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  1. Desert Island Discs

    1. Antonin Dvorak - Symphony #9 in E minor. 2. Belle & Sebastian - The State I Am In 3. Bob Marley - Zimbabwe 4. Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of this Country 5. Jacques Brel - La Bière 6. James Taylor - September Grass 7. John Philip Sousa - Hands Across the Sea 8. Claude Debussy - Suite Bergamesque Book - Au Bonheur des Dames by Émile Zola Luxury - a cafe
  2. How do you listen to your music?

    When I work I listen to classical/orchestral stuff. Usually by symphony/concerto/suite/whatever. When I have my winding down/reading time in the evening I usually listen to albums. When I'm tidying I usually just stick some playlist on shuffle. That's about it. I hope you're grateful I shared that with you.
  3. Europa Universalis IV

    Why can’t they just automate the bloody thing? Merchants are independent businesses, it shouldn’t be the sovereign that directs their activity.
  4. Europa Universalis IV

    I only actually started playing it this year, even though I started the thread. I like it, but I don't have a bloody clue what the trade system is about.
  5. The 2018 Music Thread

    Oh my God, that makes me feel old. Doesn't seem that long ago that people were going nuts for that album here. I actually saw the tour for it first time round. Not a big fan of the band but I was involved in the uni newspaper and was asked to go to the gig and interview them. Nice guys, good show. 10 years. Wow...
  6. Considering getting a PS4

    So I completed the London Assassin's Creed. I really liked it. Now to do the French one and then I can take the PS4 back to the shop and get my money back.
  7. Considering getting a PS4

    I bought a PS4. Merry Christmas to me. I’m keeping it at my parents’ so I can only use It when I’m back to visit them once a month so it won’t become a big productivity drain. :/
  8. The Lightning Seeds

    I only know Life of Riley (shit) and Three Lions. One of my earliest memories is hearing Three Lions at the age of five and loving it, obviously not knowing it was a song for the mendacious, Brexit-loving English. Still like it tho.
  9. The Thread Where We Post Christmas Music

    Interesting thing about this one is that it seems - though I might be forgetting something - to be the most recent song that entered the popular Christmas song canon. Or whatever you want to call it. You know, it has fit in with the Whams and yer Slades and Wizzards and Shakin Stevens and all that. Can't think of any other song from the last 20 years that has broken through like that. Unbelievable that Proper Crimbo never endured in that way.
  10. Favourite alternate versions

    I always found this quite entertaining. Post-punk Bob Dylan.
  11. End of Year 2017

    I'm getting old. :/
  12. What's the best expansion pack ever?

    Yup. Original made a heinous error in failing to include the Romans. Thank goodness for the expansion.
  13. Considering getting a PS4

    I'm interested in a very narrow range of games. Basically, I like open world games set in the past (Assassin's Creed - the good ones, Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire) plus FIFA and GTA. I've not really been too bothered about getting a PS4, but I recently found out there is a Assassin's Creed set in revolutionary France and one in 19th century London - and both those things interest me. I'm also going to have a fair bit of time over the Christmas holidays. But, I don't really fancy getting a PS4 if there's only two games that actually interest me. Are there any other good ones? Maybe it's just because I've not been paying attention, but there just doesn't seem to be as many cool games as there were for previous consoles - which is why I've never bothered getting one. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  14. What bands do you hate?

  15. End of Year 2017

    Off the top of my head I liked the Kid by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, the new LCD Soundsystem one and the War on Drugs one.