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  1. Jennifer Louise was "born in March 1987" (In a segment on Cultaholic she said she was 31 and her brithday is in march).
  2. Change Primate/Jason Prime to retired wrestler. He had to retired due to a severe injury.
  3. Thanks for the update. - Allie/Cherry Bomb/Laura Dennis also uses the Allie name outside of Impact (WSU, Smash, QOC, BCW, HOH,...). Maybe change her name to Allie and add Cherry Bomb as an Alter Ego for Shimmer (which looks to be the only promotion where she uses this name). - Remove Cherry Bomb as Pepper Parks manager in Impact Wrestling. - Remove Pepper Parks from CZW (his last match for the promotion was in September 2016). It looks to me that Impact nowadays have a core roster and bring in some local talent/working agreement talent for the tapings in Florida and Ontario. Since those talents are only in for one taping I don't think they should be added to the permanent Impact Roster. "Talent Trade" and "Hire Local" are in the game to bring in talent for those kind of appearances. It is exactly how Impact operates in 2018. If wrestlers appear on more than one taping (November & January for example) they should be added.
  4. Remove the married relationship between Phill Shatter (Chad Lail) and Jayme Jameson. Looks like they got divorced some time ago. Chad is now married to a woman named Stacy and they have a child together.
  5. Ring of Honor will (finally) introduce a Championship for their Women of Honor brand.
  6. Add a working agreement between wXw-EU & Progress. Christian Jakobi announced in his weekly video segment (I could link it but it's in German) that Progress is their main partner right now. In another episode he mentioned that they still work with CZW and BJW but from what I understand its only a working agreement and no longer an alliance (remove the World Triangle League Alliance or at least remove wXw from the Alliance). I would also update their popularity in South (British Isles) to 10%. They had 2 shows in London this year (both between 350 - 400 fans) and already announced another show for March 2018. Maybe even update their pop in Central Europe to 35% (which would make them a regional promotion). They tour through Germany, have shows in the UK (at least one event each year since 2015), have their own wrestling network called "wXwNOW" and each year promote the biggest wrestling tournament in Europe with 16 Carat Gold. I would also lower the Cult Level to medium. Right now its at heavy which means the promotion must have one match on the card that is aimed as Wild Brawl, Mayhem or Car Crash. But that does not reflect their current style. wXw Event changes: - wXw More than Wrestling: February should be changed to wXw Dead End (with Numerals - next event is 17), week 2, February - wXw Superstars of Wrestling should be changed to week 1, May - wXw More than Wrestling: May should be changed to wXw True Colors (with Year), week 2, April - wXw More than Wrestling: June & July should be changed to wXw We Love Wrestling Tour: June & July - wXw More than Wrestling: September should be changed to wXw Fight Forever Tour: September - wXw World Tag Team Tournament should be changed to wXw World Tag Team League - wXw A Night of Wrestling should be changed to wXw Broken Rules (with Numerals - next event is 17), week 2 - The next number for wXw Back to the Roots is 17 (as Numerals) - change the Name Postfix for wXw Anniversary Show to Numbered (next event is 17), week 3 wXw 16 Carat Gold Winners update - Tommy End (2015) - Zack Sabre Jr. (2016) - Ilja Dragunov (2017) - add the wXwNOW Network Owner: wXw-EU Style: Subscription Wrestling Stance: Highly Pro Risk Levels: High Patience: Very High Begins In: August 2016 Range: Everywhere Tiny, except Europe Very Small Company Size: Local Min. Popularity: 0 In Min. Regions: 0 Production Values: Limited Broadcast Quality: Amateur Music: Small Time Must Cover Home: No Product Preferences: Everything Neutral - add a Broadcasting Deal between wXw-EU and wXwNOW (Time Slot: On Demand) - change the Broadcasting Deal for wXw Shotgun from YouTube to wXwNOW (Time Slot: On Demand) (The show is no longer available on YouTube) Some changes need to be made to the Westside Dojo. - Change the name to wXw Wrestling Academy (Logo needs an update - can be found here: http://www.wrestling-academy.de/pages/eng/news.php) - WALTER is the new Head Trainer - The Academy was praised a lot by guys like Chris Hero, Nigel McGuinness, Zack Sabre Jr and Daisuke Sekimoto. I would raise the reputation to 35%.
