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  1. Dele Alli, a few little trips and stuff being ignored, you know full well he'll go in for one in that fired up way of his and clatter someone leaving the referee with no option.
  2. Stupid Son there. Don't give them the chance with a stupid challenge. Think Moses goes down before any contact is made but going to be a penalty all day every day lunging like that. Two silly challenges two goals.
  3. Not the start Spurs would have wanted that. Looking shaky at the back in the early minutes of the game.
  4. Was a great player during Villas title chases in the early 90s, was developing into a good coach and was key to how some of those young Spurs players were coming through. By all accounts he was a good bloke off the pitch as well. Really shitty news
  5. Doesn't help when the refereeing expert is the man who had to give someone three yellow cards before sending them off. Just a nice little addition to make BT coverage even shitter.
  6. Especially when even the finisher doesn't do what it says anymore. Half of the big matches you know you're waiting for the third finisher at least.
  7. That's the key, bad films made with the right intentions actually do have some sort of heart to them that can shine through and despite the weak script, shoddy effects or whatever else may be wrong with them they aren't completely soulless and that gives them that thing you're looking for and can make them more watchable. The bigger budget films that fall flat don't necessarily have that and, as an example off the top of my head a half arsed Kevin Hart going through the motions in Central Intelligence and taking the pay check can make them more "meh" and remove that charm. It's why if having this conversation in say five or ten years time, I can see a lot of films that we're calling bad now barely being a footnote but a lovingly made bad film will keep some sort of cult following. Obviously "bad" can be subjective and for every person who uses a hyperbolic "Suicide Squad is the worst film EVER" there will be "actually it wasn't that bad" and people who like it but ultimately it seems to fit the soulless throw it together and end up with something fairly "meh" in further analysis. *films used in this example are off the top of my head which a quick check have low/middling scores on metacritic/rotten tomatoes, don't need to rush to their defence!
  8. A club needs a strong "culture" for that sort of thing to work out really well and even then if it's only short term. Boro got away with it when Westleys experiment at Preston didn't work out because it hadn't been too long out and so a fair chunk of the team remained but as a general "rule" not something that fills me with confidence.
  9. This could be the master plan. Not being in Europe has been a big boon to Liverpool, Leicester and Chelsea in recent years as other teams around them end up playing more midweek ties and (cup runs depending) more matches a year so maybe next year Wenger could see out his contract by being narrowly pipped to the title on the last day without having to worry about European ties.
  10. All of them are good choices. As far as Blood Bowl goes, the board game is one of the best games ever made and well worth a look at and the computer game is a pretty good version that with the exception of a couple of minor tweaks and missing some of the teams/star players recreates it pretty well. I've not really looked into BB2 as I heard they scrapped the single player "campaign mode" which is where the game shines as you build up teams, level them up and so on because they game is really built for "league play". Online it kind of recreates that as you create teams and play games levelling up players and so on but unless you have a good friend circle chances are you'll play a lot with randoms and the console versions allegedly have a big problem with the "my player failed a dodge I shouldn't have made and got a minor injury" rage quitters but having not played 2 or onlinr recently I can't really speak for that still being a problem. If you're curious about the game at all it could be worth checking out which while it doesn't look as good, it is free and is a big part of the community that kept the game alive for the last umpteen years before Games Workshop bought it back just before Christmas. Downside is that there's no single player mode for learning the ropes.
  11. My favourite dog moment is this You just can't beat the commitment and drive to get to the ball there as he just doesn't give up after running the length of the pitch. Shite backpass too, real hospital ball.
  12. They were a great equaliser in the game between France and Spain this week and ensured a fair game as a couple of borderline offside calls swung the opposite way. I'm dreading the first referee to misuse them though as you'll get the boo boys running riot but having to wait 20 seconds to make sure that someone isn't going to lose due to a dubious decision is worth it in my book.
  13. I got a compensation package thing but not my actual rewards. It's a shit as I really needed that gum!
  14. Hopefully comes soon, I needed that gum!
  15. Even more of a mystery when he came back and was still one of the top scorers despite playing for Sunderland.