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  1. I can't see them bringing up Vlad until the middle of next season. They could also find something for Estrada I'd imagine, plus maybe some of the relievers (Clippard, Axford, etc.) The Jays get swept by the Yankees, then sweep the Orioles, then got swept by the Rays, then sweep the Nats. Baseball is weird.
  2. I imagine it wouldn't just be Happ. Might need a reliever or another piece thrown in. It just feels like Frazier is the piece they are gonna use to get whatever piece they are missing. I'm also in the stage of the season where I am super excited about who the Jays get for their chips. Getting ready for all the prospects that will inevitably break my heart!
  3. @Meacon, a Jays podcast I was listening to this morning was talking about a Happ (+ some, maybe a reliever or whatever) for Frazier trade. Do you think they would ever do that deal? Obviously the Yanks will want the best pitcher they can get with the potential of having some control but Happ could be one of the better pitchers available on the market at the deadline. Add in that he has experience pitching well in the AL East and the playoffs, it's not as wild as I thought it was when they first suggested it.
  4. Yeah, I really only liked Aquaria's looks. Result spoilers:
  5. I mean sure, but it comes with a puzzle so pretty good deal, I'd say.
  6. I thought Freddy and Ron were good. I think Reggie needs to find his own thing. Like the pictures they used seemed to be more of a Reggie Watts thing than a Greg Davies clone.
  7. Yeah, agreed. Watch it from the beginning. It takes some time to find its groove but it's worth it. To see the Greg/Alex relationship slowly grow is amazing. Plus, some of the early tasks are the best ones.
  8. The XFL twitter cracks me up. "We're starting a new football league. What should the rules be? Tweet us!"
  9. At least if the Blue Jays are losing it will be fun to see who they sell off. Prospects are fun and the Jays have some players who could return a nice haul. Heck, the Jays got Teoscar Hernandez for Liriano last year.
  10. She apologized, but her apology is a bit watered down when she's literally had to apologize after she tweeted similar racist marks in the past.
  11. Listen, I'm new to this. I don't know what that means.

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