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  1. Was really disappointed not to see more of Leah Williamson. She's the best defender in the champions of the WSL who's game is built around playing out from the back...something Phil Neville claims is the "non-negotiable" England style. Anyway, all this means is I can happily support the Netherlands. Miedema and van de Donk are so damn good and I'd love to see them against USA.
  2. Obviously I knew it was in the game but it's still pretty cool to finally see it
  3. It's on PC. Xbox announced the Ultimate Games Pass which includes the new PC Games Pass. Incidentally, if you have a Xbox Live Gold pass you can convert any remaining time to the Ultimate pass for £1 and you won't be charged (£10.99 a month) until the originally subscription applies
  4. Agents of SHIELD starts up on E4 tomorrow night. Feels like this is the earliest we've had it.
  5. TMM

    Game of Thrones

    I appear to be in the minority here but I loved it.
  6. TMM

    Game of Thrones

    I kind of think there’s a degree of character preference that clouds the perception of acting ability.
  7. I was looking for something to watch and flicked through Netflix and in my recommended it had a couple of Korean and Japanese series. One was called Bridal Mask, so I watched the first episode on the train to work and so far so good, definitely has me wanting to watch more. It’s very Korean, and that’s a good thing.
  8. Akala's book is on my to read list for sure. I read Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge a few weeks ago and it's a really eye-opening read. As a white person, you really don't consider any thing you have as an advantage or any of the subtleties about racism. The chapter about slavery in England was something I was completely unaware of because as far as school education went, slavery was an American thing. On a completely different route, after seeing the film and having lots of people praise the book I figured I'd give Ready Player One a read. It's really good and while you obviously know the outcome, the journey to get there is so, so different to the film.
  9. Yeah Guinea B were somehow in the 2025 Confederation Cup on my game
  10. I’m giving serious consideration to either the 03/04 season or the women’s league that just got released. But I’m such a stickler for volume and accuracy I’m worried that it won’t be populated enough for me to properly enjoy. Argh!
  11. TMM

    Comic Book Films & TV

    So...is Titans any good?
  12. They’re moving the show to a different fucking state because one of their fights tested positive and instead of banning him they’re going somewhere that will allow the fight to go ahead. This without telling any fighters on the card it seems
  13. It’s like they knew I was almost home
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