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  1. just activated mine, good to go.
  2. El Oso Pequeno - Titans Wanted to throw my hat in the ring, and update the picked teams so far. This list is UNOFFICIAL, just wanted to make it easier to pick a team until Dragsy can update his offical roster of participants. Teams in italics are still unofficial bids. Bears - Dragsy (DragsyTwoSeven) Bengals - Bills - Broncos - Meacon (meacon) Browns - Bucs - Cardinals - Chargers - Do You Smell It? (The Great PK) *** Chiefs - Typical Phenom (provenmedia) Colts - Cowboys - LL (JohnnyBoy555) Dolphins - Eagles - Rocksta (Jmonteforte) Falcons - Kyle (sqeak5) *** 49ers - Giants - Jaguars - Jets - Lions - Packers - JHS (I am Srar) Panthers - Slogger (slogger9) Patriots - pililuk (pililuk) Raiders - ACCBiggz (ACCBiggz) *** Rams - Tits McGee (Silfies) *** Ravens - Redskins - Saints - mystikz (intothemyst) Seahawks - Ekin (Eddie Ruckus) Steelers - Captain Eo (PharoahSteve) Texans - HoodedMandarin (HoodedMandarin) Titans - Oso Pequeno (El Oso Pequeno) *** Vikings - jase12881 (digitaldeadmeat) *** AFC North 1/4 South 2/4 East 1/4 West 4/4 NFC North 3/4 South 3/4 East 2/4 West 2/4 Also, I think All-Pro at 7 or 8 minutes per quarter is a good game with realistic statistics. If there's a way to limit trading (or just eliminate it entirely) thru the computer that'd be great - trades between users should be ok either way, in my opinion.
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