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  1. Yeah Guinea B were somehow in the 2025 Confederation Cup on my game
  2. I’m giving serious consideration to either the 03/04 season or the women’s league that just got released. But I’m such a stickler for volume and accuracy I’m worried that it won’t be populated enough for me to properly enjoy. Argh!
  3. TMM

    Comic Book Films & TV

    So...is Titans any good?
  4. They’re moving the show to a different fucking state because one of their fights tested positive and instead of banning him they’re going somewhere that will allow the fight to go ahead. This without telling any fighters on the card it seems
  5. It’s like they knew I was almost home
  6. Picked this up over the weekend and spent time setting up logos and faces (because obviously I cannot start a game without them) but I haven’t decided who to be yet. As an Arsenal fan the temptation is to start there, especially with the youth players coming through but then I feel like it’s too “easy” and want to be a lower league side or at least a mid-table PL team like Leicester (who I had a really good game with a few years ago). Any suggestions? At the moment the only thing I’m sure of is I want to be a team in England.
  7. Without too many spoilers, how “bad” are you? I understand you are in a gang but are you a terrible person or do you have options on how you complete a task? My friend who is considering the game can’t heing himself to play games where you are a bad person, so its a moral choice.
  8. TMM

    WWE 2K19

    On the subject of commentary, don’t ever have a match with Tyler Bate. I heard about how he entered the UK tournament at 19 and how most people his age were on social media or something about 4 times in the same match. That aside, what little I’ve done so far has felt different to previous years. Hopefully I can keep up the interest/enthusiasm for longer than usual.
  9. https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/skybound-telltale-the-walking-dead-1202971245/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Skybound Games are taking over and will finish the season. Skybound is Robert Kirkman’s company so it makes sense. Well thats some excellent news, especially if they get the original developers on board as well
  10. The devs aren’t opposed to this which makes me feel happy about it. The problem is obviously going to be that people will want long-term stability over a short-term job, so with the best will in the world it has to be done really quick. The main thing that caught my eye here is the status of the last two episodes. 3 is almost finished (just some “touching up”) and four has had a lot of work done as well with about half of already having been voiced. I’m cautiously optimistic but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much.
  11. I'm exactly the same. I've been flip-flopping about whether to play Episode 2 and I've eventually settled on deciding that I will. But yeah, I'm terrible but I want to know
  12. The way this has all been handled is really kind of disgraceful. The laid of staff were given time to go into the offices and get their personal belongings and it seems as though the company waited until they had all gone before posting this message. Now having said that I really want the game finished. I feel bad for all the staff but being completely selfish I want this game completed. I know it’s shitting all over the devs who have got nothing and are financially screwed but I’m not going to pretend that I don’t want the finished game, even if it means it appears in a different medium and done by volunteers.
  13. https://buff.ly/2NvmFG4 Apparently The Walking Dead has been cancelled and the small crew staying on is for fucking Minecraft
  14. TMM

    WWE 2K19

    The tracks are apparently chosen by the superstars. You’ll be shocked to find that Triple H chose the Metallica song and that Ric Flair (and Charlotte) chose the song called Ric Flair

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