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  1. I didn't think about it until Skummy said it, but as much as I loved Vader, he would have been even more effective if we didn't see him until that final scene.
  2. Ah yeah, we're semi-pro - I somehow got us into the Europa League group stage though, so we're turning pro next year. Cheers!
  3. In my "Networking" there's only "Cut Back Youth Recruitment", "Affiliate Club" and "Senior Affiliate". I'm managing a Northern Irish team, and can only scout the home country, so I dunno.
  4. I bought this the other day for a tenner (thank you CDKeys), and have got pretty into it, but the thing I can't seem to figure out is how to expand my scouting range. I don't see any option where I can ask the board to expand it like I did in the old games - how does it work now?
  5. Various pre season 5 spoilers... I think that's all we know about the sword. I'm sure a bigger nerd will correct me if I'm wrong or have missed anything! Referencing to another fan theory ahoy. It was a different guy. Snow smashed his one into pieces.
  6. I have a feeling that they've leaked misinformation. I don't buy that plot at all.
  7. There's the trailer:
  8. Has anyone else had problems with the Xbox Live section not being available a lot of the time?
  9. 1. Louis C.K. 2. Tony Law 3. Tim Vine 4. Stewart Lee 5. Daniel Kitson 6. Chris Rock 7. Johnny Vegas 8. Eddie Izzard 9. Harry Hill 10. Kyle Kinane There's a few people I love but it feels like a waste of time to vote for, so honourable mentions to Bec Hill, Jonny & The Baptists, Foil Arms & Hog, Martin Mor, Micky Bartlett, Paul Currie, George Quinn/Firehorse, Lewis Schaffer, Tom Binns, David Trent and Peacock & Gamble. Also deserving of a mention is Billy Connolly, who's the first comedian to make me love stand-up.
  10. My copy arrived from Amazon yesterday. I accidentally ordered two, but my cousin's mate bought the second off me for £50 - £15 profit! About to play it for the first time. Cue massive excitement.
  11. WTF with Marc Maron is the only one I regularly listen to - currently making my way through every episode. You Made It Weird and Art of Wrestling get a look-in, as does PWTorch's PPV roundtables and Bruce Mitchell shows. That's about it, really.
  12. It hasn't grabbed me quite as much as Modern Times did, but it's very solid. Plus my favourite Dylan albums are constantly changing, so I imagine it'll improve in my estimation. The title track is wonderful.
  13. First single from the album.
  14. Boss is back, and it's immediately reminded me why I loved it so much in the first season.
  15. You're right, I can definitely see that, and I can see how it casts Bane in a completely different light, too. I'd never really looked at in terms of Bane being more focused on Batman than his previous objective, and that makes a lot of sense. To me, though, it was all kind of overshadowed by a plot twist that felt pretty forced and un-necessary, and relied an awful lot on the audience caring about the motivations of a character who, I felt, we hadn't been given nearly enough reason to care about. Oh God, this. One scene in which I actually laughed out loud was when Talia said "his only crime was to love", or something equally asinine. He's murdered thousands, crashed a plane, been a notorious mercenary for (presumably) some years, has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of citizens of Gotham, has caused billions of dollars worth of property damage, illegally obtained a nuclear bomb, forced a prison break, and is holding what is presumably one of the largest city's in the country hostage, plus whatever he did to get him thrown into the "hell" prison in the first place. HIS ONLY CRIME WAS LOVE! IT'S SOCIETY'S CRIME, NOT BANE'S! Everyone's motivation in this thing was all out of wack. While I think you're basically fair in your criticisms, that line wasn't a reference to Bane's actions in Gotham - she was telling Batman that Bane was exiled from the League when loving her was his only crime i.e. the only reason Ra's could possibly have to exile him.