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  1. Sony Megathread

    If we didn't have demo disks we'd never have got the WW1 themed Sensible Soccer, that alone should be enough reason for people to still do them. I would love if more companies released demos and little side content like that to get a feel for the game. Doesn't need to necessarily be anything story based, something to get used to how it runs ,controls and the theme of the game is all I ask.
  2. Premier League 2017/18

    Anticipated City winning the title this weekend a few weeks ago but thought it would be a win at Wembley that did it not United getting turned over at home to West Brom...
  3. Premier League 2017/18

    How the hell could a referee lose the plot in something as easy to referee as that game had been? I think it must be part of their job description to "make things as ridiculous as possible" and he realised he only had stoppage time left to earn his bonus as it started with him stopping a Southampton counter and ended with a couple of avoidable red cards. One of them I'm completely bemused by and can't rationalise any reason for...
  4. Premier League 2017/18

    The other half is going and on her four visits so far have all been 2-0 wins... I think she could be about to get a reality check
  5. Board Game thread

    For co-op Matt Leacock is one of the best designers and you can't go wrong with the Forbidden games (Island and Desert with Sky coming soon) and Pandemic, he did make a thunderbirds one too but I've never played that. You've also got the Ghostbusters board games, I've only played the first one but we've enjoyed that one by replaying campaigns as well as making up different scenarios. One we quite enjoy playing is Legendary, I've only got the Marvel one and one of the expansions but standard deck building game, work together to defeat a supervillain before it's too late. There is an Alien one I know of but we've not played that one yet. I've also got XCom, it's as hard as you'd expect the game to be As an entry point I'd recommend Forbidden Island as it's relatively straight forward (steal the treasure before the island sinks), easy to learn but hard to master so to speak. Bit easier than Pandemic or Forbidden Desert but still plenty of a challenge in an easy to carry little tin.
  6. I can confirm he's showing as a member of CHAOS when you go to stables on your home screen in game, however when you actually click on members on the stables screen he's not there due to not being a member of the roster. I've also checked in to the out of game editor and he's not showing as a member there so what you're seeing is right. Can't figure out where he would have the setting to have him still showing on that in game screen. I'm going to need to have a play around to try and figure out how you've got that showing there.
  7. Premier League 2017/18

    Deliberate handball taking it away from the opponent has to be a yellow card but the referee isn't going to make that decision, especially against certain clubs. Maybe the next infringement would have seen him in trouble but he made sure Liverpool could make the change so he wouldn't need to risk doing something. The standard of officiating just keeps getting worse and worse. Does mean an interesting last quarter of an hour with it being a bit more open now.
  8. Premier League 2017/18

    looking slightly better now. Got something to hold on to after a clumsy challenge.
  9. Sky Bet EFL 2017/18

    Stuart Attwell has lost the plot in the Middlesbrough/Wolves game. Wolves have started to lose their heads due to a couple of "odd" decisions but he's reaching the stage where you wonder if there's been money on this.
  10. General Movie Thread

    I didn't think so particularly... It's not exactly a normal relationship but it doesn't have loads of obsessive stalkery elements in it like the book does.
  11. Sky Bet EFL 2017/18

    Stevenage have just taken on his old assistant Dino Maamria as manager. Another return to Broadhall Way perhaps...
  12. Premier League 2017/18

    Anything that happens won't have action taken until next season most likely, I fully expect West Ham to end up just about surviving by a couple of points and starting next season with a points deduction and someone else gets Sheffield United-ed . If this was the first occasion this season MAYBE just a fine but there have now been multiple games this season with crowd trouble and seemingly little changes made, the policing/stewarding yesterday was a joke and I'm not entirely sure why the referee left the players on the pitch, especially after the Noble incident.
  13. Glad to see the love for Son in here, taken Mrs Lanky to Wembley twice this season and all the qualities mentioned here have made him instantly her favourite player, the interview with him in tears on social media this morning has upset her more than a sports person ever could I think. I like watching anyone who has that sort of ethic, works their arse off, has a lot of skill and seems to enjoy playing every week. It sort of goes with the teams I like to watch, so while I don't really have a soft spot for either side I quite enjoy watching Man City or Liverpool at the moment. Liverpool get the bonus points for their defense being potentially shaky meaning that the chance of West Brom causing a potential upset adds a little more excitement, not that it happens too often but there's usually entertainment to be had this season.
  14. General Gaming Thread

    They're given an electric shock and pushed aside just before hit hits them
  15. PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

    Could they borrow one from the Swiss?