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  1. I am going to be obnoxiously drunk
  2. :@ :@
  3. There were 638 teams in the competition in 18/19
  4. Portsmouth Previous: Mansfield Tranmere Wycombe Man City Crewe
  5. Arsene Wenger claimed he tried to sign Sancho when at Arsenal. I have missed the broadbrush Arsene claims of he tried to sign all the best players before they become the best players.
  6. Crewe Previous: Mansfield Tranmere Wycombe Man City
  7. Man City Previous: Mansfield Tranmere Wycombe
  8. Wycombe Previous: Mansfield Tranmere
  9. There are plenty of instances, I beleive Pogba's move to United had a lot of influence and money involved with Adidas, Fiat agreed to pay more money to Juve for the Ronaldo transfer last season and de Jong's move to Barcelona was apparently a choice motivated by Nike willing to subsidise and pay him more than if he had chose a move to PSG. Eyeballs on your, or even the right, product means more people are willing to give up more cash.
  10. Why shouldn't it be? It's just like any sponsor coming in and giving the club money to subsidise signings and wages.
  11. Nevermind battered haddock, we battered the shrimpers yesterday
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