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  1. I thought that was great fun. Like a Star Wars western. New episodes will be out every Friday, including this one.
  2. Finally bought Spider-Man. I am terrible at it. Hopefully this won't ruin my enjoyment. Christ though, I'm awful.
  3. No longer a donator, probably until payday. Non-donator EWB is weird and scary to me.

    1. Sousa


      Welcome to the sewer, Al.

    2. The Handsome Luchadore

      The Handsome Luchadore

      Now I"m gonna talk about you in the non-existent secret section for non-proles.



      I will do no such thing, you're good peoples.


    3. TheFutureKeithExperience


      Yeah in non-donator EWB, Future Keith is only Present Keith. 

  4. 2 is the best of the PS3-era games, but 4 feels like such a step up.
  5. Been working my way through the Uncharted series over the last few weeks (I only ever played the first two), and started part 4 yesterday. I am totally hooked; such an absorbing game, and a real step up from the previous entries. Now I don't want it to be over ☹️
  6. I'm with Niner. For whatever reason, I just couldn't get in to God of War. RE2 is bloody great though.
  7. I have not - will try to power through.
  8. So I've played 4-5 hours of God of War, and I just can't get in. Am I doing something wrong? Does it get better? I'm basically at the point where the world opens up, and have played some of the first location, but it just isn't doing it for me. I'm worried RDR2 has ruined games for me.
  9. Is there a way to play MGS4 on a PS4? I had a 360 and never got to play it.
  10. Bigal

    WWE 2K19

    GAME has this on sale for £24.99. Worth getting?
  11. Jon Favreau has released some details of his new Star Wars TV show:
  12. It's only ten minutes from my house, so I insist we all go.
  13. That's the greatest thing I've ever heard.
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