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  1. This goes hand in hand with team trade logic as well. If a team has a catcher who is out-performing every catcher, and they are in a playoff race, you shouldn't be able to trade for them.
  2. I won the World Series in 5 games against the Cubs. Was playing with a fantasy drafted Toronto team. My pitching was really what did it for me. deGrom, Paxton, Ryu were all tremendous. Won the World Series thanks to a 10th inning pinch hit home run from Eric Thames, the newest Toronto hero.
  3. I was 13 when Dodgeball came out. Quoted that thing almost every day after I saw it for like a year. Loved me some Patches O'Houlihan.
  4. No. The Raptors will just win the championship again. That's fine by me.
  5. Going to see Spider-Man tonight. How many post credit scenes are there?
  6. Paul has been hilarious. I thought he would tackle the tasks with a well-thought out strategy each time. Nope, he almost always just does it as straightforward as possible, leading to terrible results. He's been great.
  7. Big Little Lies, Season 2, Episode 5 spoilers:
  8. The Raptors have re-signed Patrick McCaw, guaranteeing they will repeat as NBA Champions. Dude has never not won a championship since he joined the league.
  9. Oh no doubt. But it's so much fun.
  10. Vlad matches his 1st round total of 29 in Round 2.
  11. Vladdy just broke the record for home runs in a HR Derby round with 29. That is wild. The kid is good.
  12. This is exactly what I did. I was like, "I don't remember anything about Season 2" *proceeds to instinctively skip the Season 2 recap*
  13. Yeah, watched the first two episodes as well and feel the same way. I'm very invested already.
  14. Every once and a while I get a weird contract thing when I do a fantasy draft. Like, I had Max Kepler on a $45M contract and was unable to move him. But other than that, I haven't seen any real issues with the budgets. The arbitration thing has been like that in every version of the game I've played. If the guys attributes drop a bit, you can submit an arb offer that is a percentage less than their previous salary. Most guys sign for roughly around what they ask for in arbitration anyway, so I never find myself going to arbitration unless I am trying to re-sign a player to a long term deal. But now I can just give him whatever contract he'll accept, then sign him long term in Spring Training. I have never seen the pitchers as DH thing be a problem. The game is great and the gameplay is way smoother than any other game. I definitely think it's worth the pick-up, especially if it's on sale.
  15. Meacon, I think you're forgetting about that one time Bartolo Colon hit a home run.
  16. He was the only Leaf to go to the Raptors parade.
  17. $7M is super good for Seager. One of the thing that annoys me is the morale related to salary, especially if they signed the contract. I get if the guy is unhappy before he hits free agency but if the guy agreed to a cheap deal, he shouldn't be mad that he's making less than he wants. The other morale thing they need to change is that a guy isn't considered a "star" if you bat him 2nd in the lineup. He has to be batting 1st, 3rd or 4th.
  18. Yeah but Robinson Cano looks more like a ball player than any of those guys. Probably got a better looking girlfriend too so really, how are we gonna know who's gonna be the better ball player?
  19. I am not excited for the reaction of Blue Jays fans when Stroman leaves. I love the guy but people are gonna hate on him so much.
  20. Sad to see Canada get knocked out. Think Sinclair should have taken the penalty shot but I can't fault her for giving it up for someone the team sees as the next goal scorer for Canada. Anyway, sad way to be eliminated.
  21. Do a fantasy draft with the Yankees and intentionally only draft old guys. Then you can try and re-build them.
  22. Me too. It's why I wish San Diego Studios would actually put some effort into Franchise mode. I still love it but I can only imagine how good it could be if they actually focused on it.
  23. It's weird though because I think everyone once and while the trade finder actually finds a decent deal. Normally you need to edit it a bit but occasionally it's not terrible. I wish the game knew better than not to trade someone when they are contending. I also feel like the game holds onto elite players when the team should sell.
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