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  1. The Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

    Such a pain of a fixture, so far to travel :/
  2. What kind of music do you like?

    Punk, Emo and Pop-punk is really where my tastes lie. Bands include American Football, You Blew It!, Prince Daddy and the Hyenas, Pkew Pkew Pkew, The Menzingers, New Found Glory, Allister, Brand New, Front Bottoms, just anything that sits in those genres really.
  3. Music that is awful (that you like)

    Yes there music is bloated and so dull it makes people fall to sleep.
  4. Music that is awful (that you like)

    Don't forget Muse
  5. What bands do you hate?

    Maybe, but at least I am not in Glasgow
  6. What bands do you hate?

    eh, better than Glasgow
  7. What bands do you hate?

    I bet you looked good on the dancefloor though
  8. The Punk Thread

  9. Tara Reid and Dean Cain.

    He is kind of a superman
  10. Random Music Thoughts

    He isn't always wrong. I mean he does like the Chili Peppers, which is basically unforgivable but.... nope, I got nothing.
  11. Random Music Thoughts

    The Killers singles are great, the rest of the albums are very middle of the road and dull.
  12. Football Manager 2018

    I am looking forward to spending £500m on a single player just to piss on PSGs chips
  13. Music that is awful

    Who cares? She had her 15 minutes, I hope she has a long and fruitful life.
  14. Music that is awful

    She is 14 and a millionaire, good for her.
  15. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    nah, I need models with less miles on the clock