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  1. I agree. In entertainment, you very seldom want to be the person who replaces an iconic role (which is what the Daily Show seat has become). You want to be the person who replaces the person who took over the iconic role. A perfect example is Conan. Like him or not, I think very few people would doubt that the man has talent. Yet, the viewers of the Tonight Show hated him because he wasn't Jay Leno... ...a strange thought to me at least considering my lack of respect for Jay Leno but that is a different story. Unfortunately, I fear that Stephen Colbert is doomed for the same fate but I am hoping for him to succeed. Back to the point though, I am getting side tracked. Ultimately, I think Comedy Central would be best to pick a name from out in left field and let them fail. If the person is a hit, great, but chances are high that whomever the selection would be (despite their talent level) is going to fail in the eyes of the viewers. After that happens, you can go after someone and they don't have to be in the same mold as Jon Stewart. They can just be good and people will view them for what they are, rather than what they are not in comparison to Jon Stewart. Though if we are playing throw names off a wall and see if they stick... how about Trey Parker or Matt Stone? They have shown to be similar to Jon Stewart in that they both (all three I guess actually) have the courage to be funny, while being politically opinionated and ya know, they have made the network a few dollars along the way. South Park can't last forever, maybe this is a way to attempt to keep one of the talents on the network.
  2. I have been playing a lot of Call of Duty over the last few days and it has been really pleasant to play online. All together, I have played for about two weeks now online and only ran into one idiot (though even he wasn't vulgar but just a blowhard). I had heard horror stories about what online play experienced had become and experienced it years ago when I used to play Halo online all the time. Have I been just extremely lucky or is playing online games not as bad as it once was?
  3. Most of the 30/30s have been really good... which is odd for ESPN not to mess something up. The only one I have ever seen that I have disliked was the one Jalen Rose produced about the Fab Five. That one felt more to me like watching an early 90's wrestling promo in that where they went over the top in attempting to make you to feel as though the main character (in this case Jalen Rose) was actually more important to the Fab Five than what he really was in reality. In complete honesty, the only thing of historical basketball relevance Jalen Rose has ever done on a basketball court was guard Kobe Bryant the night he dropped 80....
  4. Question to those who have defeated Shadow of Mordor? Does the game become more difficult in the second half of the game? I originally bought the game day one and after playing about two/three hours became bored with the ease you could kill most captains/war chiefs. So I shelved the game but this weekend a friend talked me into giving the game a second try, telling me to send Death Threats to all the WC/Caps to make things more difficult. The difficult has gone up but still nothing too drastically difficult. Without spoiling the game, does the game become more difficult or is it basically the same as the first part of the game?
  5. http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/10/30/game-of-thrones-cast-7th-season/ I read this article a little bit ago. Sounds like Game of Thrones will be on for three more years but no talks after that. Maybe a movie after that? I know all HBO shows hype a movie afterwards but very few ever make it.
  6. I think 'Bama is slightly overrated. I mean, I hate to use the term over rated only because people automatically believe that equates to be calling garbage... which I am not. However they are overrated at this point in my opinion. Alabama have struggled to beat winless (in conference) Tennessee and Arkansas. They looked ugly against West Virginia and lost to Ole Miss. They are a good team, just not a great team this year in my opinion. Same can be said though for Ole Miss, I think. Their claim to fame is getting Katie Perry to do their gameday spot and defeating Alabama (who I just explained their road struggles). They still have games against Auburn and Miss State left on their schedule. The Rebs have time to prove their worth... my belief is that they will finish with three losses. Miss State, Florida State, and Auburn should finish the year in the top four though.
