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  1. Rich

    Cover Songs

    May as well throw in a great cover of a Phoebe Bridges' spong.
  2. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    TDB is up there. Menzingers, On The Impossible Past for sure. Thursday, Full Collapse. DFA 1979, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine. ATDI, Relationship of Command. Hot Water Music's Remedy. Soooo many haha
  3. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    To an extent, it wouldn't be the first genre I would think of, but as a group there is a lot of parallels in their conduct to punk
  4. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    pretty broad... essentially any kind of broadly guitar based music which is based around a DIY ethos. Which means there is some seepage in to Hip-hop, indie and metal, but I would rather it be like that than it having a very narrow definition.
  5. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    Depends on what you consider Punk
  6. That was where, sometimes I would be 2-0 up, go and make a sub in the tactics screen, and you come back and you were 0-3 down.... good times. Though the transfer system was also broken, as there was a way you could offer a load of money for a player, have the bid accepted and while you were negotiating the contract, change the offer for the player without having to re-submit it and sign the player for peanuts. Which is how I signed Ronaldinho for £1m.
  7. Have you tried to avoid relegation?
  8. Let me know when it's formal
  9. Such a vanity project.
  10. £2m and change each, fair trade.
  11. Rich

    Rank the Decades

    The 90's is the best. Close thread.
  12. It'd be nice if he hadn't made the news for being a horrible human being...again.
  13. Hey, go fuck yourself, SIR Stirling Moss was already knighted.
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