  7. - Judging by the latest "Ask the PC" Video from the WWE, Nixon Newell (under the name Steffanie Newell) has finally made her way to the PC and NXT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GITGk9sQx0 - Zoe Lucas wrestled at the latest RiSE Show (check USA active for her) https://www.cagematch.net/en/?id=1&nr=179437 - Nicole Matthews wrestles at the EVE shows this weekend (check British Isles active for her) https://www.cagematch.net/en/?id=1&nr=175798 - add the Tag Team "Sinister Sweethearts" (Brittany Blake & Samantha Heights) as an Indy & WSU Tag Team. [Team Type: Unit, Experience: Low, Formed: 2016] They are an active team at the WSU shows (also part of the stable "The Reckoning" with Chrissy Rivera as their manager - Annie Social & Su Yung are also part of that stable)
  8. Thanks for the update. - remove the dating relationship between Ashley Sebera and Nick Nemeth - check USA region active for Kairi Hojo, Isla Dawn, Lana Austin, Toni Storm, The Alpha Female, Demi Bennett and Kris Wolf - check British Isles region active for Kira (Norwegian) - check Australia region active for Bea Priestley - check Japan region active for Nixon Newell, Mandy Leon and Tanea Brooks - check Canada, Japan, Europe and British Isles regions active for Deonna Purrazzo and Tessa Blanchard - Kennadi Brink has signed a development deal for WWE as referee a few months ago (Development contract with NXT, contract name Jessika Carr, Non-Wrestler, Babyface, Staff Member, In Development work down there, Roster usage Referee) - Brandi Rhodes should have a contract with Ring of Honor (name is simply Brandi, Active Wrestler, Babyface, Old School Face, Roster usage In-Ring) - Ariane Andrew and Eva Marie should be set to "out of business" - rename Mary Elizabeth Monroe to Kelly Klein (she hasn't used the MEM name since 2015), also change her relationship with Kyle Kraven to divorced and add a married relationship with BJ Whitmer BTW: Is there a way to prevent WWE from calling up most of the non-wrestlers from NXT within the first few weeks?
  9. You sir, are awesome. Thank you for the cuts.
  10. can someone please put the Queens of Combat Tag Belts and the Shine Nova Belt on the belt background. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for the update. Is Alex Del Barrio the former WWE/NXT Announcer Alex Reyes? If so, his gender should be changed to Male. Angelus Layne has returned to wrestling in April 2016 (change her status from Out of the Business to Active Wrestler) Is Noelle Foley still training to become a professional wrestler? (She is currently a Non-Wrestler in the database) Wesna has returned to wrestling in June 2016 (change her status from Out of the Business to Active Wrestler)
  12. Great update as always. Few things I noticed - remove the injuries for Austin Aries and Shelton Benjamin - Impact Wrestling (company) no longer uses the "giant bird" logo. The company logo should be the same as the tv show logo
  13. Stats for three female wrestlers (Brandi Lauren [Impact Wrestling], Priscilla Kelly [Shine Wrestling], Aria Blake [Shine Wrestling]) which are missing and I think could be added.
  14. The real name of Alexxis Nevaeh is Alisha...and TNA/Impact Wrestling (whatever it's called now) used that name in an article on their website. http://impactwrestling.com/eddie-edwards-wants-to-fight-davey-richards-this-week/ I would change her name to Alisha. Regarding the name of the company: If I am not mistaken they tried to avoid the "TNA" name whenever it is possible since Anthem took over and simply called everything Impact Wrestling. Maybe wait for their next tapings (march) but I think "Impact Wrestling" is the new name of the company. Jarrett and Nordholm said in an interview with Newsweek that the current POP TV contract expires in December. Change the contract length for Impact on Pop to 9 months. Gail Kim is currently out injured (since oct/nov last year) with an undisclosed back injury. Nothing was mentioned about when she will return. They only said at one of the first shows back in january that it takes longer than expected.

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