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  1. I prefer the Rolling Stones version of Little Red Rooster. It has a bit more zip to it. Also the Howlin Wolf album is a compilation of previously released singles (although a good one) so it might not actually count for the whole songs from the same album thing! Never heard that John Leyton one before. It's interesting. I'll come back to it. I Fall To Pieces is excellent. I like it a lot.
  2. Move It is the first cool British rock song, not Shakin All Over. Just forget what you know about Cliff Richard now and consider it against its contemporaries. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is a good one, probably the first of quite a few Carole King tunes we're going to see. Back Door Man is excellent. The rest are pretty good but I don't really have anything to say about them.
  3. metalman

    Music that is awful

    Why are you insulting my culture : /
  4. metalman

    Cover Songs

    AND I FEEL AND I FEEL WHEN THE DOGS BEGIN TO SMELL HER WILL SHE SMELL ALONE she did well to sing that with a straight face
  5. That’s okay I’m away until Wednesday too
  6. I spent a couple of years thinking Angles was the best Strokes one. That was obviously wrong but it did have some decent songs. Likewide the third one: Juicebox and You Only Live Once are two of their best songs. But there’s also a lot of shit on that album.
  7. In what way? Failure to deliver on initial promise? I think their first album is by far their best but I quite like 2 and 3 and 4 have their moments. Can't remember much about 5.
  8. I think the first Summertime Blues I heard was the Who Live at Leeds cover. That's a nice one too. And then there's the Beach Boys one which is the drizzling shits. So so so bad. Eddie Cochran one is probably still my favourite all told.
  9. I actually used to use the editor a little bits to tidy up some of the games that went on a bit longer.You'd end up with things like Bayern, Juve and PSG winning their leagues about ten years in a row so I'd redistribute some of their money across the rest of the league. Not saying that them winning is unrealistic, but my game doesn't have to be shit just because real football is. 😕
  10. I'd never heard the original Brand New Cadillac but I like the Clash one. I like this one too. What'd I Say is obvs a classic. Flamingo is nice, didn't know that was them. Ne me quitte pas is nice but not really one of my favourite Brel songs. Shout is fun. Mack the Knife is obviously amazing and yeah I think the Bobby Darin one is my favourite version, though the live Ella Fitzgerald one where she forgets the words gets a big thumbs up too, as does Louis Armstrong. But it's such a good song. Even Robbie Williams couldn't mess it up. It's good in its original German too, but quite different:
  11. See if we go really far back - my dad had an ancient Apple computer in the early 90s. It had a couple of games. I spent ages playing this game called Factory (I think) where you basically run a factory. It’s a kind of puzzle game: you have to make stuff and make sure it follows the right procedure. That game was great. There was also one called Castles:Siege and Conquest which was a really ugly resource gathering and fighting thing set in France. That was a really cool game. My parents were teachers so they used to bring me loads of educational “games” home from their schools during holiday. Some of them were amazing. I spent a lot of time as a child making Excel spreadsheets (well, more precisely ClarisWorks spreadsheets, Apple’s then Excel equivalent) because it was genuinely my third most interesting option.
  12. My first game console was a SNES. Which I got in 1998. My grandparents got me a SNES and my cousin a PS1 that Christmas. Pretty clear who their favourite was. 😕 So this meant I spent the late 90s playing early 90s games. I particularly remember Tintin in Tibet, which I played endlessly. Despite never getting past the first level. Probably the hardest game ever. As you might imagine, my obsolete technology meant that not many people wanted to come over to my house, so I got plenty of N64 and PS1 experience on other peoples' machines. The one from this period that particularly resonates with me is this game that was like Worms, but in a 3D world and with pigs. I can't remember the name but I played it a lot. I then somewhat belatedly entered the modern world when I got a PS2 for Xmas 2002. I’ve got particularly strong memories of Gran Turismo 3 and Timesplitters 2. I spent hours playing the latter with friends - more so than any game before or since. Those were good games.
  13. I love the Gainsbourg one. It’s probably his best song along with L’Anamour and Nazi Rock.
  14. Yeah those are all good ones. I really like at the hop
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