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  1. That is an absolutely crazy thing to say, for a Leeds United fan of all people.
  2. When Spurs signed him he only had 6 months left on his contract hence the low fee, he's still contracted to Spurs for a few more years hence why Everton had to pay more to get him back.
  3. Giggs is mixed race – his paternal grandfather is from Sierra Leone – and has spoken of the racism he faced as a child.[14] From Wiki
  4. As someone with a long family history in social services everything I read pointed to it being covered over by the offenders and the chicken assistant manager. With the previous experience mentioned I think it's an awful thing to label anyone as a child abuser or a child abuser abet-er without sufficient evidence. Iv'e looked at the case and I feel the main responsibility rests on the university officials who were told what happened and did nothing, they are the real cowards. Although JoePa could have done alot better he did report to Uni officials and to damn an old dieing man just seems wrong to me. Edit: Being old and dieing doesn't absolve anyone of their mistakes, but on reflection I just don't think JoePa would cover for pedophiles etc as a long beloved personality, and if it comes to pass that he did then I have no problem admitting im wrong.
  5. Amazing you can even see anything from your Ivory tower.
  6. If that was referring to me I just feel the mans passing should be treated with respect. I'm aware it hasn't happened yet. To cheer you guys up
  7. I hope things can be put aside and he can be given a send off befitting such a man.
  8. Forgetting what mistakes he did or didn't make it's important he's remembered as a top coach and more important a good man. It almost echos Jock Stein in that a pedophile was on his staff, and it's always used against him. Edit: Sorry, thought this was confirmed.
  9. No doubt the last few months were horrible for him. His influence on college football will never be forgotten.
  10. I imagine there are many out there who dislike Ali because some of his actions towards Joe Frazier were those of a complete cunt.
  11. "Montel, I think we're forgetting something very important in all this. Okay, sure, he touched some children, but, the man is a great singer and he has entertained us for so many years." "Michael Jackson! All this baad-mouthin', puttin' the man down. Maybe he did touch some children now and then, but come on! It's Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson!"
  12. Hey dude, Where in Ireland are you?

  13. There are, but I'm buggered if I can make them work Wouldn't happen to have a link or anything mate?
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