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  1. General Movie Thread

    The nearest alternative cinema to a Cineworld for us involves an ~hour commute on either the bus/train so if we add those fares in any savings would be lost, obviously we could plan a time for someone to drive out there (a half hour/45 minute drive still but at least no fare) but that makes the "fuck it, lets catch a movie" and 5 minute walk option less likely to be an impulse move on a quiet day and with our schedules planning anything ahead of time is a nightmare. Since Cineworld costs just over a tenner for an adult (your local branch price may vary) it means that two films in a month and it's paid for, quite often due to work commitments on a manic schedule we'll decide to "catch up" on the last few weeks releases one Sunday with a double/triple bill which costs nothing apart from possibly eating out, for which we get a discount at all the restaurants near the cinema as well. Obviously circumstances may vary and if you a have an alternative to Cineworld closer to you there may be better options but we've saved a small fortune and been able to see a lot more than we otherwise would. I'd say that we'd probably paid the yearly cost for them both in the first three/four months of the year, I mean, according to the 365 in 365 challenge thread I saw 7 films at the cinema in January alone (before everyone stopped updating it and I stopped counting) and that's not including any of the National Theatre Live type things on top of that.
  2. General Movie Thread

    We have Cineworld passes and they pay for themselves since it's only a couple of films a month and you're done. Normally in the space of the month there'll be a couple of "maybe we'll check this out" films that we wouldn't necessarily have paid for so that's part of it but we've always got our moneys worth.
  3. Board Game thread

    I'd read decent things about The Networks, think it was in the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming. Let me know what it's like when you're through. I've been mainly RPGing as far as traditional games go recently so not much time to play other board games. Just the odd quick run through of Braggart when people pop out for a smoke break.
  4. Premier League 2017/18

    double post
  5. Premier League 2017/18

    Bit of a blow but there's a lot of creative players around to try things but I think clear chances will be few and far between and you'd rather they fell to him. Got 0-0 written all over it now or 1-0 United.
  6. Premier League 2017/18

    They go towards the EWB catering department.
  7. Premier League 2017/18

    I'm taking a friend to Wembley for her first live football match... I anticipate a 0-0 with very few opportunities either way. Wasn't Ozils agent just yesterday saying that things were looking good for contract talks? Although I guess a move away would be good contract talks for those two.
  8. What Did You Watch Today?

    I'd agree with it not being as good as Secret Service but it was still plenty enjoyable enough. It did seem silly spoiling something relatively big in the trailer but that's cinema these days. Regarding Mark Strong
  9. EWB Film Challenge

    We actually had started one for this year, I started off well and was over a film a day but as the years gone on I've not been able to keep up. Think I'm at around 140 for the year to date so far which isn't bad but will fall some way short.
  10. Parts you hate in games you love

    Though in Catherine at least you have the "it's my own fault" when brown stuff hits the rotating thing. Until they throw the random "it could be anything" blocks at you...
  11. Premier League 2017/18

    Clearly dangerous play. A studs up kick to the face is usually pretty hard to argue against. He might well be trying to go for the ball but if you do that you can't complain if you get it wrong.
  12. General Gaming Thread

    Will it have turn signals?
  13. Sky Bet EFL 2017/18

    Great result for Boro' today, about time we held on after leading, especially after the way Newport got back for a point on day one. Could've been top if we hadn't let in those late goals but happy to still be unbeaten and seeing us score goals.
  14. Premier League 2017/18

    Didn't they say it won't have any repercussions because the Community Shield is "it's own separate entity" i.e. a friendly?