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  1. Either that or they just ignored you.
  2. Rich

    Doctor Who

    We got it 15 minutes early 😂
  3. Rich

    Doctor Who

    Loved it, loved the new Doctor
  4. It's not as good as it used to be in my mind, but it produces more entertaining racing, consistently, than just about any other circuit.
  5. Why would you bet on such things?!
  6. Real Madrid scored more goals, so this is factually incorrect.
  7. And as stated so many times, you can't place a direct comparison on that transfer market and the current one.
  8. To be fair Spurs signed Delle Ali when he was not considered a top player, instead a prospect and that turned out alright for them.
  9. Since he is French and lived a long time in Italy, it's not that surprising he can speak good Spanish. I mean he is fluent In French, so I reckon he is moving to Lyon.
  10. Orient drew with Salford! They are going up!
  11. Rumour is Renault is his destination

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