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  1. The Rangers have done a sort of neat thing with their new park's dimensions by honouring some of their best players.
  2. He is from the northwest. Kind of sounds like he has something in his mouth. Nevermind: He definitely sounds southern.
  3. Rays trade Tommy Pham to the Padres for Hunter Renfroe and a prospect. Blake Snell was live streaming at the time.
  4. I love that show. They are going to do an episode of the Bake Off soon. Genuinely one of the few shows where I actually have to put the subtitles on.
  5. Chicago offered him more than what he took from the Phils. If Wheeler wasn't willing to go to Chicago because it was too far, he was never coming to Toronto.
  6. Hey! Some of us are still playing in a concrete donut with AstroTurf!
  7. Watched Years and Years a few weeks ago. The whole thing was hard to watch. I probably shouldn't have binged it.
  8. Not most likely, but my dream line-up. David Mitchell Jon Richardson Sandi Toksvig Tom Allen Victoria Coren Mitchell I don't think they'd put David and Victoria on the same season but I want them to be the pair in the team tasks. If they wouldn't put David and Victoria on the same one, I think Victoria and Lee Mack on the same one would be fun. Oh screw it, I'm going to do 2 because I genuinely can't make up my mind. Lee Mack Lolly Adefope Richard Ayoade Sean Locke Suzi Ruffle
  9. I am thinking we'll get Season 10, then another Champion of Champions season with the winners from 6-10.
  10. Yeah, good for him. Excited to see the White Sox try to take a step forward. I think there's a lot of room for competition in the AL Central.
  11. I honestly could not believe how good it was. So emotional and yet so funny. My favourite line was...
  12. @GoGo Yubari are you gonna do a TV Show or Movie List of the Decade?
  13. Me too! Already half way through.
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