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  1. The only bit of that interview I was surprised by was him talking about the sack so openly and why they shouldn't get rid of him. Everything else was standard 'blame literally everybody else except myself' Mourinho rubbish.
  2. Lovren's defending for the second West Ham goal was embarrassing.
  3. Yep, Arsenal as well. They're on TV again this weekend too.
  4. Does FFP not exist any more? Hard to see how City are spending around £150mil this summer and it not being an issue for them.
  5. A lot of journo's are saying a bid was made a week ago, but the fact they're reporting it so late means they had no idea this happened until we briefed them all on it today. The timing of it suggests we are just trying to distract from the Pedro story and show we have other targets too.
  6. Wilson looked quite bright I thought, had the beating of Lovren a few times. But they are missing that bit of nastiness in their side. A physical presence would help out a lot, and give them a bit of steel in the middle. You can't help but feel they're going to be that team that plays well but comes up short every week.
  7. Bournemouth fans have been good today, though I haven't heard a Liverpool chant all game. The officials will get all the attention at half time. Benteke's goal shouldn't have stood, the disallowed one was soft, and then a few little things like booking O'Kane for being faster than Coutinho.
  8. Coq should have been off. Very similar to the Janmaat one yesterday, a clear foul in his own half to stop the opposition breaking. Lee Mason bottled that.
  9. Mitrovic seems so entertaining, one of those players that will always be involved, whether for good or bad reasons. Montero was brilliant today. Terrorised Janmaat, and always managed to beat his man or commit a few defenders towards him. A winger who likes to stay out wide, has pace and trickery, and can also produce something at the end of it. Newcastle were very poor though. Stuck with the game because it was the one my usual stream was showing, but it was never really a contest, even less so when McClaren went 4-5-0 after about 55 minutes for damage limitation.
  10. I wonder how many of the Liverpool fans crying for Lacazette on Twitter have actually seen him play a full 90 minute match? Lyon weren't in Europe last season, and I really doubt many are avid Ligue 1 watchers. I guarantee most fans had only heard of him because he was brilliant on FIFA Ultimate Team.
  11. Sterling is better off at Man City than Liverpool. One, he'll be played in his best position rather than stuck up front or as right wingback. He'll have quality players like Aguero and Silva around him that will take the pressure off him and allow him to learn a bit more as a player (like Suarez and Sturridge did). And he'll be able to be rotated a lot more than he was at Liverpool. I find it curious that people in the media think Liverpool are the best club for him - they've managed him poorly this season because they constructed their squad poorly and had to rely on a 20 year old kid to plug the gaps and be the main man for a large period of the season.
  12. Nothing says we are a big club like having your shirt made by Macron and being sponsored by QuickBooks.
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