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  1. I've played and generally enjoyed most of them over time but there's always been problems. Things like far too many collectables, repetitive side quests (not an AC problem but gaming one that) and extra things to do which makes burn out a problem with the games. The animus, precursors and all of the modern day stuff is the worst misstep to me. Not only does it over complicate things (I think the assassins/templars never ending war should be enough myself...) but the "run around a location for 10 minutes to read an email or two then go back to the fun story" bits just drag. It's been there since the beginning so I would love to know why they felt the games needed that framing device.
  2. I'd love to know how anyone managed to get through primary school and not know what world war two was. I'm now however quite keen to watch more Palace games just to confirm he regularly appears to give himself a toothbrush 'tache and hold his arm out straight when communicating at all times. Would have thought people would've spotted it before then. It's almost up there with Costa's excuse, only this time somehow the panel agreed with him.
  3. Explains the weird spell at Oldham when he ran away after a handful of games and tried to blame the board at least.
  4. Picked up a Switch and seeing what's available Football Manager for the console. What's it like? I'm not expecting anything as fancy as the latest PC game but is it still a good management game unlike the traditional console management sims?
  5. For bonus hilarity isn't that the first time we see the new look velociraptors with the feathers on the top of their head? Don't get me wrong the others have silly moments (the gymnastics routine for example) but straight away taking a creature you've built up over the last two films and giving it a hilarious WTF moment like that can't have helped.
  6. No, no, no he was apparently calling his own mother a whore. Just a big misunderstanding is all it was.
  7. Consider me hyped, strongly anticipate Taliesin from Critical Role is camping outside the casting directors office as we speak. For bonus hype, with how well Paradox linked all their historical grand strategy games I for one am hoping for a Bloodlines expansion to Crusader Kings. Link in with the way the patrician and societies work it could be possible. It's so unlikely in practice that it should avoid any disappointment. Given how awesome the first one was despite it being a buggy mess though I think this could be amazing.
  8. Worth watching to kill time if there's nothing else you fancy watching I guess. It's not fantastic but it's watchable for when you're bored. Most of the last couple of episodes seem to be about the media handling and moving on to an American agency that find missing children. There is still a bit on possible leads that were ignored earlier in the investigation but it drifts away from the case, I guess that's inevitable when there's no definitive conclusion to be made. To be honest though since the number of people who piped up a few years later and said "I saw this dodgy bloke a few years ago maybe they took her" are probably talking humbug I can understand why they haven't given too much run time on that as the series and investigation moves on.
  9. The bullshit VAR for some rule might well save them here depending on how well Millwall hold their nerves from here.
  10. That's why they always had issues with the specialist games in the past like Blood Bowl, less excuses to get people to spend more money and less opportunity for power creep with the next army book. Generally make good games but some of the business practices have soured them. That and eradicating the Warhammer world completely
  11. Made up for a shit day of football that. Going to be interesting to see developments at Chelsea because Kepa has got quite a bit of a grovelling to do, unless Sarri is now sacked of course following the last part of the Chelsea circus. Theoretically he'll get the Hossam Ghaly treatment but who knows now?
  12. Unless it's a fire giant at least, although I don't know how many of them there are in storm kings thunder though as it's one of the modules I've not got. Looked interesting but not actually got round to picking it up yet.
  13. Can see what you mean about explaining and picking up but I think once we picked up the basics and once we got into the rhythm of counting up the treasures to see where the heroes were raiding it all started to move quite quickly. Granted I suspect mistakes were made at points and I doubt we were making the "best" moves but it seemed to go quite nicely. I don't know how much it'll pop into rotation around other stuff (especially as we've started refining our own fantasy football tabletop game evolving from the "Futbowel" rules) but I think it'll work well for a quick blast around other things. We'll see if anyone suggests a game of Boss Monster any time soon after our initial forays to see how much we'll play going forward but think that people enjoyed the couple of games we played.
  14. Found a nice little bonus in a bag as I was trying to find some manga I'd not got round to reading yet. Turns out I picked up Boss Monster for a tenner a little while ago and had completely forgotten about it. Decent enough for a quick game to play and seemed to go down well. Can see it being added to the list of little options for waiting for people to turn up for other games and during smoke breaks during RPG sessions.
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