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  1. What bands do you hate?

    You're almost certainly somewhere much shiter given that there is only one place in UK better than Glasgow and you're prolly not there right now
  2. What bands do you hate?

    Maybe if you're an idiot. :/
  3. What bands do you hate?

    Tbf this can probably be extended to Sheffield at any given time
  4. Red Dead Redemption Part Deux

    The previous RDR was the game that finally made me buy a PS3. This one could be the one that gets me to buy a PS4/Xbox whateveryoucallit. Although I'd need to buy a TV too. :/
  5. Thanks for the life update
  6. this looks really cool - well done!
  7. Random Music Thoughts

    They're one of his favourite cod reggae bands
  8. FIFA 18

    have they got the Scottish lower leagues yet?
  9. What bands do you hate?

    no it isn't
  10. Parts you hate in games you love

    that and the remote control plane
  11. Football Manager 2018

  12. 2017 Music Thread

    I generally do quite well out of the Apple Music equivalent of Discover Weekly. Though the last one suggested I listened to Joe McElderry off the X-Factor (the one that was kept off #1 by Rage Against A Machine) sing Any Dream Will Do. Didn't enjoy it particularly. J-Donovan's version is gospel.
  13. Random Music Thoughts

    same. for me it's because of the transition to streaming. I'll listen to the albums that Apple Music cues up for me but out of that I generally just retain the songs that appealed to me during the first play.
  14. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Ingenious use of tagging here. U r a new media magician.