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  1. lanky316

    NFL 2019

    Thought that two point conversion attempt would bite them in the arse in the end. Then thought they'd scored too soon. A lot of issues with the Saints in that one.
  2. On that note, they're also constantly adding new bits and pieces to the game overall, as an example the next DLC includes two new factions who play in unique ways (plus the aforementioned Joan of Arc expy for free) and there are some new provinces as they enhance the map. The city of Nagashizzar appearing has me veeery interested in future options!
  3. ^ this. Put it into words better than I was able to. The game gives you a guide to each race so you can get a feel for them without jumping in or necessarily knowing them. All the factions play slightly differently as well to add even more variety. Your legendary lord will sort of dictate how that plays. For example if we take dwarfs, if you're Thorgrim Grudgebearer you're able to have better relations with the various other dwarf factions and military buildings are cheaper and if you take Ungrim Ironfist you have stronger and more experienced Slayers the selection screen explains all that for you and with a guide to how they play. You can also get information on any units in more detail by right clicking on the unit card if there's anything you don't know.
  4. Late to the party on this one but the recent new laptop being better able to play "current" games I've picked up the two Warhammer Total War games, the Mortal Empires combination of all the factions from both games is amazing and I think, it's probably my favourite TW game to date. Really well made fantasy game alongside the standard qualities of the Total War series.
  5. Dele Alli with a ridiculous goal means that a bad first half performance goes unpunished.
  6. Well... I'm almost pining for dull negative Mourinho ball!
  7. I understand a lack of awareness of the opposition players but is it common to regular shout "black boy" at non-league grounds? I always remember "you're shit seven!" but not so much ethnicity, of course it could just be "Essex" and the Beeb catching idiots in the tiny crowd?
  8. Poch to be announced at about 7 o'clock then?
  9. Untitled Goose Game Fire Emblem's bloody good too.
  10. Poch is going to be pretty busy next week potentially...
  11. Spurs making tactical changes before things go wrong? Spurs leading away from home? He's magic, you know? #enjoythehoneymoonperiod
  12. Anyone paraphrasing Dr Ian Malcolm is alright in my book.
  13. lanky316

    NFL 2019

    Carlisle Lloyd sounds like a nickname from that guy in the village who's from "up north somewhere" but nobody talks to him because he's a weird 'un.
  14. So, my first FM since 11 and got the sack before November from Chelmsford City! I'm struggling to tell if it was an issue with players and getting the most out of them but everything a bit overwhelming and with predictable results. It's a shame because BBC Essex loved me.
  15. I see a lot of rage at Levy and stuff but... Overall it was Poch who was screwing things up. I can't believe anyone watching a game hasn't spotted issues and seen something needs changing approximately 10 minutes before it cost Spurs the game. I'm a big fan of Trips and miss him at the club... but Aurier was playing a lot last year in a rotation with Trips anyway so ultimately there have been no losses in personnel on the field and with some misfortune with new players being injured should not be suddenly worse than teams like Newcastle, Bournemouth, Burnley and so on. I like Poch, but the Champions League papered over some big problems (and dodgy handball aside, the final showed where the problems were as well, the team not playing like they were 1-0 down until late in the second half, dropping players in great form and so on) and this year they seem to have been magnified, Champions League qualification with this set up should be a minimum and it looks like that's already gone, how much longer could the club leave it? I liked Poch but found myself getting more frustrated with how things are at the club and his management. On the other hand, I've always been a big fan of Jose, I love the free flowing attacking style and his man management is second to none. He's wonderful at moulding young players into superstars and achieves a lot of success by being thrifty with finances and not spending huge amounts of money. His post match press conferences are also full of cool headedness and a lot of wisdom and astute, honest observations.
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