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  1. Bamford: embarrassing, cheat. Goal: ehhhh, poor sportsmanship but you should play to the whistle. Letting villa score: fair enough, the game meant nothing anyway, I'd be far more conflicted if we'd had a realistic chance of still getting automatic promotion. Overall: Villa fans, don't worry, you're getting an easy win at Wembley anyway, assuming we beat FLDC over 2 legs
  2. It'd be poetic if Brendan Rodgers was the one to cost City points and give Liverpool the title, perhaps moreso than if the filth had done it
  3. I mean has anyone ever really said anything different? Snooker is probably in the best place it's been in since digital television became a thing. You can't even really say "oh, you won X tournament but it's not the same as if Ronnie was playing" because he hasn't won the world championship in years anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if he called it a day tbh, he's obviously not enjoying it much any more, the only record he hasn't broken is Hendry's world championships and tbh I don't think he will at this point.
  4. Yeah it should be noted that he has previously been a professional and will have a tour card again next season. He's not Bob from the working men's club. But that's to take nothing away from him, beating the greatest ever player over 19 frames is unreal.
  5. I'd fancy Leicester to take points from them tbh. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Liverpool drop points too
  6. I'm not even sure the ball hit his forearm/ elbow at all, if it did it made no difference to the trajectory of the ball and it definitely went in off his thigh/ knee. Definitely the correct decision to allow the goal to stand. Only downside to that result for me is that my only interest in the title race is now a bet on Liverpool to win it. I wanted City to do the quadruple but a treble without the CL is only inferior to scums 99 treble so that means nothing. I might as well win the 20 quid on a Liverpool title win now.
  7. Please, I only go to Barnsley to remind myself that life can always be worse.
  8. I saw that in the pub last night and it took me a good 4 or 5 replays to realise it wasn't a great save from the defender.
  9. I wouldn't say Wolves have been a surprise. They've got some top class players.
  10. Chelsea managers haven't decided who they sign since 2004. Having a head coach who is happy with that is the ideal scenario.
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