  7. Deleted ... nothing to see here, look away.
  8. I don't understand why the trade of Harvin was so shocking... Seattle paid a lot of money in the offseason to keep the Legion of Boom together. I believe both are the highest paid players at their positions (Sherman may have dropped to second or third). On top of that in the offseason, the Seachickens are more than likely going to have to give Russell Wilson the biggest contract in professional football. Given the fact that Lynch's deal already puts him in the top five highest paid RBs in game... that put the front office in a situation where they have to start making tough choices. Harvin is an obvious choice, due to his lack of material production. If Baltimore's history with Lumberjack Joe is any indication, my guess is that Harvin will be the first of many predominate names to leave the Pacific Northwest in the coming months. But Seattle tends to draft, so the sky isn't exactly falling.
  9. I pre ordered the game this morning, hoping it is half as good as it is presented to be. The nemesis system is really exciting for someone like myself. One of the things I enjoyed so much about the Elder Scrolls/Sport theme games games was that you could play through multiple times and the game was constantly different. I am hoping the nemesis system brings this out.
  10. No, not at all. It gets better and better. I'm still enjoying the show. Gah....the opening scene on this weeks episode though... I second that, the opening scene was tough to watch... and a bit surprising considering it was the first time the show had been that violent. As stated, I am enjoying the show too. The Leftovers isn't my favorite show on TV but still one I enjoy. The writing and character development is really well done.
  11. I think the problem is that people forget where McConaughey was at the point in his career when he agreed to do the show. True Detective was part of his plan (along with a risky role in Dallas Buyer's Club) to show the world that he could be more than just the male lead in a chick flick. He had shown in the past he could play a serious role but had fallen into the type cast role over the last few years. He needed the show as much as the show needed him, in order to boost his career. There is without question a market of actors that are the same shoes McConaughey was in. Collin Farrell may be one of those actors but it takes the right type of actor who is "desperate" to consider a role, even for one season.
  12. I just watched the first three episodes of HBO' the Leftovers . The show seems to be very well written, after only three shows they have developed character depth for a number of the main characters on the show. Similar to True Detective, I think this will be a show that really kicks into gear about mid-season and takes off from that point.
  13. I liked the first season of the show, loved the Rusty Cohel character. Obviously, I hated to hear his inclusion in the show was only a one year story arch. Never the less, the writing was superb and I suppose whomever they slate will do a good job. Farrell will fit the bill. I hope whomever they tag, they sign to a multi-year contract. I don't know how much I like the idea of having a new cast each and every single year of the show.
  14. OUTSTANDING ANIMATED PROGRAM Archer Bob’s Burgers Futurama South Park Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Project Bob's Burger? I have never cared for the show in the least. To me, it is King of the Hill 2.0... Was that just basically a 'hey, we need an animated show not made by Seth McFarlane' nod? Does anyone watch the show? Maybe I am just missing out but I hear at least people talking about the other shows, sans TNMT. I have never met anyone who likes the show. The highest compliment I have heard was "I tolerate the show until American Dad, Simpsons, and Family Guy are on".
  15. Yay, a shoot out to see who gets to finish runner up in the World Cup! ...I am super excited. Not.
  16. Christiano Ronaldo , You're an American Hero!

  17. Yay! Christiano Ronaldo, you are my favorite again. I forgive you for that assist at the end of the US game
  18. Yeah, wasn't he a stud back earlier in the year at Mexico City? Or am I mistaking him for someone else?
  19. US just dodged a bullet there, Germany has controlled possession most of the match
  20. Someone just needs to give the man a burger, hotdog, pizza... something. It's obvious, the man gets hungry while on the field.
  21. My thoughts exactly... I was like, REALLY?!?!? This guy? Again? Really?
  22. I agree with this point. Jon Snow is one of my more favorite characters in the book but I don't know how interesting (at least from a TV perspective) the Wall stuff would translate to this point. In fact, I wished they would have split up the episode they spent solely on the Wall and sprinkled in most of the story ties that we saw this week. This way, they would have been able to spend more time on the King Landing stuff... which I am disappointed at the level they under developed. However since they gave the Wall an entire episode, I would imagine that is a foreshadowing that next season (and onward) the Wall will be more predominantly featured.
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