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  1. http://www.f4wonline.com/more/more-top-stories/103-indies/31760-former-wcw-wrestler-al-green-passes-away Al Greene can be removed from the data.
  2. I think we might want to consider deleting Brandon Kaplan, according to an article I found: "On May 27 2011, Brandon suffered a severe spinal cord injury. He was diagnosed as a level C5-C6 quadriplegic, was hospitalized in ICU for 6 weeks and is now at the Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation in New Jersey. We have been told he may never walk again. Brandon is working in a highly specialized rehabilitation program. He is now off the ventilator and is working with a speech therapist to regain his ability to speak. He has regained some feeling in his extremities. Brandon has a long road ahead of him but is determined to keep pushing forward every day". - Re-name Alex Chamberlain to Aleksander Chekov and Mike Osbourne to Mikhail Ivanov. Change each man's gimmick to Comrade, and add a tag team for the two called The Red Devil Fight Team, active, with 20 experience. - Re-name HiLite Kid to Davey Cash and Kid Pyro to Kris Pyro. Change each man's gimmick to Rapper, and a tag team for the two called Da Hoodz, active, with 20 experience.
  3. Danny Oxman passed away sometime last year, he can be removed from the data. Eric Marx passed away in June, he too can be removed from the data. Great work as always, Bill.
  4. Per this article, I'd delete Andre Heart. He was found guilty of 14 of 15 counts of felonious assault for failing to disclose he was HIV-positive to women he slept with. He's facing a potentially steep prison sentence and I can't see promoters jumping at the chance to book this guy. According to CageMatch, Rick Sterling and Rick The Weapon X are the same guy. One of them can be deleted. Rename Pat Gunner to Josef Von Schmit, he seems to be going by that gimmick exclusively now. Change his gimmick to Harsh German. Change Paul Vault's age to 43. Tick Shooting Ability for Xavier, he recently began working in MMA in addition to wrestling.
  5. Per this link, Ryze/Mr. Woo passed away this past week in a freak accident. Change Abudadein's age to 51. Per cagematch, Blade and Jason Blade are a duplicate, so one can be deleted and moved to alter egos. Ditto Big Mike Studd and Studd. Raise Breyer Wellington's age to 42. Change Chad's birth month to September and age to 38. Miles Long died in 2005.
  6. Weedman and Dysfunction appear to be the same guy, according to cagematch, http://www.cagematch.de/?id=2&nr=1894&gimmick=Weedman Jay Fenix and Josh Alexander are duplicates, one can be deleted. http://www.cagematch.de/?id=2&nr=6021&gimmick=Jay+Fenix
  7. Delete JT Roberts, he died in a car accident this weekend. http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doi/pages/jtroberts61811x.html
  8. Change 2-Dope's birth month to April and age to 40. Change Abudadein's age to 51. Remove Ace Darling from ECWA. He hasn't worked for them since his 'retirement' in 2008. Change Chuck Hogan's age to 47. Change Damian Dragon's weight to lightweight (185-200 lbs. I've seen as his weight). Change Damien to a non-wrestler, he retired last year. Depending on if it clashes with Bryan Logan, he could be re-named to Brian Logan. Tick announcer for Dan Evans, he works exclusively as one for Bruno Sassi's promotion in Florida. Possibly re-name Danny Gimondo to Danny Inferno, I haven't seen him use the Gimondo moniker in a long while. From photos I've seen, it appears Demetrius and Shawn Riddik are the same guy. Possibly add Demetrius as an alter ego for Riddik or vice versa. Make Doc Dean a non-wrestler, he retired and disappeared from the scene in 1998. Dominous is a duplicate of Murphy (TNA), he can be deleted and added to alter egos, it was a character he worked as in NWA-Anarchy. Tick trainer for Donnie Bon Jovi. Rename Gregory E. Dryfuss to Gregory Edwards, he hasn't used the GED moniker since The Score fizzled out in the mid-aughts. Make Jenelle Sinclair a non-wrestler, she retired at the end of 2010. Rename Matt Bombay to Mat Bomboy. Make Trinity a non-wrestler, she left the business and returned to stunt work. Make Wayne a non-wrestler, he retired in 2005.
