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  1. lanky316

    The Ashes

    Apparently out of the next one as well I heard? Amazing innings to come back after that yesterday.
  2. Walker-Peters was hopelessly exposed all evening but got away with it in the end and despite being outplayed completely coming away with a point was a great result for Spurs. If Pep was angry about VAR after running riot his post match interview should be hilarious at least!
  3. lanky316

    The Ashes

    We finally found a way to stop Smith then...
  4. Also it means when playing on classic mode, when you screw up it means you have plenty of reserves
  5. I pretty much used my renown points to boost supports for my "Claude and Raphaels Harem Comedy" run and got people like Bernie and Petra to ask to join in the first month. I think it'll help make interesting builds as well by pumping levels into skills people struggle with and then boosting them at the start of another run through. Due to how unique all the characters are with their own personalities and agendas even the first part feels different since the interactions and discussions are slightly different even around the same basic story beats. I've not finished my second run through yet but I'm about two thirds in, again it shares some story beats but again due to the house leaders agenda it feels different and there has been story changes as I've worked through too I suspect as I come to the conclusion it'll veer off a bit more. As discussed above as well the epilogues will change depending on things that have happened and support ratings.
  6. I've not had too many characters that don't have something about them that makes them likeable or interesting. It's a really good cast of characters and all of them feel unique in their own ways which in a cast of about 30 people you're interacting with a lot is quite an achievement. That through the support stuff they're reacting with each other as well means so many stories, it's going to take a few hundred play throughs to see ALL of them!
  7. I did it in about 40 my first play through but I also didn't really do that much extra and was largely just through the main story, felt I missed a lot but the game was more than good enough I have no problem replaying it and having a longer and more in depth play throughs to see the different angles that play out across the paths.
  8. This leads to my plan for my run through once I've done all the paths... I think it might just break the game though
  9. So I finished Fire Emblem already. What a great game and loved the story. Already starting a new game to play through as a different house because I'm so hooked!
  10. Was invited to go out and play Uboot today with mates. Co-op app driven game and had great fun. I was navigation officer which meant plotting courses and working out intercept routes. Managed to take down three merchant ships and escape from an escort when we raided a convoy. Was great fun and probably looking at a longer campaign with the crew since we worked pretty well together.
  11. Confirmation, it seems they stay around the monastery early on but they disappear from the face of the earth after Rukis events happen and do permanently die from then on. Unless there are some strong necromancers I am yet to discover...
  12. I decided to go straight in with classic and joined the Black Eagles (I can't stop laughing at Bernie and curious to know Huberts story as seemed interesting) and managed to lose two members quite early on, then I remembered Divine Pulse and haven't lost anyone since. It's still tense but coping okay with it so far. At least my fallen members still loiter around the monastery so I can still see them and be reminded of my failures!
  13. Paradox make incredible games but you have to be patient and constantly learning. HOI3 has been my main one at the moment (looks like my PC wouldn't run 4) and so far three very different games with a lot to learn. Part of it is my "learn and work your way up to bigger nations and challenges" philosophy which is probably more unforgiving. First game as Poland I thought I'd save my arse by joining the Axis, then realised the issues around the "Neutrality" mechanic which meant I'd built up a lot of good will with Germany, before being unable to join the Axis, war were declared 1st September and I was down to partizans until the end of the game by the end of the month. Historically accurate at least! Second time played through as Greece. Better grip of some of the mechanics and focused tech on infantry and developing an army. Joined the allies by '38 and had a decent infantry force as well as land forts on my borders that were well defended. War started and nobody except Italy in the Axis on my borders so managed to take Albania and get some units in to defend it so a promising start. Bulgaria joined the Axis and started to mobilise for war so took advantage of my preparations to quickly take Sofia and install a puppet government there and start preparing for attacks from the north. Britain loses Africa and the middle east quickly to the Italians though and I concede Crete to them to focus on the home front. 1942 and Romania and Hungary join the axis and I'm woefully unprepared for the panzer divisions to come from north due to crippling infantry specialisation and a lack of specific anti tank units and I'm pretty much out of the game. Partizans retook Crete in about 1944 and an American force push the Germans out of Greece (but don't reinstall my government!) and my troops are able to take back part of Bulgaria before the Soviet surrender and are in turn pushed out. A crushing Axis victory but had more involvement. Current game Argentina and I'm part of the Axis this time. Cut off supplies to the Falklands and reclaimed them as is my patriotic duty as well as South Georgia so the allies don't have much access to me now and I've got a fairly good navy blocking the straight to prevent an Australia/New Zealand raid from that way while amassing my troops near Santiago for a quick strike to Chile and similar with my borders that aren't Brazil ready to hit hard when the US join the war since they have guarantees on all of South America and don't want them being able to focus on me. I'm reasonably well prepared to defend myself and hit hard. My tech decisions haven't been great, some tank research when most of the continent is mountains and jungles was fairly poor forsight but I have a couple of divisions ready to storm the plains and give some mobility for the inevitable attacks. Also spent too much time trying to improve my navy, not thinking through that just because I've researched better battleship hulls my old ships aren't going to magically get them. A lack of sea lane defences mean that I'm also struggling with resources as my convoys to and from Europe are mysteriously being sunk. It looks okay at the moment but think after the Japanese attack the US it could go very badly for me. My earlier forays into EU and CK were similar and it takes a bit of time to pick it all up and even then I'll still make stupid mistakes like declaring war without thinking through alliances and other situations I may find myself in. Great games but a lot of work and patience needed to get the most out of them. Although shambolic situations can be just as enjoyable.
  14. Was anyone able to explain how they did it? Tunisia decided not to change him for the Ghana corner, the ball was half cleared and he saved a shot from the edge of the box... Then he went off after a bit of an argument. The ball didn't seem to go out of play and when play resumed the sub goalkeeper was just dribbling the ball out and the ref blew the final whistle. All seemed a bit strange and the commentator didn't seem to notice. I'm prepared to accept that I'd missed something but it was all a bit strange watching it live.
  15. lanky316

    The Ashes

    Afghan captain may have just cost them a massive game here, beuing cricket you'd think money had changed hands...
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