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  1. The other prospects in the deal would have to be quite good for the Orioles to take Didi. Otherwise, they're potentially just waiting to try and trade him in a year or two for a prospect that's not as good as what you'd get for Manny.
  2. Just watched the Jays play the Red Sox. Can confirm, Mookie Betts is really good at baseball.
  3. I found his funniest stuff to be when I'd see him on panel shows. I think he loses some of the luster when he actually comes off as more normal than I first envinsioned him. But can't blame a guy for wanting to, y'know, have a successful career. I don't dislike him, I just reaaaaally liked him when I first saw him. His Netflix stuff is good though.
  4. To be fair, I think getting a new stadium in Montreal would be just as difficult as getting one in Tampa Bay.
  5. Yeah, I'll say the more I see James Acaster, the less I like him.
  6. Tonight is a big night for Happ and the Jays. He faces the Red Sox. If he has a bad outing, that's three in a row.
  7. No thanks. I'd rather the Yankees not have another star that's locked up long term. Rentals only. But also please waaaaay overpay for them.
  8. I like the DH rule too. I will miss moments like Bartolo hitting a home run but offense is down so much already.
  9. The thing I love about the show is there are typically people I'm very excited about before the season airs but it's the ones I don't know that end up being my favourites. Liza Tarbuck has been a delight this season.
  10. 20th Century Women (2016) The Big Sick (2017) Coco (2017)
  11. I love Jonathan but he needs to stop shaving off everyone's beard.

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