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  1. IIRC the last one ended with him going off to give his creators a piece of his mind. From what I've gathered from the trailers is that didn't go too well and he's got to help destroy Earth to bring back Cybertron. I have no idea where the alternative history stuff comes in but I'm sure it'll be explained in a very sensible and "I guess that makes sense..." way.
  2. Hoping Stevenage can build on last year and nudge into the play-offs but I'll be happy again with a safe campaign without too many relegation scares. Easy to forget how much we were punching above our weight with a run on the League One playoffs a few years back and just hope to keep the league status going.
  3. This is one of my favourite pages in any Batman story for just that reason. There's a place for the dark heavy Batman but for so many of us that campy fun Batman IS Batman. The cameo appearences of Tut and Egghead in LEGO Batman made that film for me, in fact that might be the closest to a mainstream revival as we'll get as great as it was to have West back for the animated film last year.
  4. A good selection there, not seen Life or Table 19 but enjoyed the rest. Sadly my quality this weekend is lacking with me catching Baywatch today... Wasn't quite as bad as I anticipated but those were pretty low expectations going in so damned with faint praise there!
  5. Believe it would be a hexalogy, that's usually used for novels I think but guess it would qualify into film as well.
  6. It is the first world war, I wasn't as blown away by it as Jimmy but definitely worth seeing and the film that Wonder Woman needed to be not just for the character but the DCCU in general. I can't really elaborate on what I didn't like too much because it's hard to put my finger on exactly what about the niggles bothered me. If I hadn't spent a bit of the third act struggling to open my eyes due to hay fever hell and been irritated by the girl behind me kicking the back of my seat throughout - or her friend kicking the back of the other halfs head - maybe they wouldn't have bothered me. I'd happily watch it again though.
  7. I'm gutted the sequel never really saw the light of day. There was a rudimentary demo as full of bugs as you'd expect it to but that was as far as it got
  8. Basically the Betty crew = the Serenity crew and Firefly is "the further adventures of Cal, Johner and the rest". As I said, Firefly fans have gone through it in plenty more detail then I am able to.
  9. Bigger Firefly fans then me have have gone in to greater detail then I am able to but essentially while working on Resurrection, Joss Whedon really got into working on the crew of the Betty and while a lot of his content was changed and messed about with due to the wreck of a production the film ended up being (amazingly topping Alien 3s problems) and started thinking of them in their own way eventually leading to Firefly. With time things were changed and obviously it wasn't necessarily in the same "universe" (although some people have kind of put them together, the Weyland Yutani logo pops up but I think that was likely just an easter egg in typical Whedon style) but some parts of the Serenity crew can be seen as expys for the Betty crew in A:R. Most people point to the characters of Cal and Johner from A:R as River and Jayne in Firefly. "Pilot" is a bit strong but it certainly seems to have been Whedons inspiration.
  10. You see the thing I've always liked is that the first four were all different, obviously as a creature feature you know the creature's gonna pop out, deaths ensue, but they always tried to do something different with them. Alien and 3 are probably the most similar but part of that is executive meddling and the "directors cut" tries to expand a bit on that and rectify some of the issues but always an up hill struggle. I do think that the setting and supporting characters do a fair bit to differentiate the two even if the religious cult aspect didn't show too strongly, only the one person worshipping the "demon" and that arc being cut kind of ruins that. Resurrection was the pilot for Firefly so as ridiculous as it is I'll always have a soft spot for it even if it's the stand out weakest of the series to most people.
  11. I'm glad that the last memory of John Terry will be one of spot fixing and Chelsea getting a 10 point deduction
  12. I don't know, I suspect they only wear them once and then steal another pair.
  13. I never found one, my cousin had one for one of the micros but can't remember which one he had. I remember playing Operation Wolf and something else, according to wikipedia the Spectrum port of OW had some sort of light gun support but didn't think they had a Spectrum since he never had any of the big games or shared any of our big collection and sure he'd have borrowed some at one point. That said with such a massive catalogue it's not a huge surprise. We had the best of both worlds growing up due to a Speccy and C64. Naturally the magazines made it a nightmare to decide which versions of games on both were better due to the 8 bit wars. So relieved we left system fanboys in the 80s.
  14. I'd never heard that one, do you have any more on that? The Civil War quest line was always something that felt like it had so much potential, I guess since it isn't the MAIN one they didn't want to play it too much and waste resources elsewhere (given i believe parts of the Thieves Guild were farmed out, explaining the cut scene or two) but it always feels a little "light" overall.
  15. Was it ever confirmed they "miscounted" the vote when the UK public wanted to give 12 points to the sexy milk maids giving it to someone else to save face?