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  1. England and Scotland is the oddest game of rugby I've ever seen
  2. I think so, this is also done in Formula E, and the fans decide who gets the boost, which I find really fun.
  3. I think Formula E is right up your alley, so to speak. Do you mean the A1 GP? Where everyone represented their nation?
  4. Why isn't it? It's using technology and available resources to provide the best opportunity for the individual to perform, I could see the argument that the car the individual is in has a bigger impact on the outcome, but your not telling me if you had a Messi who was trained at Barce against a Messi trained at Orient they would actually be comparable in terms of overall footballer?
  5. Same could be said about any sport, it would be great if all football teams had the same training facilities.
  6. You'll be laid out on the vinyl
  7. Right Leg Hospital, Left Leg Cemetery
  8. If people like Bad Cop/Bad Cop, they should listen to Not on Tour: If people have not listened to Bad Cop/Bad Cop, you should:
  9. I could live at the DIckie's stage
  10. Cool-headed pragmatism at it's finest. Actually, Klopp has been pretty good at that... not conforming to type.
  11. Rich

    The 2019 Music Thread

    @OllieAlready done it, its wonderful, I'm literally missing their tour of the UK as I need to head down to London that night as I fly out to New York the next morning
  12. I thought you said hot takes, not worst takes.
  13. He should see about the £220k of it per week with the rest going to the Italian tax man

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