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  1. It wasn't the worst movie I watched this week (hi Downsizing), but yeah it sucks a lot. Interesting idea with lazy, cliche execution and there's no way that's a final draft of a script. Seriously some truly awful writing from Landis, who we already knew was pretty bad. Great makeup though! And it didn't cost me anything except time, which I was already occupying with folding laundry. That's the beauty of Netflix: even though this was trash, they can take risks like this and I'm not really mad about it. If I paid $12 and concessions? I'd be furious.
  2. I'd say the mixed reception has been greatly overblown. It's divisive online, but it does not seem to overlap with general audiences at all. And I think once the dust settles, some of the haters are going to come around on it. Empire was not well received in 1980 and is the lowest grossing of the franchise, but 15 years later, everyone was hailing it as the best one. I legitimately think you can thank Kevin Smith and the scene in Clerks for that. And I think the concerns over Solo's quality are this year's version of freaking out over Rogue One reshoots. It seemed like Lord & Miller made no friends on set and that everything was better once Ron Howard came on-board. Which, given how risky The Last Jedi is and how much freedom they gave Rian Johnson, I can't even begin to imagine what the hell Lord & Miller did to piss off Disney that bad. Of course, that doesn't address the fact that a Han Solo film doesn't need to exist at all and that all prequels are pointless, but I suspect it will do quite well. It's the fan favorite character from the biggest film series in history, it'll make $1 billion worldwide. I wouldn't be surprised with a delay though, we're 5 months out and haven't seen anything for it, but that could also just be Disney not trying to saturate things while Last Jedi is out. Seems strange to put it that close to The Avengers, but they also have that new Nutcracker movie next December and probably figure it's safer to own the summer with Avengers -> Solo -> Incredibles than cannibalize a new potential series-starter. Coco coming out three weeks before Last Jedi certainly didn't hurt either of them. Eventually Disney is going to own everything anyway, so it probably doesn't matter when stuff comes out.
  3. Saw it twice... loved it both times. I've never seen a movie of this magnitude so unafraid of dividing its audience. It all worked perfectly for me though and fits in with the original trilogy and the new films. More thoughts!
  4. I imagine Thanos will go full armor once he gets the Gauntlet assembled. But I also love the fact that he's so dismissive that he showed up to face The Avengers in his gym clothes. It is truly insane that Marvel has pulled this off.
  5. zero

    WWE 2K18

    So.......... is it any good?
  6. I can't believe I got this thing running on my laptop. It's a new machine, but nowhere near the recommended specs, but everything runs fine, even with 8 wrestlers on screen... only issues I have are the laggy menus, but that seems to be a game issue more than my machine? This is also my first Fire Pro where I can logistically download edits and not have to attempt to make them all myself. I will say, there's something weird about an effortless Fire Pro: I didn't have to put a modchip in a console, I didn't need to buy a gameshark, I don't have to download and print out an entire binder of translations, and I don't have to do quantum physics to get edits in the game... is it really Fire Pro if it's effortless? Thankfully roster sorting is a giant pain in the ass.... ahhhh.... now I feel at home.
  7. zero

    WWE 2K18

    Well, Switch version guarantees a purchase for me.
  8. zero

    WWE 2K18

    Still would play that over literally any WWE game since.... and it hasn't even aged that well.
  9. I didn't recognize Carlito at first, I honestly thought it was Ricky Ortiz since he looked so huge. It's one of those things about WWE wrestlers that you don't realize until you see them out of context of WWE: their "little" guys are still pretty damn big. Not that Carlito is freakishly tall like Brodus, but next to Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, he looked enormous.
  10. zero

    WWE 2K18

    Pretty sure the Royal Rumble game on Dreamcast supported 8. Can't recall it in the Smackdown series though. As usual, I'm not sold either. Particularly since the game comes out in 3 months and there's not a single screenshot, let alone a look at the gameplay. As @Bobfoc said, the series has always lacked soul... like, all the elements are there, it looks right, but it just never comes together right.
  11. Sold. Is this just gonna be on Steam or is it getting a console release? Cuz now I really want Fire Pro on Switch.
  12. Mario Kart is so great on Switch... and I played the hell out of it on Wii U. I haven't even touched Zelda yet, mainly just playing Shovel Knight and Mario Kart, but I'm the opposite of ApSham, I haven't played it docked once. I'm 100% handheld.
  13. Go physical for the big first-party releases. Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, etc. Resale value for Nintendo games is always pretty high and you don't have to worry about Nintendo still not figuring out a universal ID system.
  14. Only time I buy physical now is if Target does their buy 2, get 1 free sale. I might lean a little more toward physical with the Switch for storage purposes though.
  15. The N64 launched with 2 games, so a pretty standard and frustrating Nintendo move. I want to get this thing because I think the gimmick is the future of console gaming, but I'm not sold yet. Nintendo has to, has to, has to, has to, has to start making real games besides Zelda and the occasional Mario.
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