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  1. wrestling video games with fictional rosters. Preferably arcade ... but console would be ok as well. The reason I ask is because I am slowly looking to build up the roster of my EWR Diary. So far the games I already have in it are : NES Pro Wrestling Saturday Night Slammasters Tecmo Wrestling 3 Count Bout Champion Wrestler I need just one or two more for when guys come out of my training camp.
  2. What game this is ... I am curious ... I was looking for screen shots for my EWR Diary and this came up ... but I forgot to check and see what game it is. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hordak

    Best Series Finale.

    One show I know alot of people watch that I loved the end of was Cheers. The final shot with Sam turnning off all the lights in the bar and the only light comming in through the window by the stairs was tear jerking. The one I am pretty sure not that many people know about was Pretender. Great final show, that series ended way to quickly. 4 seasons wasn't enough.
  4. hey is there any way you could rework the sig I have for my diary? Keeping with the same black green and white color scheme?
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