2. It wasn't funny when i made that joke originally 😒
  3. ??? Did i miss something or are you just referring to the fact that we committed daylight robbery of that point?
  4. Anyone got a diagram?
  5. Who? @MDK get your boots cleaned son, i think you're next in line for a call up.
  6. Spaghetti with those little sausages i reckon Fuck i want some of those now
  7. That squad is fucking gash. Only a handful would have got near the squad if they'd been around 10 years ago and that team wasn't good enough to get past a quarter final. I know Kane, Sturridge and Rooney are out but i can't think of anyone else.
  8. Pretty sure i said something similar last year when he was rumoured to go back to Chelsea but it's disappointing that he doesn't want to stay. I could maybe understand if Real, Barca or Bayern wanted him but otherwise why not stay at Everton, try to get them into the top 4 and become a club legend. The lack of loyalty in football these days is disheartening. Unless you're at a top top club, no one stays any more... Unless I'm forgetting someone, Le Tissier was the last quality player to stay at a non-top6 club for most of his career... Maybe Shearer at Newcastle
  9. Big Forest match too
  10. What happened to Kane?
  11. There should be no one left on the pitch
  12. He definitely looked at him, it was deliberate. Zlatan's lucky to not be in a hospital right now
  13. Both horrible but if i was Zlatan I'd have hit him back straight away, can't blame him at all.
  14. Golf > F1. Oh, you have the fastest car, cool, let's waste 2 hours every fortnight for the next 6 months and see whether it's you or your team mate that breaks down the least.