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  1. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    On the Post-hardcore front, I am amazed I will get to see Jawbox later this year, never thought I would get the chance
  2. I am pretty sure we should legalise polygamy for him and him alone
  3. much better than you, why would you have him even there? Snowball would clearly just have him instead, as any warm blooded being would
  4. Clearly, as he is the best man on Earth
  5. Yes and it was FUCKING BRILLIANT
  6. Just did MPF this last weekend, Jawbreaker this Sunday, 2 and a half weeks until Pouzza in Montreal, then alexisonfire, then Booze Cruise in Hamburg and the Metallica
  7. Rich

    The 2019 Music Thread

    Seeing them next week :wub:
  8. ...Rainy Tuesday night in Stoke?...
  9. Rich

    Music hot takes

    Wikipedia for what it's worth: Dalle and Armstrong went through a bitter divorce in 2003. Rancid's 2003 album Indestructible featured songs ("Fall Back Down", "Ghost Band", "Tropical London") that dealt with the divorce and Armstrong's feelings towards it. Dalle has said that Armstrong was very controlling of her and it took her three years to leave him. When she finally did, Armstrong and his friends criticisized Dalle in the press, and she claims reportedly threatened the male Distillers and blacklisted anyone associated with the band; Armstrong denies those comments. During her separation from Armstrong, Dalle met Queens of the Stone Age front-man Josh Homme, and the two began dating. Homme said of the beginning of their relationship, "we had to be very secretive, because she was just starting a divorce process. I went back to do those Desert Sessions, and you can tell what I was going through because I was writing stuff like 'Dead In Love' and 'I Wanna Make It Wit Chu'. I was so in love, I was totally revelling in it so much, I was a little paralysed." Dalle leaving Armstrong and beginning a relationship with Homme led to a backlash from Armstrong and his fans. Homme claims he received multiple death threats from Armstrong to stay away from Dalle: "I got all kinds of threats. They were saying, 'We're gonna kill you.' And I was saying, 'I'm six-foot-five and I have red hair and I'm not hiding. Go ahead.' I didn't steal anybody's anything. But not saying anything became the only thing that had any truth to it. There was Tim saying anything he could say and pretty much now it's established that fake-English-accent-singing fucking copycat motherfucker is full of shit. Don't be mad, just be gone."
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