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  1. I'm not even sure the ball hit his forearm/ elbow at all, if it did it made no difference to the trajectory of the ball and it definitely went in off his thigh/ knee. Definitely the correct decision to allow the goal to stand. Only downside to that result for me is that my only interest in the title race is now a bet on Liverpool to win it. I wanted City to do the quadruple but a treble without the CL is only inferior to scums 99 treble so that means nothing. I might as well win the 20 quid on a Liverpool title win now.
  2. Please, I only go to Barnsley to remind myself that life can always be worse.
  3. I saw that in the pub last night and it took me a good 4 or 5 replays to realise it wasn't a great save from the defender.
  4. Why do Tottenham get a home game?
  5. I wouldn't say Wolves have been a surprise. They've got some top class players.
  6. Chelsea managers haven't decided who they sign since 2004. Having a head coach who is happy with that is the ideal scenario.
  7. If he identified as Irish and only Irish, he wouldn't play for England. I wouldn't go play for another country just because I could.
  8. Fuck sake. Absolutely battered them, managed 0 shots on target. I feel like we can't afford to drop many more points now, maybe one game and that's it. I can't deal with the fucking playoffs. I'll literally just go live underground for 3 weeks.
  9. Apparently a Man Utd fan is fighting for his life after being stabbed in Paris. Absolutely appalling that this still happens, I hope he pulls through.
  10. Surely that penalty thing refers only to the penalty taker?
  11. Leeds, Leeds are falling apart again Bielsa's got a bucket, he sits on every game, and when we win promotion, we'll fill it with champagne
  12. Surely it's too late to give it to Big Sam till the end of the season?
  13. I agree. Doesn't affect my earlier statement. A sport that's decided on who misses the fewest times as opposed to who scores the most is stupid.
  14. American football = shit rugby Baseball = shit rounders Basketball = shit netball
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