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  1. Saw Stiff Little Fingers last year they were excellent despite being older.
  2. England only XI, @Gazz, Hard as fuckin' nails. GK Hart (Shrewsbury, Man City, Tranmere, Birmingham, Blackpool, Torino, West Ham, Burnley) DF Chilwell (Leicester, Huddersfield) DF Baines (Everton, Wigan) DF Adams (Arsenal) DF King (Spurs) MF Gerrard (Liverpool, LA Galaxy) MF Scholes (Man Utd) MF Sancho (Dortmund) MF David Batty (Leeds, Blackburn, Newcastle) FW Clive Mendonca (Sheff Utd, Doncaster, Rotherham, Grimsby, Charlton) FW Jamie Vardy (Halifax, Fleetwood, Leicester)
  3. Having read the legal documents this is essentially what it is... I am pretty sure the loan is there to give Newcastle some money at the end of the day if the Barclays claim goes south and stops the takeover. So basically, Newcastle either get taken over by the Saudis, or they pay them a bunch of interest if they can't now buy due to the Barclays claim. Eitherway Newcastle have a dictator in charge and will either have a little more money orrrr a fuck tonne of money
  4. I considered Kopke, had Adams and Lebouef as a defence for a good while and had Modric in until near the end when I wanted to change up my forward line, I was in a 4-5-1 for a while, it was very Spain winning trophies without a striker! EDIT: Wait, haven't Salah and Lebouef both played at Chelsea?
  5. GK Gregory Coupet (Fra - Saint Etienne, Lyon, Atletico Madrid, PSG) DF Maldini (Ita - Milan) DF Zanetti (Arg - Talleres, Banfied & Inter) DF King (Eng - Tottenham) DF Van Dijk - (Ned - Groninigen, Celtic, Southampton, Liverpool) MF Xavi (Esp - Barcelona) MF Fernandinho (Bra - Atlético Paranaense, Shaktar, Man City) MF Nedved (Cze - Skoda Plzen, Dukla Prague, Sparta Prague, Lazio, Juventus) MF Giggs (Wal - Man Utd) FW Muller (Ger - Bayer Munchen) FW Suker (Cro - Osijeck, Dinamo Zagreb, Sevilla, Real Madrid, Arsenal, West Ham, 1860 Munich)
  6. You sound cross, which incidentally is something that David Beckham is excellent at. I think you are
  7. As long as its not Vettel and Ferrari
  8. Newcastle are in a net retained loss position, they made £18m of profit last year, lost £40m the year before and have a history of losing money. Norwich made a profit only because they sold players rather than their overall operations being profitable Tottenham have no excuse.
  9. Revenues don't equal profits Sam Cunningham you misleading Sol Campbell
  10. From all accounts of anyone who played with him or knew him, he was the most naturally gifted footballer they ever played with or against at that time. http://flightclubdarts.com/london/stories-shared-media/?u=358381182&t=v&g=8e4aa667-d0c9-11e9-a3d1-00155d7d7200
  11. And one bad one doesn't make it a failure
  12. Yeah, you're wrong, he was immense vs Ireland
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