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  1. Why do you think I keep getting a runtime error whenever I click on "RAW" under TV shows with this data?
  2. I'm new to playing TEW and am liking it, but I was just wondering if this update features all the latest storylines, or if there are more available out there? Are they all included in this update or are they seperate?
  3. I got Hearts of iron and uninstalled it soon after. I just couldn't get a grasp on how to play it well. Things seemed too complex and you didn't really have that much freedom.
  4. Well, I like to try out games such as these before buying them and considering there's no demo available, I thought I'd download it to see what it was like and then consider buying it. The game is 80AUD which is alot for a game that is, whilst intriguing, fairly expensive considering I have heard little about it and haven't had any oppurtunity to play it.
  5. Damn. I downloaded this but I need an activation code. Anyone want to help out?
  6. Here are my rankings: 1) Goblet Of Fire 2) Half Blood Prince 3) Order Of The Pheonix 4) Deathly Hallows 5) Prisoner of Azkaban 6) Philosophers Stone 7) Chamber Of Secrets
  7. He's just mad cuz he cant find any good fag porn.
  8. I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not worthy.

    This truly is GOD!!!!!

  9. I'm new to creating graphics and use the much less popular imaging manipulation program: Pain Shop pro. I have made these throughout the course of a week. Tips are welcome.
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