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  1. How the fuck did that happen?
  2. I forgot this started yesterday so I didn't put my bets on until half way through the first round (otherwise I'd have probably backed Fowler 😒) Gone for Na, Snedeker, Fleetwood and Reed.
  3. I reckon McGregor will win. (No i don't, but i won't quote this part if he somehow pulls off the impossible)
  4. So we've got a new gaffer, had unprecedented success with APOEL Niccasia so I'll give him a chance. Would have preferred someone more reputable but at least it isn't Pearson or Stam.
  5. 😂😂😂😂 promotion challenge? We don't even have a manager yet
  6. I forgot he was even at City
  7. Wasn't there a story that Man Utd were putting off the Greizman deal because they were prioritising another deal for a striker? I can't see it being anyone but them
  8. Is he even that good? Okay he has lots of potential because if his age but his record was 1 in 2 in Ligue 1 this year. That doesn't scream 100m+ player to me
  9. Ugh Ronaldo wankfest as ever, "such a shame he didn't get a hat trick", etc.... Fair play to Real they're the best team in the world but they still probably would be without winkycuntface.
  10. If i were the manager of a top 6 premier league club and i wanted to loan out a young central defender to get experience, I'd be sending them to the "worst" premier league team possible, they're going to get exposed to premier league strike forces more than anyone. Sure, if it's a striker you want them to go to a Southampton or Everton, but to get the most experience as a defender you want them to go to Huddersfield or Brighton
  11. Bradley Lowery is receiving end of life care apparently 😢😢😢😢😢😢
  12. So how do we expect to line up? Butland/Forster Walker Smalling Cahill Bertrand Dier Livermore(????) Sterling Alli Lallana Kane or Butland/Forster Smalling Stones Cahill Walker. Dier. Bertrand Sterling. Alli. Lallana Kane
  13. I hope this is because he's been offered a PL job rather than an indication that the new ownership is no improvement on the previous regime.
  14. Wish I'd lost that 50 quid. Still, day off on Saturday so at least that's paid for.
  15. There are probably clauses in that 3 year deal, like it'll be 2 years with an extra year if he makes x appearances or whatever.