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  1. Well who knows if I'll survive that long? Apparently fictional traffic accidents are really on the rise at the moment.
  2. Yes, it would. I think it's a good concept though, and if there's another game in the series I'd certainly look into incorporating it into the editor.
  3. When you use the importer to bring in a company there is a tick box visible that reads "Import each company's associated contracts at the same time". The way it works is: - You import WWE with that box ticked - At that point, it will go through the contracts associated with WWE and look for a wrestler of the same name. So if it finds a contract between WWE and the worker called "John Cena" in that database, it will then look if there's a worker called "John Cena" in the target database; if there isn't, it's ignored, otherwise it will import the contract and link it to that worker. Only the name needs to be identical, it's irrelevant whether they have any other similarities. Therefore you need to have imported the workers first before you import contracts. Your issue for this project is that it only works on hard data - it only knows that John Cena should work there if it can find a contract linking the two; the John Cena worker doesn't independently know or remember where it should be working. Therefore you'd have to have a master database that has all the contract relationships (even if the workers are literally just names and the rest of the data is just the default settings) for the importer to work with. (EDIT - So, to clarify, that means that you couldn't spread the different companies out over multiple databases, they'd have to be locked to the master database. All the other stuff you likely could spread out across multiple databases.) Your issue with this project idea is that you're going to have to be very careful about the order that you import things (for example, you would always need to import belts after workers and companies, because otherwise they can't look for matching company and worker names), and you're going to have to make sure that all the names are exact matches throughout all the databases being created; "Undertaker" and "The Undertaker", for example, would be totally different to the importer and would throw it off.
  4. I didn't make them up, someone else did and claimed that they were a genuine promotion local to them. I wouldn't have included them if I'd known it was a fake.
  5. You can switch between numbers and grades in TEW. The game also isn't really that detailed any more - a lot of work went into streamlining TEW2013 so that you could go into detail if you wanted or keep it shallow if that was your preference.
  6. You need to remove the TEW2013.mdb file from the folder; it should say this on-screen in the instructions at the top of the converter screen, if you are not seeing that then you are likely playing a very out of date version of the game.
  7. I think you might be confusing having admin status with running the game in admin mode - they are two very different things, and the former does not mean the latter is true. What you're describing is exactly what happens if you're not running as admin (the folder isn't visible to you because it isn't considered 'safe') and, as far as I'm aware, cannot be achieved any other way. I would strongly recommend that you read the FAQ pinned to the top of the Technical Support forum.
  8. There's a demo patch coming tomorrow, so you could just wait for that.
  9. Pedantic I know, but the title screen says "TEW 13" - it should be "TEW 2013" or "TEW '13" on the grounds that there is no such thing as the thirteenth version of TEW and so "TEW 13" doesn't make any sense Like it other than that!
  10. It's hard to say without seeing the booking first-hand. Limited Involvement essentially means the worker only gets in for the finish and specific spots, so his performance barely affects the rating. Perhaps you simply have the length of the matches too long and the other workers are simply not up to it either?
  11. RAW are the hardest company to book - if you read their bio, they're not even a wrestling company as such, they're driven almost entirely by angles, so that's what you have to use.
  12. I've just run your data under the patched public beta and it works fine. The patch is out shortly.
  13. If you've already used the Temp files then no, there is no other way to restore the game. Backup files can be used, but they are not available unless using one of the later games in the series.
  14. The trial only allows you to play in January 2010 (it states this in the pop-up message at the start). If you're attempting to use a mod set in a different time frame, you'll almost certainly get errors as the dates will all be incorrect. You can still play the mod, it just won't be as the mod maker intended.
  15. If you check the Undisputed website, it says that the early access pack includes "Legendary Chuck Liddell" (their quotation marks) - so it's probably safe to assume that there are 2 versions of him, the standard version with stats that are as he was just before retirement, and the "Legendary" version with killer stats. The offer you've seen is probably that.

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