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  1. What's the problem. Everything seems to be... lined up.
  2. I wonder what the feasibility of a Legends of Wrestling game would be. I loved those games a kid.
  3. If you could also wear a very silly flashlight hat that would be great.
  4. I feel like the issue has been how fast they wanted to finish the show. Having two full last seasons might have at least given them time to tell the story they want to tell. I'm not mad at where we ended up with some of these characters, but I hate how quickly we've gotten there.
  5. Yeah, that was super fun. I would love to play it myself.
  6. I think Iain will probably pull through. I reaaaaally liked Joe and Lou, though.
  7. I can't believe their is no injury reserve in the Franchise mode. That's so annoying.
  8. I'm not as down on this season as most people seem to be but there is a huge difference between what happened in the last episodes and what happened to Ned and Robb. Both of their deaths were the result of very well-written, intricate story telling. I'm going to put this in spoilers but let's examine Robb's death and a moment from the last episode.
  9. Wijnaldum's been on the pitch for 10 minutes and has 2 goals. That's wild.
  10. Most teams do that. Jays tickets are more expensive when they play the Red Sox or Yankees.
  11. Do you think they are setting up a Vanjie vs. Brooklyn lip sync?
  12. I thought Shuga was better than everyone on the other team. The runway critiques of her were also bad. Her first look was the best of the three but I loved the double reveal.
  13. Avatar is such a weird film to hold the box office record. I remember it being visually stunning but it's weird that it's not really stuck in the cultural zeitgeist.
  14. The bench has also been very bad. They really need to pick it up.
  15. The Raptors did not look good last night.
  16. I feel this is so accurate when it comes to things like Thrones, movie franchises (Star Wars, Avengers, etc.) and wrestling. People have so much time between movies or episodes that all these fan theories suddenly start becoming what's expected. Then people are dissapointed when their expectation and what's happened doesn't match. This doesn't feel like it happens so much with shows that are released all at once ala Netflix.
  17. I thought it was super fun. I watched it right after the Thrones episode and I thought it was a hilarious juxtaposition.
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