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  1. Your five favorite bands

    King Charles, Flogging Molly, Johnny Cash, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Biffy Clyro
  2. What game franchises need reviving?

    I can't like this enough. 
  3. What game franchises need reviving?

    I'd kill someone, in front of their own mother, for a new Uncharted Waters game. Maybe more like New Horizons than the original though. 
  4. GTA V PS4 thread

    In case anyone cares, my psn ID is ArmageddonClock, though it appears my schedule rarely aligns with anyone elses. 
  5. XBOX Megathread

    So, I guess Sunset Overdrive is worth playing...
  6. XBOX Megathread

    So next week I'll be getting a One, and while I've got a few games on my list for it (Forza 6, RB4, Fallout 4). What else is worth getting, either exclusives or just vastly superior to PS4 type games?
  7. GTA V PS4 thread

    I eventually need to complete the heists also.  
  8. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    I've set myself to auto for the week. Haven't been home long today and leaving again shortly. I'd rather take a loss than hold things up.
  9. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife...

    1. JTHSeesHisShadow


      Especially Julia Roberts amirite?

  10. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Maybe tomorrow morning? Or Wednesday should be available most of the day.
  11. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    My wife has commandeered the tv and PS4 to watch netflix cause she's not feeling well. 
  12. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Srar, I should be available most of the day tomorrow. Look forward to it.
  13. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Picked up DT Robert Thomas, which shouldn't make much difference as he is only 62 overall. Also, love the CPU deciding I desperately needed John Urschel and trading a CB and a 6th round choice for him.
  14. Madden '16

    The owner CFM funds seem to have been fixed. So even small market teams finish with enough money to sign free agents and such. As for the gameplay itself it's better than it has been in years.
  15. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    For the record I'm using my ArmageddonClock PSN.