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  1. So, PokéMOBA. To be fair, is it basically the only genre they haven't done, right?
  2. The Alola islands and pokémon designs were tremendous, as was the music. I found the gyms were still there, just with different names (kahunas instead of leaders). It really wasn't that big of a change. The Rotomdex was also an excellent idea. Highly recommend Sword/Shield simply for the experience of running around an open-world. The graphics are genuinely amazing at times, but again, the game is a very SMALL sandbox and didn't live up to the hype. Let's Go was a chore. Graphics were lovely, but it was a very simple game meant for the youngest fans. Would have really appreciated a difficulty option, they could have thrown in a veteran's mode and I'd have guzzled it down.
  3. I love these games, but I've kind of gone off them. I'm one of those weirdos who transferred his beasties all the way through from every generation and usually only use pokémon new to the series for new games with a living pokédex and all variations of each pokémon (except that damn pokéball Vivillon). Pretty sure I pre-ordered Isle of Armour, and haven't even turned my Switch on to check. I'm aware there's new pokémon and new variations (Slowpoke), but...I just don't care? Anyone else in the same boat? I have been begging for a new Pokémon Snap game since probably 2001, but it feels a bit redundant now when you can just run around Pokémon Sword/Shield and take photos all the time. Tried watching the new anime over on Pokéflix...just find it boring, repetitive. Highly recommend the XY anime, my friend got me watching it and it feels like an actual TV show with genuinely likeable characters that just happens to be a pokémon anime as well. And for the first time in maybe four years, Pokémon Go hasn't been opened for several days. I reached Level 40 about two months ago and raid battles don't really interest me, so why am I still playing at all? My Giovanni battled glitched out five times and froze the battle screen. That's literally the only challenge I have left and I can't be bothered finding him again just for the game to crash. But I have that annoying part of me that's built up over the past four years saying "you need to complete that". I've thought about breeding and training for competitive battling, but that's a lot of hours I really don't have. I suppose I should give the DLC a shot and see how I feel.
  4. PromWars is how I then discovered EW, and this forum. I think it was the ancient board just before it moved to the more modern board. I still kind of miss the old style. I definitely miss the orange skin.
  5. I'm thinking of a very specific period of my life. 1. Halo 2. It became my social life away from school in my late teens and when I started college. I have friends to this day who I have met at festivals and whatnot. I even banged one for a few months. Then about ten years later had a brief relationship with her sister. I mean...that's pretty much the most a game has affected my real life. I would also say I was one of Europe's better players at one point. When you know a game so inside and out you begin to play with just grenades, or just melee attacks, to try to make it harder. 2. Extreme Warfare Revenge. This one kind of explains itself. From being part of this community, to making graphic packs and I believe the first data pack for TEW back in the day, it's in total consumed a lot of my time. I played EWR for so many hours. 3. Pokémon Sapphire. I remember playing this before it came out in Europe and was blown away. I had kind of lost interest in Pokémon since the anime was dragging on and I found Gold/Silver to be relatively disappointing compared to Blue/Red. But when I played Sapphire, it was so fresh and the meta-game took me a long time to understand. To this day I've played through every generation, and currently have a "living Pokédex" with every Pokémon. I am also level 40 (max) on Pokémon Go by playing a little bit each day and sometimes having a Go day. It's immediately satisfying meeting someone who is also into the games. I have considered even recently about entering tournaments. 4. Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic. Taking a franchise I had become disinterested in and breathing life into it with a fantastic story and quite frankly, better characters than the original trilogy. This also got me more interested in Western RPGs after being put off by JRPGs for years due to their grinding gameplay. I was going to say Mass Effect, but without KOTOR, I would never have played Jade Empire, Mass Effect or Dragon Age - which are some of my favourite games - if I had never picked up KOTOR in a game shop one day. I hadn't even heard of it. KOTORII was out because I almost bought KOTORII before I spotted KOTOR. Knowing I could go back to the shop and immediately buy the sequel was a rush! Shame it wasn't as good. 5. Football Manager. I'm not picking a year, but some of you may remember I used to update the game data to give the game a more 'real world' feel. I took over the project and massively expanded it to include all competitions and clubs. I remember sitting at my PC for days, going from bed, to PC, to bed working on researching and it made such a huge difference when playing the game. I enjoyed it, but it burnt me out. I lost my enthusiasm to continue the update when I decided I was spending far too much of my time playing FM. https://sortitoutsi.net/ipb-archive/topic/42781/fm10-susie-real-names-&-competition-lnc-fix-beta I don't even remember making these posts on Susie. But it's definitely me. I must have been exhausted. I considered applying to work for SI at one point. 😂 So yeah, definitely life-changing games.
