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  1. Go back to the tinpot league thread. On actual chat about the EFL... I am quietly pleased with the business Russel Slade has done so far, while it is sad to see long term players like Dis and Shaun Pearson leave, we have to move on from our time in the conference and realise that we need to be better if we want to move up to League one. I was also sad to see our Player of the Year Danny Andrew move on to Doncaster ( @Adam you have a really good player there), and since he hadn't played for us a great deal, it was nice seeing us get some money for Rhys Browne when he left. On the signings side, we have signed an experienced CB in Nathan Clarke who has worked with the manager before, a good step forward in being solid at the back, Siriki Dembele has come in from the Nike Academy so hopefully he has some good potential, but if he doesn't work out then it is apparently just the one year deal. We have also brought in Mitch Rose from Newport and Sam Kelly from Port Vale, both players are in the early/mid 20's so it feels like a good point to bring them in. Overall we had a good squad last year and it feels like if we can be a little more consistent we have a team to challenge for a play-off spot come May UTM!
  2. If ya not listening to the new Dopamines record then you are doing Punk wrong.
  3. A lot of football fans get replica shirts with their favourite players number on them, it's a lot of money that Liverpool are just openly taking and not thinking of the PR angle, but you know, thieving scousers etc... Just in case the formatting hasn't made it clear that is a joke and I do not think that at all.
  4. Screaming Females live are FIYAH~! But really... everyone should get their lug holes on this:
  5. Can't we just call it the league cup and not get into these silly names?
  6. Hang on, I thought the new season began on or around 22 June?
  7. Hang on, I thought the new season began on or around 22 June?
  8. I mean, it's football fans, football fans are butthurt over things that happened before they were born
  9. Do you really think, in all honestly, that they can replace 40 goals and everything else Cristano Ronaldo brings to the table, that easily?
  10. Ronaldo has scored 40 goals this season, double that of the next highest scorer. Without him Real would still be very good, but he is one of the two best players on the planet, and he is such a difference maker in big games I don't think they would be the best without him.
  11. My great great uncle managed them
  12. Family club, gonna support Real Madrid.
  13. mods.html
  14. It has to be Liverpool's year at some point I guess :/