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  1. I'd like to request for someone to make a logo for EWR of the new WWE logo Thanks
  2. I think they have FINALLY got the message, hope they can eek it out for Game Six in Memphis. Speaking of teams waking up, hello Lakers!
  3. thanks for the update! Just some minor corrections: Add: Mason Ryan to The Nexus Remove: Mason Ryan from The Corre Add: Ezekiel Jackson to The Corre
  4. So yet another player is rumored to jump ship. Carmelo Anthony, though there is nothing official (nor would there be) but after his contract is up this season, many believe that he will leave the Nuggets for an East Coast team like the Knicks. Now I don't know about you but this is getting ridiculous, this is becoming a nightmare for smaller market clubs like the Raptors, Cavs, New Orleans and Denver.
  5. Just bought this for 28 bucks and I LOVE IT. I have played the original Bad Company but this one blows it out of the water. I def am a Battlefielder and not a CODer, I just cannot play cod after playing Bad Company and this was definitely another reason to avoid it!
  6. On the heels of this supermassiveultra-tastic trade, The Raptors jumped on the trade mill by trading Marco Belinelli to the Hornets for Julian Wright What Wright may be able to bring is some defensive toughness at the SF/G spot. He also brings his youthfulness to a Raptors club that is now in the Young Gunz era. Unfortunately though, the Raps try to get rid of a loaded logjam at guard and now create one at SF. So we will see if this may lead to other trades down the line.
  7. who's gonna win: the Miami Kings or Cena and his Superfriends?

    1. C-MIL


      Team Nobody Gets Over.

      Oh, and before anybody else does it...

      Scott Steiner and the lead pipe.

      And Grizzly Redwood.

    2. NM!


      Dammit, beat me to it..

  8. Theo Ratliff and Matt Barnes look to be joining the Lakers. Ratliff was reported already and the Matt Barnes thing has been reported on NBA.com
  9. Dyslexia! Duffman's Secret Shame! OH YEAH!

  10. Word is Michael Jordan doesn't want to part with Tyson Chandler so the Bobcats are out of the deal but Turk for Barbosa is still going to happen as one transaction while the other players are "on ice" as they put it at RealGM. Jordan put it on ice because he got a better deal: With this they get more flexibility as Dampier is not guaranteed (and it's like 10 Million i think) also they get decentness in Najera and an okay guy in Carroll. As a Raps fan that kinda sucks as Chandler would have worked amazingly in TO with Bargs at the PF if he stayed healthy and with Diaw they would have gotten a multi-faceted scorer. Also in answer to naiwf, the Heat have signed Ziggy, Zydrunas Ilgauskas (though his defence is not the greatest he is a big boy)
  11. Beasley dumped to the Wolves for air
  12. unfortunately it is Miami oh well, there goes the world! Still Go LAKERS!!! Here's some other news - David Lee accepts S&T to Golden State Clippers have hired Vinny Del Negro and have signed -
  13. of course we won't know until the Bron Bron show but apparently he is leaning toward Miami but this is pure speculation
  14. ESPN scroll says Toronto's trying to work out a sign and trade with Bosh. I don't see what Miami could possibly trade them, other than Beasley, some t-shirts and a couple of mid level cap exceptions? it is possible that Toronto could grab Beasley or Joel Anthony and then a trade exception for the rest of the money so possibly giving them room to trade away Turk if they want to OR grab extra salary to get a salary dump IF their record goes south next year. Also if that rumor of the three team trade is true it immediately helps all parties (assuming Przybilla is traded and not Bayless)
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