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  1. Britney Spears... Can't help myself.
  2. They are awesome! Maybe a bit smaller? If that can't be done, I can easily use those... They do look fantastic
  3. Hello everyone. I was wondering if there was a happy soul out there, who would take a shot at creating two banners for a potential diary. I'm talking about a small banner at the top of the each post. One that says "WCW Monday Nitro" on a red background, and one that says "WCW Thunder" on a blue background. Maybe with a logo place behind the text. Any attempt will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance!
  4. Gungner

    ECW PPV Posters

    Hello all. I would like to hear if anyone out there would and/or could help me out... I'm looking for an ECW "Heat Wave" PPV poster, preferably with Shane Douglas (with the ECW World title) and Too Cold Scorpio standing next to each other... In the background, I'd like to have some flames rising high into the air. The text should simply read "ECW Heat Wave 1994" ... If you have some sort of cool tag-line, then I'm open for ideas. The poster is for an ECW diary I'm working on.
  5. Behind the laughter lies the most tormented souls... He battled inner demons for years, yet still he made us laugh. Respect. He took the only solution that he could see at the moment, and I won't judge him on that. May you and your soul rest in peace Robin.
  6. I am genuinely shocked... Like seriously shocked. When I saw the news, I ran my fingers through my hair and dropped a tear. I guess it's true that behind the laughter, we find the most tormented souls. Oh captain, my captain - Rest in peace!
  7. How exactly do I implement them in my game? Do I need to copy the TEW2013.mdb file and paste it in the database folder of the mod of my choice or something?
  8. That one I like! Looks really cool
  9. Well, I like the overall idea. Maybe a sharper picture or something, and we're there
  10. Hello to all of you I was wondering if there was a kind soul out there, who could and would try and make a PPV poster for InsurreXtion 2002? Only one demand and one request... The demand is that it has to say WWE InsurreXtion, and NOT WWF.... The request is that the poster feature "Biker" Undertaker. Possibly staring at the viewer. But I'm willing to give you total creative freedom, if you can make something more completely badass If there is someone willing to do the poster, it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I'd have SWAT Cats on that list. Several times.
  12. Jim from "According To Jim" - He's an insufferable human being, and every single episode is all about Jim being so annoying that you want to smack a steel chair across his face. Repeatedly. Phoebe from "Friends" - I know she's supposed to be a little dim-whitted, but we have Joey for that. I really really really can't stand Phoebe, and I wish they had replaced her with another character. I'd even settle for Janice or Gunther as the 6th person... Just not Phoebe.
  13. Synes lige jeg ville hilse på en anden dansker :P

  14. The Truth shall set you free!

  15. Dude, what's up with your man-crush on Regal? hehe

  16. You haven't altered the matches, have you? You must play them as the CPU sets them up and it has to be singles matches.
  17. When Miz was eliminated from the Elimination Chamber, Cole said: "And here comes Miz into the match"....
  18. Started a Copa Libertadores with the mighty Monarcos Morelia... Beat Allianza Lima 1-0 at home and drew 0-0 away... This is going to be tough.
  19. I agree, that match is a living hell to get through... Had both Bourne and Show win it, after pulling it in their first attempt. And the AI won't stop each other from grabbing it, but all 5 come after you....
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