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  1. This is interesting hypothetical. It depends on how big the rosters are and how service time works this year, but there's is a good chance he actually makes the team this year.
  2. MLB is showing a classic game for each team on Opening Day on all their platforms.
  3. Does baseball even exist anymore? @Maxx, can you give me the BAP at 2B?
  4. I got a prospect Tim Tebow card in Diamond Dynasty and he's rated around 75. ... 75!
  5. That seems weird since most NBC stuff is being pulled as they're launching their own streaming service at some point.
  6. Lance Lynn @Meacon say “Hi People!”
  7. Been playing a bit today. Forgot about the 3-batter minimum rule. Fuck that, so stupid.
  8. Carlos Carrasco, CLE @Meacon say “Hi People!”
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