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    Hi everyone, this is my friend code 9134 2635 3506 Username is edcq511
  2. Here goes nothing... Brighton. Good luck gentlemen.
  3. So after watching a few YouTube tutorials, this game is much more enjoyable. I bought this a while ago and just cheated in every game I played, but I wanted to play the game without resorting to that as I thought It would be much more rewarding. It definitely is, but you have to put the time into it. My latest game had me start in Ireland (pretty much all the tutorials I watch recommended it) in the Viking age. I used to the ruler creation tool at the beginning to give myself a pretty good stewardship rating. I married a German princess and she popped out a few daughters right off the bat. I then married my other daughters off to randoms with potential claims scattered around the world. My original ruler passed without producing a male heir so my older daughter became chieftess and slowly began filling our bank. Nothing happened for a while and I was glad about that, it let me observe things going on around me. Eventually my oldest daughter passed without producing an heir, so the next sister took over. She reigned for 54 years and led my sinple county to glory over a couple of surrounding lands. Eventually I was able to conquer most of Ireland and became Queen. I had a daughter and married her off, but after she became an adult I called her back to court to discover she had taken on the culture of the country she married into. When I died, people were not happy and the next queen was poisoned 3 years into her reign and that’s how the game ended. I know that sounds kinda lame but it was the most fun I’ve had playing the game and I’m pretty sure I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the in-game mechanics. I didn’t focus on religion at all and I didn’t partake in any plots. I fought a few wars and won most of them, but other than that I focused on earning as much money as possible and then conquering lands using my relatively large army. Good times.

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