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  1. I also thought of Sagrada which involves making stained glass windows it's weight on BGG is 1.87/5 which says it's not too tough to get into, although the age is 14+ so I'd have thought that would suggest more complexity. Could be worth finding a let's play online to see what it's like. Playing time should be less than an hour. On a similar note is Galaxy Trucker where you're fitting tiles on to a ship shaped board and need to connect pipes, pick up supplies and so on and then avoid meteor showers. This has a slightly higher weight rating on BGG (2.32/5) but again fits that puzzle piece fitting and I found it pretty easy to get into with kids so think that rating is a little high from personal experience. As he likes Tsuro I would figure the follow up Tsuro of the Seas would be another good choice, it's Tsuro with the added risk of sea monsters getting in the way removing the paths in place and potentially eating your ship.
  2. How would that affect things like shirt sponsors and "live from the Bet365 stadium!" going forward? I mean, I'm all happy for not seeing the irritating adverts every few seconds saying "have a few quid on this scenario... but only if you can afford it like" but if you're still going to be seeing betting adverts everywhere anyway it doesn't seem like it'd make a huge dent in the problem.
  3. At least at the Lane they won't be able to ruin the pitch ahead of the next game if the retractable pitch works
  4. Every now and then in the background during Skys NFL coverage last night you'd see people with forks and stuff on the pitch but there was no way the pitch was going to be in good playable condition for tonight. Not going to be a great footballing game tonight you'd think.
  5. They'd be mad not to throw the lorry of cash at him though wouldn't they? You've got a high profile controversial person from a rival who's been very successful running a franchise which has a similar element of "group of arseholes come together to save the day". Add in the talk that big Dave is considering joining him on jumping ship and the odds of them having a hit have gone up. Given SS didn't do too bad and was generally slaughtered by fans and the press one with him at the helm has got to have executives seeing dollar signs right now. It's not like casting Terrence Howard in a film because Marvel let him go after Iron Man so they could stick it to them and say they had a Marvel superstar.
  6. It was kind of predictable that if the referee finally gave one of those penalty shouts they would miss it in spectacular fashion. They failed to disappoint.
  7. I'm really enjoying it and seem to have adapted a lot from playing Returns as my timing and performance actually playing the game has actually been pretty good so I've not really watched too many CPU matches but the couple I have I've enjoyed too. It's a refined taste as a game so understand why people don't enjoy it as it really isn't for everyone. So far though money well spent and looking forward to fiddling around and playing with the edit features a bit. A little over daunting at first but it'll all make sense with a bit of practice. I created a thrown together orc barbarian type character as a "fiddle around and see what I can do" and wanted him to be relentless and watched him in brawl against Jimmy Havoc and the logic worked reasonably well for what I was after as he went in relentlessly and almost instantly went for his finisher but then blew up relatively quickly which is the sort of thing I was aiming for. Put me down for another one looking forward to Skummys World of Sport series!
  8. Judging by the way they're hyping, Disney already tried the "regular guy who likes guys" thing in Beauty and the Beast and it was far too subtle to the extent they're not counting him as a gay character any more. There is a bit of the same complaints that the Scarlett Johansson film that had to be scrapped had relating to "it should be an actual gay person playing the part" but I am with you that I'm more worried about his description which reeks of homosexual caricature, given subtlety and nuance aren't particularly Whitehalls strengths that's a bit worrying
  9. FINALLY! About time Spurs did something during this window!
  10. Sadly it's one of the quest lines that was left incomplete and not implemented as well as planned. Apparently was going to be a lot more fluid and ongoing with proper events but changes were made so it's a little half arsed in some respects. Would've been very interesting to see with the full plans, especially as it was one of the hangovers from the Song of Ice and Fire stage of the games development.
  11. I for one can't wait for the media to roll out this at every opportunity should that happen.
  12. I'd like to see the lack of action there as a "ffs Neymar" from the officials.
  13. I've not particularly thought of this one on paper as being particularly troublesome to watch from the perspective of my colourblindness but anything that makes it easier is a good thing in my book. There are usually about a dozen games on during the course of the league season that end up unwatchable due to unforseen kit clashes so any concession made to make it easier visually I'm happy with. Even if I'm of the "it's to flog the alternative kits just in case we don't use them" opinion at least it makes it an easy game to watch for me.
  14. Like video games you get cheap and crappy licenses based on the fact you know that people will by them, some that are "okay" and some that are real gems. Ultimately it's easier to see based on a particular game you're thinking of rather than trying to go through and list them. Recently Tabletop Gaming magazine did a top 150 games list based on audience votes and a few licensed games made the list. Dinosaur Island (as close to a Jurassic Park game as you'll get so I'll include it should you see it somewhere) Firefly : The Game Star Wars : Imperial Assault (miniatures game with lots of expansions so beware plastic crack problem) Lord of the Rings The Card Game (living card game so lots of expansions and so on again) Legendary Deck Building Game - Comes in Marvel which is the main game, as well as Aliens, Predator, Buffy and probably a couple more I've not come across yet. Fury of Dracula War of the Ring Star Wars : Rebellion Battlestar Galactica : the board game X Wing Miniatures game (as said above, beware the plastic crack as some great models (and prepainted which cuts some of the work) A Game of Thrones - The Board Game You'll also get variants of popular board games like Catan, Munchkin, Carcassone, Love Letter and family favourites like Monopoly that if you like the original and don't happen to have it I'm sure will be reasonable enough fun. Some do add different mechanics which can be interesting even if you have the original but that's something that will vary from person to person. I mean, it was a fan vote list so I accept fanboy votes could account for some of it but I've heard good things about them and enjoyed the ones I've played (Fury of Dracula, X Wing, AGoT, WoTR and Dinosaur Island). I've also got Ghostbusters, which we enjoy playing every now and then and plan on getting the second game.
  15. Rehearsal schedule is meaning that I'm not able to follow most of the evening kick offs for the next week then into a two week run which'll mean sitting in a quiet corner of the dressing room and hoping not to miss an entrance watching on the phone. For England games we're quite lucky but I couldn't help noticing we're on stage during the Belgium game. Hoping that one'll be a dull 0-0 with very few efforts because the pub across the road could be quite lively. At least we're done when we get to the knock out stages so I can sit back and enjoy it all.

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