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  1. The Star Wars Thread

    No spoilers, but I went to see it last night. I enjoyed it more on reflection that I did at the time, I think - definitely want to go again. In all honesty, I probably just overhyped myself, as it was a really good film. Couple of things don't really work, but I think it does a good job of being Star Wars while also doing enough differently to allow the franchise to go off in different ways in the future.
  2. Random Music Thoughts

    Country music is really strangely popular in Ireland, selling out huge venues that pop or rock music can't. I have no idea why. Anyway, there's a guy called Nathan Carter who does a cover of the Old Crow Medicine Show song "Wagon Wheel": His cover is sort of a staple of bad wedding DJs these days. Today I discovered that the song is actually originally by Bob Dylan, whose recording had a chorus, and a melody for verses, but no verse lyrics. He discarded the song, and Old Crow Medicine Show picked it up twenty-odd years later: I love shit like this.
  3. Football Manager 2018

    I wish I still looked 5% as fresh-faced as that.
  4. Football Manager 2018

    Don't be posting photos of me!
  5. Football Manager 2018

  6. Football Manager 2018

    That looks like a much better system, and, crucially, is addressing a lot of the criticisms of previous versions. I always found scouting to be a bit of a mess, so hopefully that'll change now.
  7. What albums for you are 10/10?

    It's not even my favourite of their albums, but I never skip a track on AC/DC's "Back in Black". Just perfection.
  8. Game of Thrones

    It was put up on their on-demand service for an hour, which was enough time for pirates to rip it.
  9. Football Manager 2017

    I'd recommend getting something with a decent processor and RAM. Graphics aren't really an issue with FM. Also worth looking into a laptop with a solid state drive (SSD) rather than a standard hard drive (HDD). It's a lot faster at processing data, so FM will be exponentially faster. I've had it installed on both my HDD and SDD, and I really notice the difference with the latter.
  10. Favourite joke?

    Can't find the bit in isolation, but Louis CK talking about Schindler's List is up there:
  11. A Joke's Never Funny The Second Time Around

    I always preferred Sister Act 2 to the first one. Agree with Ace Ventura and Toy Story too. Actually, Toy Story got better as it went along - I think 3 is easily the best.
  12. WWE 2K18

    That's understandable though - the casual gamer who isn't a big fan of current WWE is going to be more interested in those guys than Roman Reigns or AJ Styles. I mean there's an argument to be made about how many of those casuals actually buy the game, but it's a sensible marketing strategy.
  13. WWE 2K18

    I don't know where that idea comes from, really - I can only think of one instance where that's happened, and that was when Austin was on the cover for 2K16. He was the focus of the story mode, so it made perfect sense. I suppose there was also The Rock, but he had main evented that year's Wrestlemania, so surely that's fine? The other covers have been Cena, Orton, Punk and Lesnar, all of whom were active at the time of release.
  14. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    If Linfield get through - and I think they will - Celtic have to come to Belfast on the biggest day of Protestant marching season. It's going to be a nightmare to police. Nice payday though.
  15. Premier League 2017/18

    We've been doing a predictions thing in work. I went with: 1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Man Utd 4. Tottenham 5. Liverpool 6. Arsenal ______ 18. Crystal Palace 19. Burnley 20. Huddersfield I will of course be wrong about all of this.