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  1. The defending has been really shocking. Say what you want about the first half but that just isn't good enough from Spurs.
  2. I mean, if we were sure it hit his arm I'd get it but the lack of a freekick for the foul and the deliberate forearm to the face of Son a few minutes later not even being worth a yellow it's a whole bizarre sequence.
  3. God knows how he didn't give any of those corners either. Thank fuck Spurs got away with that one because that second half was beyond shit.
  4. Mission Accomplished. Not sure why Spurs have worked so hard to blow this but job done.
  5. Another of those actors you remember how good they were when people do the little summaries of their career. Was so good.
  6. Spurs trying to force United to score here...
  7. Wonderful, it took them 40 minutes for the most ridiculous footballing things to come back into the game. Never change football, never change.
  8. It's a massive improvement without the artificial crowd. It didn't seem that bad watching La Liga the other day but that was borderline unwatchable.
  9. Untitled Duck Game confirmed as a surprise launch title. Sold.
  10. Heartily recommend Rimworld. Can be expanded to ridiculous levels. Had a scary moment on my colony yesterday when a ship crash landed nearby, went to see if any survivors and found myself being attacked by a group of xenomorphs. Thankfully my colonists survived removing facehuggers or could have been yet another failed colony!
  11. I was resigned to Stevenage being in League Three anyway just end the misery and sod any prolonged suffering please.
  12. lanky316


    London Roleplay For Wrestling as it's often called.
  13. OBJECTION Paul Alcock took a dive after a gentle push and used that to create a diversion for the fact he ignored Keown hitting Di Canio in the mouth. For the topic at hand, I know it's a different type of "bonkers" but THAT QPR/City game belongs in there. You have Barton getting hit and sent off for retaliating and then turning the madness up in desperation to bring some City players off with him. United fans celebrating and then that incredible winner. Deserves a place on a WTF list... Although you could probably do a Barton special.
  14. money, dear boy Let's be honest that's about the only reason people within the game are so desperate to get it all going again despite the potential issues.
  15. Yeah, supposedly to do with bets on his transfer away from Spurs... Which would go beyond breaking betting rules.
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