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  1. Should it work that way? Are Atheltico the victims here, or if they hold him are the players really just slaves [/cristiano mode]
  2. As long as his registration stays with Chelsea it doesn't matter when the transfer is done.
  3. I have friends who see more....
  4. At least he wont be charged £3.30 for that zone 1-3 journey
  5. Most bands are one and done, there are two bands with 3 times, and one with 5.
  6. So far this year I have seen about 105 bands.... That is ridiculous.
  7. Potentially I guess, but if your Lee Bowyer, pace has never been top of the agenda.
  8. Well South Eastern, either that or to Cannon Street and ride the District all the way to Fulham.
  9. So he would need to hop on the overground at Charlton, ride to Charring Cross, pop down to Embankment and ride the District line to Fulham Broadway and Stamford Bridge is just 5 mins walk.
  10. And Jagielka is leaving Everton
  11. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    Having seen them play Axl Rose through twice I can honestly say it's an amazing experience
  12. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    On the Post-hardcore front, I am amazed I will get to see Jawbox later this year, never thought I would get the chance
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