  6. I had not! Hopeful, but getting Spore vibes.
  7. I've been playing the most random stuff lately. Curiosities to pass the time, or revisits. Civilization V (complete) on PC: I have yet to play the new games, but this series is still lacking a true world feel. It still feel arcadey and mostly fictional, but throwing in so many real elements it becomes bothersome. Tried playing a huge real globe based game as Venice (not knowing I can't settle new cities) and ended up taking over a good chunk of the world through warfare, espionage and mercantilism. Was definitely a unique way to play the game. I think I've ended my interest in Civilization games unless they completely change the details of trade deals and alliances, it seems all too easy to fuck up stuff without any way of saying "no game, you're an idiot". Europa Universalis IV is on my list, so maybe one day soon. Also, still having mods that crash the game? Fuck's sake. Full Auto (360). I enjoyed the demo for this ages ago, so played the actual game for a bit. Shallow combat racing with none of the fun of a kart racer. The loading is meh, and the fact lots of the game is locked to begin with is a chore. I felt like I lost interest before I even got to the interesting game modes, weapons, vehicles, etc. I'll give Full Auto 2 a look at some point. I just have the feeling this is a crap version of Burnout...just give me Burnout. Peggle (360). Ever play a game and it feels like the first time, but after about 20 minutes the tiniest shard of a memory blossoms forth into actual memory of doing this same thing before? I have no idea where I played it, but yeah...finished it. Fun, relaxing but not really my thing. I prefer stuff like DX Ball or Puyo Puyo. House of the Dead (PC). I just realised this is abandonware apparently? Downloaded it and had a genuinely exciting arcade experience within seconds, half-baked with nostalgia and wondering why the entire HotD series hasn't been remade or updated. I guess Sega doesn't like money anymore. Definitely download and play this today, even for 15 minutes and you'll know what I mean. It also dawned on me that some of the enemies might have inspired the Valve team making Half-Life, although undead and occult enemies are obviously a horror trope no matter the case. Decided to play through my physical gaming backlog and offload everything. Steam and a Pi machine will keep me happy and able to move around a lot easier.
  8. This song is usually what I reply with when people ask for my favourite. It just gets more relevant the older I get. I once did vocals for a band and suggested doing this song - the drummer promptly quit the band. And yes, it's 18 minutes long. EDIT: A new version! Interesting, but easy to drown out the orchestra.
  9. Nice to see MC Escher branching out into fashion. Weird thing just popped into my head; now is probably the ONLY chance to buy XFL shirts/jerseys/whatever before it implodes into nothingness again. Seattle Dragons, fuck yeah.
  10. There's no one to promote at the moment, since the teams who might gain promotion don't have league licenses (because they don't know if/when they will be promoted). So if they were to relegate Brechin now, they wouldn't be able to guarantee a replacement team next season. That's what I think the reason is, I don't know for sure. I have a soft spot for Accies since I lived almost next door to the stadium for three years. The Motherwell/Hamilton derby is always interesting to me, I'm from Bellshill originally. Speaking of which, I totally forgot something! The West of Scotland League has been restructured so that a lot of junior clubs will now join the ranks. This is something I've been hoping for also for about 20 years. This is the sort of shit that makes me want to buy the next Football Manager games. M'on the Hill!
  11. Quoted for emphasis. Heartbroken for my Partick friends. I don't think they would have ended up relegated under normal circumstances this season. Interesting how the opening of the pyramid has allowed teams like Cove and Edinburgh to rise quickly, been saying this needed to happen for about 20 years so it's good to see the system working at least. No teams hugging the bottom of the table of the fourth-tier forever. Wouldn't mind seeing the Prem expand to 16 teams in a few years and have no table split. If folk insist on a money-spinning finale to the season where Rangers and Celtic play some more why not do a 4-team championship play-off. I think it would be instantly more interesting. The SWPL has suspended all games just as the season was beginning, so I have no idea what's going to happen in terms of qualification for Europe. Glasgow City will likely just be selected to represent Scotland next year but who knows what kinds of talks will need to take place for that to happen. They are still active in the Champions League and were supposed to face Wolfsburg in the quarter finals, but obviously it's all been postponed.
  12. Vince McMahon must be having an absolute meltdown. The worst ever.
  13. This doesn't seem possible, at all. Even if things turn around very quickly. Which they aren't. The promoters must realise it's lip service?
  14. I was never an Arsenal fan, but I loved watching Bergkamp. You never knew when he would sprinkle some magic in, even when he was getting on in years. I watched Arteta for similar reasons, but he could never exceed the bar set by Bergkamp. Speaking of Le Tissier, I'm pretty sure if he came along today he would be ineligible to play for England due to the 5-years schooling Home Nations rule. Or he has English family and it's a non-issue. It's a shame he was never motivated to play better overall, his ball control and spacial awareness was world class. Some of those goals look like he's trying stuff for fun. I would have enjoyed seeing him play more for England. Not sure if this is a commonly known thing, but Copa90 have a series dedicated to showcasing random displays of sliced gold. As for my personal favourite for most technically masterful? The perfect blend of power, precision and could probably play anywhere on the park. He seems to have a control over the ball at 100mph even after it leaves his foot. Childhood idol and it has never changed. Watching this now was mindblowing all over again. Jorge Albertz, Didi Hamann and others were players I admired for their immense power, especially for free kicks, but Roberto Carlos is the first I saw so crazy things like this.
  15. Heard bottles were thrown (plastic, thankfully) as the England team arrives outside. Neil Craig (no relation) got smacked by one but didn't need treatment. There was supposed to be "Brexit" protests but I can't say I paid enough attention to notice, it's not really the right place since it has literally nothing to do with rugby. If anything, rugby is one of the few things that brings us together. The shouting, whistling and booing during the kicking was kind of expected though, it's the Calcutta Cup after all, people were complaining about this on Twitter but Twitter is fuelled by politics at the moment. Scotland fans also tweeted abuse towards the French ref, which baffles me, I thought the ref did a good job. They should investigate though, no one should be getting missiled. Might have to increase security and have the SRU pay for it, and actually prosecute folk caught on camera.
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