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  1. I don't think he really blew them up at all...
  2. Nobody cared about Doncaster Rovers before 1879, I am tired of these Johnny Come Lately clubs coming in and creating an uneven playing fields.
  3. Again, signed before the World Cup, not a good example.
  4. There are loads of clubs who actually made more money in the National League rather than in the League Two, it's well known there are certain players who have actively stayed out of league football as its more lucrative to be a non-league player for them.
  5. Don't be stupid. It should at least be a ladder match
  6. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    All over it like Myke on cabbage
  7. €94 million (his transfer in 2009) is worth €109 million in 2018 money Hope that helps
  8. How is the Queen German exactly? I haven't a Lidl more today
  9. I fit in to this demographic

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