  9. I think we should consider deleting Andre Heart. According to the Wrestling Observer, and WLWT Cincinnati he is currently on house arrest and facing four felony charges of second-degree assault. Apparently he is HIV-positive and been engaging in activity he shouldn't be. My guess is he's probably not going to be getting any bookings anywhere if he's a carrier of HIV, provided he doesn't get a hefty sentence. Christopher Idol and Chris Idol are the same guy; I'd consider renaming whichever one is kept to Chris Rockwell, that seems to be the moniker he is wrestling under regularly these days. Church and Joe Gunns are also duplicates. Lastly, The Wrestler passed away in August of 2010.
  10. Couple of people that can be deleted. Damian Houston (Kevin Mailhot) passed away in 2005 according to this page.: According to his Wikipedia page, Val Puccio passed away in January. Promoter/manager Mike E. Milano died this past October.. Corporal Kirchner and Leatherface appear to be the same guy, one can be deleted and moved to alter egos. Ditto for El Chamagol and Aero Star, Dominous and Murphy and Ryan Drago and Super Otaku.
  11. http://cagematch.de/?id=28&nr=2489 According to this link, Christian Angers (Angers in data) and Big Mike Studd form the tag team Attrition. In the data, there's a wrestler named Studd that forms the other half, which appears to indicate Big Mike Studd and Studd are the same guy. Delete one or the other. http://wrestlemen.blogspot.com/2007/03/bill-iron-cross-hughes-passes.html Not sure if this is the same Bill Hughes in the data, but if so, he appears to have passed away in 2007. He can be removed from the data. http://cagematch.de/?id=2&nr=5050&gimmick=Ed+Gonzales Heather Owens and Ed "Melliki" Gonzales are married. http://cagematch.de/?id=2&nr=4902&gimmick=Jackie+Fargo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Fargo http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/profiles/j/jackie-fargo.html These sites suggest Jackie Fargo is anywhere from 72-82 years old. He could either be moved to staff in some capacity or deleted from the game.
  12. I never thought you'd be a junky.

  13. And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead Belle & Sebastian Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Dandy Warhols Elefant Futureheads Gleaming Spires Harvey Danger Idlewild Junior Senior Kings of Leon Liars Mogwai New Pornographers Oranges Band Pavement Quarashi Radio 4 Stereophonics TV on the Radio Undertones Verve Walkmen X-ray Spex Year of the Rabbit Zutons
  14. Here are a few things I've noticed from the scenario: The Dudley Boyz at this time were heels, not faces. They didn't turn face until No Way Out I think, after they beat the New Age Outlaws for the tag team titles. Edge and Christian didn't become the cocky, California surfer types until after WrestleMania if I recall correctly. They were still the mysterious face duo coming out through the crowd, but were not aligned with Gangrel. Essa Rios didn't become Essa until mid-January when he dethroned Gillberg for the Lightheavyweight Title. Not really a big deal. Mideon was a jobber without a purpose at the start of 2000. Naked Mideon didn't come to fruition until August '00. Also, I don't believe Victoria was on developmental deal until after her stint as one of the Godfather's hos, which wouldn't have been until July/August.
  15. Matisyahu's built quite the cult following in this neck of the woods, the single was #1 for 6 straight months on one radio station's weekly countdown. But that single is only going to get bigger. Living Things probably has a chance, their album has been hyped to death and "Bom Bom Bom" is increasing in spins weekly around the globe. Some to look out for: My Morning Jacket, Morningwood, We Are Scientists, The Exit, Hard-Fi, Lovemakers, She Wants Revenge, Aiden, Rock N Roll Soldiers, Allele, The Years and Towers of London.
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