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  1. I’ve listened to all of these albums in the top 20 with the exception of Beyonce, Fiona Apple and DJ Rashad. I quite like them all, but none of them would get anywhere near my own top albums except Art Angels and the Robyn one.
  2. They look like they are from the Sims 2
  3. I hope they have Triple H in it
  4. Maybe FM could get some tips from the Crusader Kings face generator. Give them all crowns and scars and missing eyes and things.
  5. I'm not a huge Grinderman fan but I actually prefer the Bad Seeds stuff from the last ten years. Basically everything since, but not including, Lazarus (which was okay).
  6. apparently that new Nick Cave is quite something.
  7. metalman

    FIFA 20

    Also look at this hot new team, Piemonte Calcio. I reckon they could be the next big thing.
  8. metalman

    FIFA 20

    The cover looks like artwork for a soundcloud rap album
  9. Is that what happened to JR?
  10. That Panic at the Disco one is 2005? Wow. I remember everyone at my school talking about that as if it were brand new and exciting in 2007/08. But maybe Kilmarnock is just a bit behind everyone else...
  11. my gran got me singstar for christmas the year it came out because she had heard that i liked games.
  12. Yeah those are all very good points. It was those early 2000s games that were on the cusp of this list I had in mind: I can appreciate GTA III for its innovation but wouldn’t want to play it, whereas I imagine I’d be perfectly happy to play an early 90s Mario game.
  13. This is an interesting point, and I'm pretty sure we've discussed it before. In music, an album that was influential or enjoyed 50 years ago can still be enjoyed now. Whereas whenever I play a game from more than ten years ago (with very few exceptions: mainly strategy games and the like) I find the whole experience pretty unbearable. Even though I loved it at the time. And I loved GTA III at the time (well, actually I loved GTA in 2003 because I've always been pretty late to catch on to things) but I imagine if I were to play it now I'd find it tedious and ugly.
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