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  1. punky

    NFL 2018

    Didn't trade him away, but yeah. Joe Banner can fuck right off on any talent evaluation talk. When I saw him on A Football Life talking about Dawkins, I wanted to throw my remote at the TV.
  2. In regards to the Batwoman thing.
  3. Deadpool 2 was really good for a sequel. Lots of great LOL moments. Mid and end credits stuff was perfect.
  4. I literally said this out loud as I was watching the show.
  5. Up to Season Three of Episodes, this is a fun little show. Matt LeBlanc is awesome.
  6. Just finished binging Mindhunter. Absolutely loved it and the guy that played Edmund Kemper was really good. Can't wait for the next season.
  7. I binged the entire season over the last two days.. I really, really liked it. Bernthal is Frank Castle.
  8. That would've been true until this year. He was dropping bombs down the field the first half of the season.
  9. If he still wants to play he'll end on the Pats again. If he doesn't, he'll probably just retire and go start "contributing" to ESPN or Fox.
  10. Yes, the CBA would be voided if they were able to prove an instance of collusion. I doubt they will be able to prove collusion but anyone with eyes can see what's going on here.
  11. I actually liked it a lot but I think they definitely could've trimmed some time off. It was a beautifully shot movie and Ryan Gosling was great in it, IMO.
  12. That trade is embarrassingly bad, even for a guy with a no trade clause. The Knicks continue to be a dumpster fire. I doubt that Melo/George/Westbrook can all co-exist enough to dethrone the Warriors but that should be a scary squad during the season.
  13. I bet he crushes the milk bottle game at the local state fair. EDIT: Apparently the NFL is "concerned" about the lack of attendance for LA games. As if this wasn't the same issue that they had before.

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