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  1. I remember being quite surprised the first time I heard that David Essex song. I'd always thought he was the kind of pop star for the teenage girls to love. Indeed, that's always the impression I got from my mum, who was into David Essex along with the likes of T. rex and David Bowie when she was a kid. But Rock On isn't what you'd expect a teen idol to be singing. It's kind of weird. I'm not sure if I like it, but it's definitely interesting. Search and Destroy is great. Most of the songs on Raw Power aren't really good enough to overcome that album's appalling production, but Search and Destroy is such a good song that it almost makes the production work for it. Oh the Eagles. Take It Easy is amazing (although done better by Jackson Browne), Boys of Summer by Don Henley is brilliant and Joe Walsh has had a few good songs. And their first album has some decent moments, I guess. Desperado though? Desperado is boring. I remember in my music classes at school all the boring people would play Desperado on the piano, in the same way they'd play Mad World by those two boring cunts or that Thousand Miles song. Desperado is one of those songs. It's dreck.
  2. These are all really good. SAHB doing Next is amazing, but I’m surprised to see it here. Certainly deserves its place though. The unruly Scottish show that inspired Ballroom Blitz took place in Kilmarnock, the same town that your very own Metalman is from. Specoal shout out to All the Young Dudes too.
  3. The only Roxy Music album I really go back to listen to these days is Avalon. In spite of that I'm actually more inclined to think of them as an early 70s band. I think of their time with Brian Eno there as their "classic" lineup. Anyway, Virginia Plain is.a good one. Lots of fun noises. You're So Vain was one of those bizarre blank spots for me. I only heard it for the first time a year or so ago. It's fine. That Betty Swan song sounds good.
  4. metalman

    The Punk Thread

    If it will make me use that kind of foul language I'm not sure I want to. (I actually listened to a couple of songs on uchoob and it sounds good)
  5. I'd never heard of that first guy. Sounds alright. Taj Mahal is great. The album it comes from is really good as a whole. I don't listen to Lou Reed as much as I used to but I still really like Walk on the Wild Side. Everyone knows it is his second best song - the best one is obvs the Dab Hands remix of Satellite of Love from 2004.
  6. A second one? well Last of Us wasn't really the last of us then, was it?
  7. I never said -1 for Baddar. Even when everyone else thought it was cool.
  8. Colly I am going to get @Lineker to put a restraining order put on you so you can't respond to my topics.
  9. metalman

    The Punk Thread

    Is this what listening to punk does to people? Oh dear.
  10. Two great songs. And the Elvis Presley one is fine too, although the Pet Shop Boys version is much better.
  11. This sort of shite is why no one outside the US watches your shit comedians
  12. This never used to be a big issue for me. I had a good (not spectacular) pair of noise cancelling headphones for work, a decent Sony bluetooth speakerfor home and a decent pair of light headphones for travel. But with being stuck at home I began to look for something a little bit more. As decent as my speaker was, I didn't really feel like it cut it anymore. I wanted proper stereo separation. But I also couldn't be bothered with the hassle of a hifi and amplification and all that nonsense - even though you can get some really amazing stuff for not very much at all these days. I eventually plumped for Ruark MR1 MK2 speakers. I'd never heard of them before but they got excellent reviews. I think they were actually marketed as desktop speakers, but that suited me down to the ground because it just meant I could plug them in and play without all the fiddly amplification stuff. I'm absolutely delighted with them. The sound is great, especially for a relatively small speaker. They have an input for.a subwoofer but I don't really know if I need/want that. I only really listen to music - I'm not a huge film or TV guy - and I don't think you need a subwoofer for that. This tiny little foray has got me quite interested in hifi and sound systems: I appreciate the nerdery, even though I'm astonished by some of the ridiculous amounts of money people spend on utterly bizarre (at least to me) components. I love the people who spent thousands on an external signal convertor because they just can't stand all those nasty noisy electrical circuits in their laptop or CD player UTTERLY RUINING their listening experience. Anyway, what do the rest of you have? Do any of you guys take this sort of thing seriously?
  13. I never really cared so much for Rocket Man, or Elton John at all. But I listened again fairly recently and there are a lot of cool things going on. That little crying noise at 1:26 and 2:06. The lovely retro ARP synth from 2:15 onwards (which is the best part of the song for me), the slide guitar at 3:05 and 3:18. These little bits are wonderful. I think this song deserves to be here. James Last covered Slate? Goodness me. Slade were nothing special, but they made a great noise, and Cum On Feel the Noise is a brilliant little racket and a hell of a lot of fun. It definitely deserves to be there over this one, which is a bit lumpen and plodding. I don't think I know any John Denver, except from that one, obviously. This Rocky Mountain High is a nice little song though, based on my first listen.. I love James Taylor, so maybe that means I should like John Denver too, but John Denver seems a bit wussy in a way that James Taylor isn't.😕
  14. Yeah I'd have expected to have seen Peaches en Regalia, but I think it was released in 1970 so I guess we're past it now. In any case... Tumbling Dice is a really good song. Perhaps one of the last great Rolling Stones songs? Who knows. But yeah, it's really good. I love the groove, I love the backing vocals. I love feel of it. I like Big Star and I like that album, but that song has never leapt out at me. It's fine. I can appreciate Captain Beefheart's music and I understand why people admire it. I can't say I really find it fun though, and I rarely listen to it. But that song's cool, Clear Spot is a decent album and the Magic Band - particularly the drummer - were some great musicians.
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