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  1. All names were made up at some point
  2. General Football Thread

    Bloody overpaid pansies.
  3. General Football Thread

    Northwich 1874, sit 8th with a little over a month to go in the Hallmark Security League after 22 games. Issue is that they must finish all their games by 5th May, by which they must have played 44 games. As such the remaining games of this season will be: Saturday Monday Wednesday Saturday Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Monday Thursday Saturday Monday Wednesday Saturday Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday with two more games to be confirmed....
  4. Woman shags fish and wins an Oscar

    I mean, yeah you should probs stay off EWB in that scenario
  5. Woman shags fish and wins an Oscar

    If you were that worried about spoilers for one of the biggest events of the year, just stay off the internet.
  6. General Football Thread

    Who you calling Little?
  7. Which aunt viv was better?

    That's apparently why she got fired, she was trying to make the show about her and not Will.
  8. The Star Wars Thread

    I am not
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    This is fucking awful
  10. No we weren't, we got relegated the season after.
  11. General Rugby thread

    Finn Russell should not be on an international rugby field
  12. General Movie Thread

    I watched When we First Met The Netflix made romcom that was recently released this morning. Pleasently surprised, it's funn and pretty heart warming and uses common movie tropes as a plot device while paying strong homage to Big and Groundhog Day. Plus Adam DeVine does really well in the lead role. Definitely an easy watching 90 mins.
  13. General Rugby thread

    You shouldn't talk about strokes when discussing Eddie