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  1. I mean, the only thing that keeps me optimistic is that I really like Masai.
  2. I'm so sad for Demar. He was the first player to resign with us. He didn't even meet with other teams. He loved the franchise and he loved the city. This is going to make it super hard to sign anybody else in the future.
  3. Rock threw some shade on twitter today when someone told him all his movies have the same plot.
  4. Yeah, that's fair. For as expensive as they are, I find the PS4 controllers to actually be fairly durable and last quite a while. The rubber is usually the first thing to go but it's usually fine.
  5. I know. Mine kept not keeping a charge but everytime I'd go to buy one, I'd remember how much they cost. I'd just say "fuck it" and refuse. I recently found one on sale at Best Buy for $40 and gave in.
  6. I like Quill. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.
  7. I just want nothing close to the time setting of current GOT.
  8. Not so fast, I head he's going to the Marlins.
  9. The other prospects in the deal would have to be quite good for the Orioles to take Didi. Otherwise, they're potentially just waiting to try and trade him in a year or two for a prospect that's not as good as what you'd get for Manny.
  10. Wow, what a lucky guy. He should take his winnings to Vegas.
  11. Just watched the Jays play the Red Sox. Can confirm, Mookie Betts is really good at baseball.
  12. I found his funniest stuff to be when I'd see him on panel shows. I think he loses some of the luster when he actually comes off as more normal than I first envinsioned him. But can't blame a guy for wanting to, y'know, have a successful career. I don't dislike him, I just reaaaaally liked him when I first saw him. His Netflix stuff is good though.

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