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  1. I am a High Elf Ranger with a Folk Hero background and am Chaotic Good. I have this pretty great bow and I usually just linger in the background during combat and snipe people. It's great. My character is generally the one who investigates or scopes things out. Our group has turned out much more evil than we thought we would. We often end up in combat with everyone we come across and then interogate the last surviving one.
  2. A friend of mine asked his brother to DM for a group of us who had never played. We started in January and eventually moved to playing online once the quaratine hit. We've played nearly every Saturday since the quarantine started and I am also addicted.
  3. Yeah, that's how I got Reyes. He was playing terribly. I'm not sure why the Tigers took on his contract though. Signed Puig in the first year, which is how I got Nimmo. Same thing, no reason for the Mets to take on Puig but I will take it.
  4. Won the World Series with the Blue Jays in 2021. Added Jameson Taillon in a trade and signed Alex Wood as a free agent to round out a rotation with Hyun-Jin Ryu, Ryan Borucki and Nate Pearson. Got Victor Reyes from the Tigers and Brandon Nimmo from the Mets, so they played CF and RF. The rest of the roster is in tact. DH - Teoscar Hernandez C - Reese McGuire/Danny Jansen (platoon) 1B - Travis Shaw 2B - Cavan Biggio 3B - Vladimir Guerrero Jr. SS - Bo Bichette LF - Lourdes Gurriel Jr. CF - Victor Reyes RF - Brandon Nimmo Rotation: James Taillon, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Ryan Borucki, Alex Wood, Nate Pearson Bullpen: Jose Leclerc, Alex Colome, Amir Garrett, Tim Mayza, Ryan Dull, Trent Thornton (and someone I'm forgetting) Taillon was absolutely awful in the playoffs but everyone else played well. We beat the Angels in 4 games in the ALDS, the Twins in 7 games in the ALCS and swept the Braves in the World Series. Gurriel was the post season MVP while Teoscar was the World Series MVP, hitting 3 homers in 4 games.
  5. You mentioning how good Justified made me start it. Have watched the first 5 seasons in a month. 1 season left and I don't think I'm ready for it to end.
  6. My favourite part of Diamond Dynasty is Conquest mode, which is basically a board game.
  7. Season 1 is my favourite of the series so far. Going to spoiler some thoughts.
  8. I feel like Jaida is good enough that she can beat out both of them, even if they seem to have more support on social media. Also, did any of you follow any of the controversy over how a bunch of the white queens were verified on Twitter, despite having fewer followers than some of the black queens.
  9. Honestly, there really shouldn't be an amount of money they'd be willing to play for if it means putting people's health at risk. That's not just players, it's the staff, coaches, facility personnel, etc.
  10. I would be very surprised if Crystal wins. I love her, but I have a feeling Ru won't crown two "out-of-the-box" queens in back-to-back seasons. Drag Race hasn't really had a comedy queen win since Bob, so I could have seen Sherry winning. However, with the finale now being a lip sync-off, it will be harder and harder for a comedy queen to pull out the win. I can see Gigi bouncing back a bit, surviving to the final four and then having a good enough lip sync to be crowned. I imagine the final comes down to Jaida vs. Gigi, unless the lip sync battle ends up pitting them against each other before the final. With all that being said, I really like Jackie and am rooting for her. I felt so much sympathy for so many of the critiques she got during challenges she was excited about (improv, the debate). She clearly gets an idea in her head and gets stuck on it. I loooooved her one-woman show. I would have loved to see her win the challenge, but I think Crystal's performance was just a bit better.
  11. Yeah, have to say I'm pretty surprised to see Parasite actually pull out the win. Figured Avengers would just be on more lists and be able to pull out a win, but very happy to see Parasite take the win.
  12. Sucks that he's a piece of shit but Jonah Keri's book on the Expos was a good read. But so much of it relies on his fandom of the team that it'd be a weird read now.
  13. He just shows them Meacon's boobs.
  14. We should have a board game night during all of this. Not entirely sure of what all is available on line, but I would be down to play with folks.
  15. Oh, Juan Francisco. I thought he was going to be the next Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. He never panned out in real life but in a co-op Franchise a few years ago, he was the home run leader on my team for like 5 years in a row.
  16. Has anyone watched Run? Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an EP on the show. Stars Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Weaver. I keep thinking about watching it, but haven't started it yet. Wondering if anyone has any opinions on it?
  17. Travis Snider is a guy I thought was going to be a star and even though he never broke through, was very sad when he was traded.
  18. Sam Lloyd, best known for playing Ted the lawyer on Scrubs, died today. A year ago, he revealed he had an inoperable brain tumor.
  19. The Jays would be like 2 games over .500, making me optimistic they could be a Wild Card team.
  20. I watched all of it last night. It was tremendous. Some spoiler thoughts below.
  21. Newest episode of What We Do In The Shadows has the group attend a Superb Owl party.
  22. In my RTTS, the Jays traded Bo Bichette to the Yankees, who then traded him to the Orioles. I don't know which is worse. Biggio also ended up on the Marlins and Danny Jansen ended up on the Rangers. All of this makes me sad and it's just a video game.
  23. Results of Red Sox investigation, and subsequent punishments, have been announced. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/04/red-sox-sign-stealing-investigation-second-round-pick-alex-cora-ban.html
  24. Was that ending supposed to suggest there may be another season? It's billed as a mini-series, but the ending maybe seemed to imply there would be more. Going to spoiler tag some thoughts.
  25. Oliver Luck suing Vince McMahon.
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