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  1. Only played a couple of hours of Axiom Verge but so far I am really impressed. So good.
  3. Ah great, thanks. I absolutely hate the building element of this game and the crafting in general - will use that to power through the crafting trophies when I'm finished with the story.
  4. Games with one or two super difficult trophies that make the platinum impossible. Games that are predominantly single player but have online trophies for the shitty tacked on deathmatch no one ever plays. The obsession with having SOME eelement of a game that must be online. The Assassins Creed series.
  5. If I were to start again the two things I'd do would be to pump all my points into strength and melee. The collecting for crafting means I'm overencumbered all the time (also because I pick up every rare weapon/armour) and the fact I have about 25 fusion cores means I spend all my time wandering around in BoS armour and can walk right up to anyone not carrying a rocket launcher. I only just started using melee hhaving put points in other perks and at level one its more powerful. I'd also tag aluminium immediately and pick all the cans and stuff up. Always seem short on that one thing.
  6. Isn't every brand new game in there that price? I'm pretty sure Until Dawn was in the store for like £30 a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Realised this week I've got like 10 weeks of annual leave/time owed to take before the end of March so I've taken Tuesday afternoon onwards off next week. I look forward to spending most of that living through plenty of crashes, crazy glitches, broken quests and multiple restarts.
  8. I should be on for a couple at some point.
  9. I can probably play after the Liverpool game if there's a few others?
  10. I can play anytime after the soccer this afternoon till late if anyone's around?
  11. I'm good for a few from now if there's enough of us?
  12. I think I have officially fallen down the Disgaea 5 rabbit hole...
  13. If there are any plans for a couple tonight just shoot me an invite and I'll switch across.
  14. Anyone clubbing tonight? I'll be on from now for a couple of hours so just shoot me an invite if there's a couple more.
  15. Only found out the other day apparently the demo has been on the store since September and progress carries to the full game. Apparently there are people with over 2, 000 clears on stage one...
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