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  1. metalman

    R.I.P Hal Blaine

    bloody hell, that's quite a CV. loads of classics there.
  2. Wow. I never knew a great deal of the Prodigy's stuff aside from the two main albums and the hits but sometimes I'd be in a certain time or place or a particular mindset where there was nothing better and Keith Flint's presence was definitely a big part of that. Very shocking and sad news
  3. I think I sympathise with this one to an extent. Normally as a consumer in a marketplace you should have a good faith expectation that you are being sold a good quality product. However, loads of gaming companies have done a fair bit to trash that expectation by releasing very poor products. So while piracy is immoral, it’s perhaps offset by the immorality of the profiteering and laziness of the games studios who have, through their actions, destroyed the expectation of the consumer that they are operating in a fait and open marketplace. And the resource gap is such that we should absolutely hold larger studios to higher standards. But in the end the workers should be paid a fair price for their work, and that price depends on the quality of the game.
  4. Look at all you people talking about Game of Thrones. It’s amazing that a TV show created just to give Ed Sheeran some exposure continues to have such a hold over us.
  5. The Elder Scrolls games (and I guess all Bethesda games) suck. An interesting world/lore is more than spoiled by clunky controls, boring combat, repetitive quests (basically all of Skyrim is "I left something in a cave full of baddies, go and get it"). On top of that they look rubbish, glitch like hell and have some of the worst voice acting you'll ever hear.
  6. metalman

    Amazon Prime

    The Rowan Atkinson one AND the animated series
  7. metalman

    Amazon Prime

    They have Mr Bean
  8. Ah. I probably shouldn’t have hired five of them then. My Fenerbahce team got rid of Valbuena and his £81,000 weekly wage and I just went crazy and hired as much staff as I could.
  9. Do the sports scientists do anything? I mean, I know they send me that risk report that I never read, but do they do anything aside from that?
  10. One of the things I would like someone else to do (I’m too lazy) is to fix the revenue imbalances that make modern football so shitty so I can live in a kind of fantasy dreamland. Make it so 16 out of the 32 Champions League places aren’t given to clubs from a mere four countries for instance. Redress the money situation that means a mediocre English club can assemble a much better team than a former great like Ajax simply because they are part of a larger market. Or maybe even create a multiple level world super league type thing so every club has access to the same revenue stream.
  11. That used to happen to me quite often on previous FM games. Though not, oddly enough, on the one season I've completed on FM 19.
  12. metalman

    NFL 2018

    they should take the half time show out and replace it with a longest punt contest
  13. metalman

    NFL 2018

    Edelman is German for nobleman
  14. metalman

    NFL 2018

    This is the first American Football I've seen in years. I'd forgotten all the crashes and bangs can be quite dangerous I like it. Not much happening so you can read a book while it's on. Quite cosy and relaxing really. It's the same reason I like cricket.
  15. metalman

    NFL 2018

    Why didn't they get somebody good to sing instead? Like literally anyone else. Even Phats & Small. HAHAHAHAHAHA IS THERE A PLAYER CALLED GIRLY? LOL
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