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  1. The Office (US) is probably a pretty good example, too.
  2. This was fun. Thanks for putting it together Darnez! Pretty deserving winner and Top 5, even if I didn't really play much of MGS or Fallout.
  3. The Scramble match isn't in 2k17 is it? I'm surprised they took it out, such a fun match.
  4. The Cincinnati Reds try to catch a pop-up. Also, Aaron Judge, man. That guy is going to hit so many home runs at Rogers Centre and haunt Blue Jays for years.
  5. Love John Mulaney so much. Probably not my absolute favourite, but here's his bit about real estate agents.
  6. I love most of John Mulaney's jokes, but seeing him live, one sticks out in particular. This woman in the front row left to go to the bathroom about two minutes into the show. So Mulaney makes a joke about this, yada yada, she goes to the bathroom. While she's in the bathroom, he tells us that at some point in the show, he'll yell out "and you know what they say in Toronto..." and we'll all yell "WE! LOVE! WAFFLES!". So we did it, all at the expense of one woman who needed to go to the washroom. I don't know if it's as funny to someone who wasn't there, but it was hilarious at the time.
  7. He also has a fantastic baseball name so that's a plus.
  8. Thank you, C-MIL!
  9. Re: the size of the playoffs. I'm not sure it needs to be more limited than it is (though one Wild Card team was enough for me, but if it's going to stay as one game, I'm fine with it). I love the current size of the playoffs. It feels elite. It takes a ton of work to make it, and when you do, it's fantastic. Hell, they don't even get to a Best of 7 series until the Final 4.
  10. Hey, So I would like to do a 4C CornellVerse diary for ThunderDome. It annoys me though that the company is called 4C and not C4 (like the dynamite, right!?). Would someone be able to edit this logo and banner to make it C4 instead of 4C? I'd love you forever.
  11. Exciting Blue Jays win last night. Buck Martinez, the Jays play-by-play guys says "The Blue Jays sure have their hitting shoes on today." Uh, guys, maybe think about wearing those every day.
  12. This is what I always do when I think I should play fantasy baseball. I forget about it and lose miserably.
  13. I much preferred it when the Showcase mode has different guys you played as. The one with Stone Cold was fine but it was a bit repetitive to keep playing as Austin.
  14. I don't think I hated this season as most people here did. I don't think there was an episode I didn't enjoy, even if the editing was a bit all over the place and left out important stuff. As sad as it was, it was pretty surreal to see big name after big name get voted out in the pre-merge. Did Tony even get a question at the reunion!? Yeah, I'd probably agree there were a few too many twists. Malcolm and Cirie both going out by being voted out by the other tribe and then not being able to receive any votes probably says there are too many idols/twists. I'd prefer things that affect the game outside of Tribal Council and Immunities. In MvGX, the reward steal was silly but created things the players had to work against. But Jeff's reaction to everything makes me think they like the pace of the current game. "History!" I don't think they are going to slow down with idols and stuff. The reunion was so awkward when they were trying to make that Brad point, but I thought it was a good point. I wish it was more "people aren't bad people", they make mistakes when they are frustrated. I'm glad he apologized. Happy enough with Sarah win, even if she wasn't my first choice. She played a good game, then gave a really good analysis of how she was able to do it. She addressed Andrea's concern, but felt it was a good speech. Actually loved Troyzan in this episode. Fucking hated that Varner got the last word of the season and thought they handled that whole thing really poorly. Let Jeff give his spiel (without getting to profit from it), then end it on Zeke, not the other way around.