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  1. General Gaming Thread

    They're given an electric shock and pushed aside just before hit hits them
  2. PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

    Could they borrow one from the Swiss?
  3. Board Game thread

    Apparently a third "Forbidden" title due soon as well I think I read, set around storms if I remember. Island is a regular time killer game at our nights around whatever else is going on and we love it. The variable board, luck of the draw and mix of characters gives it that little bit of variation each time you play. Not played Desert yet but it's on the wishlist. We recently introduced the daughter of one of our Blood Bowl coaches to Cataan and she's bringing along Sushi Go for "championship night" and since I went out in the semi finals she's looking to teach us that one. Heard good things so should be fun. Supposed to be fairly quick and easy so will probably bring along Ticket to Ride or Mangaka for a couple of other options to kill the evening while dodging flying block dice whenever people roll triple skulls. Anyone around here played Monoliths Conan game? The Batman kickstarter is due soon and it's built on that template. Since it's Kickstarter exclusive on the fence about getting involved in that one.
  4. Pens and Papers

    I'd be open to an EWB game but time zones would make it a bit tricky with the rest of you guys.
  5. Pens and Papers

    I'm currently playing through Lost Mines with two different groups and been interesting to see how the groups have tackled it differently. One of them is my friends first experience of DMing so she kept it simple and is a smaller party than normally would be running with just two of us. Combat in that one has been a bit tricky for us but I'm playing a warlock who due to his charisma has been able to try and talk and trick our way out of a lot of situations, that party have been very helpful and befriended a lot of the town, talking to the DM I think she's looking at focussing the campaign on the local area due to our increased standing with a bit of political intrigue and a more social adventure than the norm. The other one is a larger group she runs for her sister and a few friends. My character in that one is a goblin (goliath victim of a polymorph spell) barbarian with about 4 intelligence which I'm able to use to avoid thinking a bit meta and offering too much in the way of planning. This one has taken a more combat heavy tone. That's mainly due to the influence one player who is very much in the "see things, hit it" bracket of player and plays it as a game rather than the story telling approach - room for that but think the DM is struggling a bit more to keep everyone interested in that one but there have been some good sessions. I'm dreading the final part of the adventure because the party have struggled to look good in front of the town and haven't done a lot in the way of finding the various subquests around, the aforementioned player hearing about a pub as the hideout for the redbrands and going in greatsword in hand to threaten the landlord and patrons of the wrong pub (and rolling terribly on his intimidation) has made the party only slightly more popular than the redbrands are. Interested to see how this works out now.
  6. Pens and Papers

    Don't worry about the repeated deaths, Tomb of Annihilation is meant to be a bit of a meat grinder. I think I'm going to just stay and gamble on the dinosaur races, safer that way
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    There is an odd feeling about it I got afterwards, I enjoyed it but it had niggles that I can't really put my finger on. When I've woken up a bit more I'll try and put it into words better but for now I'll stick with "good film, perhaps too cute at times for its own good".
  8. The Star Wars Thread

    I've also been on a film re-watch in anticipation for it, I did still include the prequel trilogy just because I've got that much free time for a couple of days and I'm not doing Awakens since we're going to the 3d double bill tomorrow night. So many little things you notice on rewatches with the original films and can appreciate even when you've seen them umpteen times before.
  9. General Movie Thread

    The nearest alternative cinema to a Cineworld for us involves an ~hour commute on either the bus/train so if we add those fares in any savings would be lost, obviously we could plan a time for someone to drive out there (a half hour/45 minute drive still but at least no fare) but that makes the "fuck it, lets catch a movie" and 5 minute walk option less likely to be an impulse move on a quiet day and with our schedules planning anything ahead of time is a nightmare. Since Cineworld costs just over a tenner for an adult (your local branch price may vary) it means that two films in a month and it's paid for, quite often due to work commitments on a manic schedule we'll decide to "catch up" on the last few weeks releases one Sunday with a double/triple bill which costs nothing apart from possibly eating out, for which we get a discount at all the restaurants near the cinema as well. Obviously circumstances may vary and if you a have an alternative to Cineworld closer to you there may be better options but we've saved a small fortune and been able to see a lot more than we otherwise would. I'd say that we'd probably paid the yearly cost for them both in the first three/four months of the year, I mean, according to the 365 in 365 challenge thread I saw 7 films at the cinema in January alone (before everyone stopped updating it and I stopped counting) and that's not including any of the National Theatre Live type things on top of that.
  10. General Movie Thread

    We have Cineworld passes and they pay for themselves since it's only a couple of films a month and you're done. Normally in the space of the month there'll be a couple of "maybe we'll check this out" films that we wouldn't necessarily have paid for so that's part of it but we've always got our moneys worth.
  11. Board Game thread

    I'd read decent things about The Networks, think it was in the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming. Let me know what it's like when you're through. I've been mainly RPGing as far as traditional games go recently so not much time to play other board games. Just the odd quick run through of Braggart when people pop out for a smoke break.
  12. Premier League 2017/18

    Bit of a blow but there's a lot of creative players around to try things but I think clear chances will be few and far between and you'd rather they fell to him. Got 0-0 written all over it now or 1-0 United.
  13. Premier League 2017/18

    They go towards the EWB catering department.