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  1. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to figure that tweet out. That's amazing.
  2. The only time I felt we had too much Arnold was the wedding episode. I agree with Aziz's dad, I could've definitely used more of him.
  3. Second season of Master of None was really good. It's so weird because he was great in Parks and Rec in small doses but I never really liked his stand up, so I didn't think I would like a show with him as the main character.
  4. I really like that choice but it's really surprising, considering that the guy is playing the major big bad in the MCU. No doubt there will be a nod to that somewhere in the film. I'm really surprised Michael Shannon didn't get the role, I thought he was going to be the guy they eventually settled on.
  5. Jeffrey and Smith are major upgrades over DGB and Agholor. We can cross WR off their list now with a first or second round pick. Unless a stud CB is there at 14, I'm sure they will trade back now.
  6. I'm not buying Cutler to the Jets, he'll end up as the backup in Dallas if he doesn't retire.
  7. I think they could've got more for Nerlens if they traded him earlier but I don't mind the trade. Nerlens would've wanted max money and he would've been a back up here, so they had to get what they could for him instead of letting walk for nothing.
  8. They could package Brandon Ingram and future picks. Apparently Jeanie Buss was furious that they didn't get DeMarcus Cousins and wants Magic to get them a Superstar.
  9. I can see why some people may be getting tired of the show but I agree with you, I don't have any issue with the first part of this season like a lot people seemed to. It just seems like they want the story to move along faster than it needs to.
  10. I don't know much about the Legion character except his connections to Xavier and his powers but I really enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out.
  11. Trubisky takes an Aaron Rodgers like tumble from #2 to #23 after one round of mock drafts. Interesting. I'm just hoping the Eagles get one of the top five CB's. I'd much rather get Wilson though, feel like they need a tough and physical corner.