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  1. Thanks for giving Omega a boost in over and brawling. I also appreciate you putting these updates out consistently. I noticed Omega's finisher is still misspelled. It should be One Winged Angel. If you could fix that, I'd appreciate it. EDIT: Staff member Matt Cappoteli (spelled as Capotelli) passed away and will need removed.
  2. With regards to the NJPW stuff, Jericho has gone on record as saying he will not work any NJPW US shows out of respect for Vince. I would leave him as touring for them in Japan, but he will not wrestle anywhere in the US besides WWE.
  3. CM Punk is doing an autograph signing or appearance or something with Starrcast for the All-In Weekend in September. I get that he's no longer wrestling, but after UFC 225, I figure he might be involved in wrestling in some way in the future, or at least has the potential for special appearances. I would leave him in as a non-wrestler, personally. NJPW Dominion 6.9 (2018) spoilers: Personal stat suggestions: Raise Kenny Omega's brawling from 73 to 80 and over from 80 to 83. I feel like he's being pretty underrated in terms of his ability to tell a compelling story with strikes and "hardcore" type matches, and he's gained a lot of popularity the last few months worldwide and could main event any national promotion anywhere at this point. If he came to WWE today, he'd have a huge reaction and a lot of fans would know him from the Bullet Club, Being The Elite, his NJPW work, etc. His finishing maneuver, the One-Winged Angel, is misspelled in the game as "One Wingged Angel".
  4. Can I please get my 1998 scenario on the site? I feel it is a better overall scenario than the one on there currently. https://fil.email/73HbNIaA?&showconfirmation=true
  5. I would consider looking at my 1998 data. I put a ton of effort into getting data for promotions, workers, relationships, etc. Obviously there will be some workers who will need added who passed away in 1997 (Brian Pillman for example), and some workers you will want to adjust stats for, dispositions, who they're employed by, the champions would all need adjusted, etc. But it would at least give you a big base to start working on, even if promotions and other things wouldn't be necessarily accurate. Also, just in my opinion, I never give a worker a 100 stat for virtually anything, except in some cases I will for charisma. I never do for the wrestling stats, as I don't feel like it is realistic. I usually go for the low to mid 90s as a cap (I think in my 1998 scenario I capped around 93-94 for the wrestling stats). I never give anyone perfect stats because even if you have two workers on paper who are excellent or amazing in a certain category, sometimes they just don't click, or they still occasionally botch a move, have an issue, or whatever the case may be. For example, you've got Bret Hart and Chris Benoit both rated as 100 in technical wrestling. While their match against each other in tribute to Owen Hart was excellent (granted it occurred in 1999), it was not rated "five stars" or considered an all-time great technical wrestling contest. Benoit and Malenko had numerous matches against each other, or with Jericho involved, and none of them were technically perfect. I would reconsider the rating scale, and I'd also reconsider who is placed in the highest tiers for each group. I think Guerrero is a better technical wrestler, or at least the equivalent of Chris Jericho at this time. I'd also rank Rey Mysterio Jr. as the best speed-based wrestler in the world in 1997, or at least up there with guys like Juventud, Ultimo Dragon, etc. But anyway, best of luck on your scenario. If you want to use my 1998 scenario as the basis for yours, I'd recommend it. I wound up having around 1,800 workers, and I think around 15 or 20 promotions, so it would make your scenario a lot easier.
  6. I've been considering making a scenario based around the end of the Monday Night Wars, possibly a few versions (alternate scenarios where WCW survives on TNT/TBS, one where WCW moves to another network, one where both WCW and ECW survive, etc.) The amount of time and effort involved is always a hindrance. The 1998 scenario I originally made on which you're basing the scenario took me a very, very long time, and there are still probably some errors, omissions, and general issues. You're going to have a great difficulty getting much help. I definitely had a few people help me with my scenario, but overall, I had to just bite the bullet and do the bulk of the work myself. I just find that due to the lack of interest in EWR overall and the amount of commitment you'd be requesting, you may be forced to do it on your own. If there would be enough interest from the people who still play EWR, I'd consider doing what you're doing (basically taking my 1998 data and using it as a base for a 2001 scenario). The idea's been in my head for the last couple years, and I've gotten the itch to do it again, but I don't know if I have the kind of time or prolonged interest to do it. Knowing a lot of people would play the scenario would definitely help keep me motivated.
  7. I really appreciate the kind words. I spent a very long time on this scenario, and I feel like it took so long to try to perfect as much as possible that a ton of people lost interest along the way. It's nice to see there is still the occasional user who finds it for the first time. I'm glad you tend to agree with the stats and appreciate the pictures as well, as it took quite a while to tweak stats to get them to my liking, and I still occasionally change my mind or go back and forth on things. There are multiple pictures for most of the wrestlers in the scenario as well, that way as the years go by, or if users want to change gimmicks, there are other pictures to use. As far as your comment on the up and coming wrestlers who were put into the scenario, I don't have a huge list offhand. I remember adding CM Punk, AJ Styles, and others. My main goal was to add most of the wrestlers who debuted within a few years after the scenario date (January 1998) and tweaked their stats to reflect how they may have been when they were that age or first broke into the business. It was hard in some cases since you had very young wrestlers. I also added wrestlers who were under 18, particularly if they were involved with wrestling in the near future, such as Reid Flair. I agree with you about Starrcade and the WCW Nitro that occurred on the night after. There was at least one title change on that show. I had to make the scenario up to date, though, so it has the champions and information as of January 1, 1998. One decision pertaining to WCW was whether to include Thunder since it didn't technically debut until later in January, but it made no sense not to include it. I usually pretend like the first "episode" is either a Best of 1997 show or a final WCW Clash of the Champions show. Anyway, glad you like the scenario. I'll try to get some info together about the younger wrestlers in the game and what names they may be under. If you have any other advice, suggestions, or criticisms of any kind, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. I've uploaded a slightly different version of the scenario. There are now 1801 workers, a few more staff members, relationships, alter egos, etc. and I've taken the advice of some posts in here. I still have more workers I'd like to add, but I don't have enough info. Here's the link for the download: https://www.mediafire.com/?f3qjaao4u7gofln
  9. Maybe this'll stay up for a while: http://www.filedropper.com/ewr199804042015
  10. Could you please add my January 1998 scenario? http://myaccount.dropsend.com/file/6c4716d4a694ddd5 Thank you.
  11. This may work: http://myaccount.dropsend.com/file/6c4716d4a694ddd5 It's been a long time since I've worked on this, so if anybody notices any glaring issues please let me know. I'd kind of like to get back into this and really perfect it as much as possible. If anybody wants to look at it and let me know of any suggestions, feel free.
  12. Could someone please see if they can upload it to the Home of Pro Wrestling?
  13. If anyone has it, they have my permission to upload it. If not, I probably still have it on my laptop or external somewhere.
  14. http://wikisend.com/download/615104/EWR199804042015.zip.exe
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