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  1. There was that incident in Hartlepool too, better to ban it in everywhere north of Exeter just to be safe.
  2. This was always going to happen once we talked of walking out sadly. Obvious group of Neo-Nazis who only turned up to hurl abuse and just be total shitbags of human beings. Large group of them left at half time so hopefully the game can finish normally.
  3. They'll both be a bit rustier. Meeting each other you'd expect them to pick their best 15s and try to get momentum out of the game. They'll have more rest but think it could hit them when it comes to the QF matches and struggle. We'll see what way it all swings.
  4. With this being free decided to to pick it up and giving it a go. Decided to play a career as a pitcher since that meant only having to focus on one area of the game. I far prefer playing with a meter to the box as I can see it a lot easier and it makes the screen less busy to me. Ready to up difficulty I think as playing on rookie mode I've now been able to go straight from AA league to the majors after being drafted by the Athletics (is that good?) and a couple of shut outs so far. Pretty enjoyable game though for something different from a football or NFL game which is pretty much the only sport titles I've played in recent years.
  5. Optimistic. He probably won't be on the team bus after this!
  6. I was in Cologne... Finally Spurs fans who can say they've had a more miserable experience on a European night.
  7. Didn't they start even worse last time? I can't remember now, that said it could be one of those ridiculous finishes.
  8. How the fuck could the linesman possibly flag for offside there when the United defender runs past him after the ball has been played? So glad the referee didn't blow early and cost them a good goal there. Yeah Arsenal losing s always funny but at least let it be due to ineptitude rather than cheating officials.
  9. Frankly I'd think a thirty second or so soundbite of Bring Me The Horizon and Daniel Filth Esquire is more than enough.
  10. lanky316

    NFL 2019

    Thanks for that, yeah it was the guy I saw but hadn't seen the actual incident. No place for that in any sport and rightfully gone from the sport. McMahon on the phone already?
  11. lanky316

    NFL 2019

    I missed what actually happened, I'm assuming this is the one who was running off the pitch laughing after being sent off yesterday? If so, surprisingly quick action from a sports governing body for once!
  12. He boiled "Another Brick In The Wall part 2" down to "high school is so booooring" and it slips downhill from there.
  13. It should be the main story at the moment but because it wasn't a huge club it's a little shunted out of the general coverage. Even Sky Sports News having to fill time desperately haven't really been all over it which you'd think they should be. It's absolutely unbelievable that it's happened. We'll get the stories like "(insert big club player here) spotted leaving nightclub after clubs defeat!" and we know that they'll be out and having a few drinks or whatever but for something so ridiculously off the rails to come of it you'd think it'd be THE sports story right now.
  14. Oooh, that's interesting to know. Lots of little things like that if you explore enough by the looks of it.
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