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  1. Would rather see a Brewers/Red Sox World Series but if we get the Dodgers in there, I'm hoping Kershaw can get a ring.
  2. What got into Jackie Bradley Jr. Also, I hate this series. It's been fun and I really want to root for the Astros. But they cheated and they have Osuna on their roster.
  3. This is probably exactly who I liked as well, though Bi doesn't do much for me. I'd add Gabby and Christian to the list (though Christian could easily become a bit annoying fairly soon). I also know Nick a bit from being a Rob Has a Podcast patron so I'm rooting for him as well.
  4. I agree but I don't know what the solution is when there are two games on the same day. The Boston/Houston game started at 5PM. The earliest you can start the second game is 8, I feel. But if you any earlier with the first game, people can't watch because they're at work.
  5. I think he'll be alright if he can keep his head on straight.
  6. Awwww yeah, Alcides Escobar to the Yankees.
  7. @Meacon https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/instagraphs/if-relegation-existed-in-baseball-2/ Had been thinking about running a Cube diary where the MLB exists with regulation (which you can do in OTTP). This article popped up today. EDIT: Didn't even read it before I posted. It's literally just a picture.
  8. I am watching. I am loving it so far. Lots of really fun characters. I did not. I will never be able to be on Survivor. Stupid diabetes. Did you apply?
  9. Pfft. First she pretends to be Asian. Then trans. Now spiders. How low will she go!?
  10. I would be down to play tonight when I get home from work.
  11. Hey folks! Would someone be able to mock up a Primetime Wrestling banner for my Calgary Stampede diary in the iDOM. Looking for a 2008-ish Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Edge & Christian to appear. Actually, @iDOL would you mind if I just used this?
  12. I got my brother Bears vs. Babies for his birthday. We played the other night. It was quite fun.
  13. I'm rooting for Granderson to win a World Series, so I'm rooting for the Brewers.

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