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  1. Fuck. Celebrity deaths don't often hit me too hard. But people who made me laugh often hit the hardest.
  2. The thing about Jeter's vote total is that it was only last year that Rivera became the first player to be inducted at 100%. So the seal is broken. You're suddenly going to see a bunch of guys get way higher vote totals in their 1st years than ever before. I have to agree with Meacon about Clemens and Bonds. If you're not going to vote for anyone who used PEDs, then leave both of your ballot. If you're willing to allow someone who used them in, then there's no way both aren't in the top 10 players on any ballot. It's going to be interesting once guys who got caught using PEDs, but were punished (A-Rod) get put on the ballot. I can't see how it's right that you could vote for A-Rod and not for Bonds just because there was no punishment for using them while Bonds played.
  3. Yeah, Earwolf and Gimlet Media are the two organizations that use this advertising tool. It's honestly such a minor inconvenience but it greatly annoys me.
  4. Yeah, those were my faves too. I hated Freddie at first but I couldn't help but love him eventually.
  5. I love The Circle. It's so addicting and really shouldn't be. Who are you rooting for so far?
  6. I know I can just delete the podcast from my feed but I hate when a podcast feed posts a podcast from another podcast.
  7. I wish the report gave more clarity into Beltran's role in it all. The fact that the report said "a group of players, including Carlos Beltran..." is so strange. Why single out Beltran unless he was some sort of ring leader. And if he was, why be so vague about it?
  8. I'm pretty sure everyone can make transactions on their own time and then at a deadline, the admin advances the game.
  9. Bought The Sims 4 on PS4 because my computer runs games like shit. Forgot how much I love The Sims. So tempted to get all the expansion packs and stuff. Doing a "legacy" type challenge where I try to complete 26 generations (each generation will have names that start with A-Z).
  10. I think the clue packages are stupid, so I normally just listen to them sing and watch the reveal. I skip through everything else.
  11. Doesn't fan voting only count for 50% of the vote. The coaches and the player votes make up the other 50.
  12. No, it's a reality show where people live in individual apartments and only communicate through social media. Every few episodes, they rank each other. The two highest ranked people become "Influencers" and choose one of the other six to "Block" (meaning they are eliminated and move out of their apartment). When someone is eliminated, a new person joins The Circle. After a few weeks, the final four or five do a final ranking and the winner earns a cash prize. The fun of the game is that some people are being themselves and some people are catfishing. They play all sorts of games that sometimes trip people up (like a person who is old knowing a younger pop band). It's fun.
  13. Anybody watching The Circle on Netflix? Loved both the UK versions. The American one seems like it should be just as good (only thing is the US host is not as good).
  14. Made it. Don't believe I heard it. The only risk was when I was shopping and I listen to podcasts the whole time anyway.
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