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  1. I've been a werewolf... I think literally just the moment in the companions questline without an option on that. Sometime I'm going to have to actually find the time to play through and play around with their skill trees though. Don't know why I never really played around with them. Will think about my next playthrough.
  2. It honestly seems that they turned up not knowing the rules fully. I'm reminded of the Zaire free kick incident in a sense. Really weird game that one with a total loss of control.
  3. Nothing wrong with being excited for it at all. It's not ridiculously common but does happen. It's part of that drama of football which is why so many of us love watching the game. Those last second goals are part of the drama and magic. As mentioned above the Champions League semi final between Ajax and Spurs was an incredible moment. I think a lot of people on here would think back to the last game of the season in the 2011/12 season when Manchester City and United were fighting for the title, after 90 minutes of game play Manchester United have won their game and City are losing at home. City score two goals in stoppage time including one with in the dying seconds to win the title. So not only was it the last seconds of the game but it was the last seconds of the whole 38 game season! It's magical moments like this that make the game, so enjoy the moment!
  4. I've seen this and was curious. I think the pitch meeting idea has just sold it to me...
  5. Just looked over their results and they've been in shocking form since last summer, this could be a very painful tournament for them and they had the misfortune of starting against the US which just made things worse. Reached the point of being painful to watch in the end.
  6. Very confused by how much they're going over the penalty in this game, I mean the Liverpool one last week had a little bit of a question mark but most people agreed with the decision but the Scottish handball looked fairly clear cut so to see how much they're harping on about it.
  7. Just not clinical enough in the final third which was the difference in the end. Moura catches that effort properly and maybe a different result but despite controlling the game didn't really look like scoring. Well done Liverpool as they deserved something out of this season and took the chances offered to them. Enjoy the moment guys!
  8. Frustrating penalty in the first few seconds but Spurs have largely controlled the ball but not really shown a lot of urgency with it. Second half could be interesting if Spurs start getting those through balls to Son right but definitely need a spark.
  9. Just checked and it came out 10 years ago, makes it an extra strange remaster since while I enjoyed it enough and it was the best we could hope for in a sequel to the films I think it's moment would have passed. It was pretty much a play through and trade in game and I'm struggling to remember an awful lot of it now. There was a teaser trailer released for Ghostbusters 3 coming in 2020, in which case it seems this is releasing a touch early to ride on those coat tails.
  10. It's "there was a simple misunderstanding and I was more than happy for him not to go off despite how angry I looked when he refused to come off" again. All the media were there watching it unfold and while I'm well aware the media aren't fully reliable, his breakdowns are creeping into one note sitcom character territory where he steps in a puddle and goes into an over the top rage.
  11. Had my D&D stuff "borrowed" by a now former friend several months ago and still not has it returned as they "can't find it" so not been able to do too much but picked up the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book and looking to start running a game. Looks a bit fiddly to set up and get started and think I'll struggle with encounter building due to a lack of familiarity with the mechanics at the moment. Only got one completed character submission so far, a Halfling Grave Robber... It's going to be an interesting campaign I think...
  12. Suarez after 94 minutes written all over this. Ridiculous stuff.
  13. Well... Spurs finding a cunning way of saving themselves for Ajax here...
  14. I think there's still a little bit but it's greatly reduced which is for the better. As an example this topic inspired me to finally play Odyssey earlier and there was a brief bit in the modern day after the tutorial stage but I was back in the animus pretty quickly afterwards. As an example (early game Odyssey spoiler) It's a lot better and what little I have done (literally one brief interruption so far) has been good entertainment and while still a big game does seem to be more "streamlined" around the game and extra bits and bobs. I have however been resisting the "there's a location let's investigate and do the objectives!" temptation which has helped, Now I'm just annoyed by the fact the Oracle of Delphi theatre seems to be about 100 feet away from where my memories suggest it should be (recent memories, I'm not suffering a bleeding effect from great, great x howevermany grandmother Kassandra on my brain)
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