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  1. Man Utd could fill the ground for free for every game and give everyone a fiver as they went through the turnstiles and still make profit through tv money.
  2. I don't think it's a coincidence that this news has come out in the same week that Radrizanni made the statement about PL2. The current television deal doesn't help us as a club at all and while i agree with the 3pm blackout that is also detrimental when we hardly ever play at 3pm on a Saturday. And that's without generally talking about how the football league are determined to fuck us over (understandably, we're their cash cow, lose us and they probably won't get anywhere near the television deal)... 50 games and no penalties, no red cards for the opposition when there's been 1 goal or fewer in it for over a year and countless dodgy decisions given against us. That's before we even go into "let's arbitrarily make up some 15 point penalty and apply it to Leeds, and to make it stick let'sask if the other teams in the league wouldlike that... And when it's judged to be unreasonable, let's say that it's unfair on every other club to reinstate those points". I've kinda forgot what the original point of this was but fuck the football league. Corrupt set of cunts. No conclusive proof of violent conduct apparently
  3. Basically that. Radz's idea is a silly way to get to a far simpler solution
  4. He isn't. This idea is bad though. Saying that I get where he's coming from. We've been on tv i think 7 times already and something daft like 7 of our next 8 games are on tv. We get viewing figures that are better than half the premier league clubs yet our slice of the pie is... Well it's basically a few crumbs.
  5. Sergio Canos won't be punished for headbutting Alioski because of course fucking not. Meanwhile Jansson will probably get a 10 game ban for rightfully calling the referee a cheating Sol Campbell.
  6. Maybe if they'd lost they could've sacked their manager.
  7. I guess it's symptomatic of supporting a team because they used to win all the time and the entitlement that comes with it.
  8. Isn't that logic a bit backwards? So if we'd paid it off in full, we'd give it away for free? I'm not against selling Wembley because why would we need to own our national stadium? Far better to sell it and still retain the rights tohave the right to play internationals there indefinitely and have cup finals there indefinitely than own it and try to make money back by having FA cup semis there and other games that draw 1/4 full stadiums
  9. Who the Christ is Mason Mount?
  10. Good. It'd be a shame to have to not watch a whole tournament.
  11. Hahaha. The special once strikes again
  12. I wouldn't worry, you'll spawn it before the end of 90 mins anyway

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