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  1. MY BODY IS READY. Gonna use 3366 for trading code.
  2. Personally, my most hated generation in terms of Pokémon designs. Most of them are just bland, uncreative or uninteresting. There are definitely some gems in there, but I won't spoil anything. It is nice to see a kind of North America in a Pokémon game. Deal! I have a bunch of stuff I don't want, like Feebas with a Prism Scale, Sneasel with Razor Claw, Onix with Metal Coat, etc. Kind of weird how they allowed certain trade evolutions appear in the wild but some others they didn't. I have bred enough Milcery to get all the Alcremie variants, but I'll probably die of natural causes before I can be bothered harvesting sweets from the cafes each day so that's my new challenge I guess, until Pokémon Home launches.
  3. So I played the heck out of Shield and got quite bored after becoming champion and filling as much of the Dex as I could at the time (weather variables are a pain) and lost interest. Gonna try to finish off the Dex. Feel free to add me: SW-5269-2572-4995 Would appreciate a trade of any of these beasties, or be damned to wonder trade forever: Flapple Stonjourner Arctozolt Arctovish Zacian The lack of a GTS is very meh so far, but I assume Pokémon Home will take over this role when it comes in February. I'm on the fence about the DLC. Hoping it's aimed at more advanced players, because this has probably been the easiest game in the entire series, which is saying something.
  4. Recent examples: Stating they had the best team in the world. And the second best team in the world. They also sent staff to scout a hotel for the final, during an England training session at the hotel, which is probably just a coincidence, but they way they handled it reeked of arrogance. I guess the media outlets in each country are biased as well though.
  5. He can have it, I'm on the Bucky (produce of England)! Wahey! But seriously, fucking hell. Where's Delia Smith when you need her? LET'S BE HAVIN' YOU!! This is a great game for the neutrals so far, too, which is what this tournament needs after all the farces.
  6. Never thought I'd see the day, but fuck this American side. Arrogance is not confidence. COME ON ENGERLAND, COME ON!
  7. I still can't get over the retaking of Argentina's penalty against Scotland. I can't think of any penalty ever saved where the keeper doesn't move off the line to a more natural position when the penalty taker makes their run up. A step or a hop forward is normal to cover the goal otherwise you're potentially diving into the goalposts. I am still annoyed. It wasn't even clear from the VAR if it was a penalty to begin with (I'd have given it, to be honest). I'm just a bitter man now. 😄 Anyways, I need to pick a new team now. C'mon Netherlands?
  8. Just get Lewis Capaldi pished and send him over with a few elastic bands and a stompbox. We'll smash it. I ended up heading to a friend's party and got drunk as balls, so I stopped posting. Unsurprisingly, I loved Iceland's act. Thought Australia would win, or maybe Sweden, but I have no idea how Netherlands won. Just goes to show Europe has weird tastes. The UK entry was dire, it was probably the most boring act of all. Shame.
  9. I have a severe phobia of falling from a great height (not a fear of heights weirdly), so I'm a big nope. I didn't even make it through the first minute of the trailer without having to look away. Looks interesting though. 😩
  10. I can see the Czechs winning, or that disgustingly sweet song from Denmark. Sweden's is probably the best actual song so far. The Slovenia song was genuinely creepy. It was like watching two cousins touch each other up. I felt dirty.
  11. Wait a second. Finland, heroes of Eurovision, recruited legendary DARUDE, and didn't even qualify? I quite liked Poland's which never got through, it had a bit of attitude about it, and actually loved Latvia's song which never went through either. Romania is worth a listen too. The rest were okay to bad, but really no absolutely bad songs going out in the semis. The final should be interesting!
  12. This is like saying alt-history authors who had the axis powers win WWII are obviously racist/antisemitic/fascist/nazi, since that's the story they chose to tell.
  13. I voted for an independent Scotland so we could win Eurovision, damn it! Also, not seen any of the build-up until now, so this should be fun! Iceland all the way!
  14. Note: I actually wrote this the other day, but didn't want to post it because I felt like I was just complaining for no reason. In summary, I just feel like there's a lot of holes in the plot this season which I hope is intentional. Either way, I'm not trying to be negative, there's just a lot bothering me and I felt the need to write it down. Been watching week to week for season eight and things aren't having the impact on me that I expected them to. I'm obviously not the only one. I'm still invested of course, but things just feel oddly flat.
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