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  1. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    I think they should go on forever. Like a sports team or a philharmonic orchestra.
  2. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    Yeah, that sucks. Parkinson's will get you eventually, but maybe there's some more songwriting left in him. I wouldn't mind Priest continuing another decade with Faulkner/Sneap playing and Tipton writing. Hell, bring back Owens if need be. A new generation of Judas Priest. I don't want the band to die.
  3. Lyrically Speaking Of Course

    Won me at the "she's a leather glove".
  4. Best Music Streaming Services?

    I'm guessing this is not what you are looking for, but... I only use Google Play because it's free and does what I want a streaming service to do: have music I own on a cloud for me to stream anytime. They have a library of music you can subscribe to, but no way do I pay for that. It's a good option for people with a collection. I own a lot of CDs and this way I can play them on any device. Well, their compressed digital versions at least.
  5. The 2018 Music Thread

    My first 2018 album:
  6. Lyrically Speaking Of Course

    Skyclad - No Deposit, No Return
  7. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    I caught Slayer live twice. Late 90's/early 00's. The first one was maybe a 4,000 person venue (ice hall), and it was cool though I didn't know their material that well. The second time was in a festival and I was already a semi-big fan (seems like I never took the final step into total fandom). That was the God Hates Us All tour. I got the whole experience, moshpit and tour t-shirt and all. I always liked a couple other thrash bands a little better (eg. Testament, Annihilator), but I do own 4 of their CD's and still think of them fondly. I think they've contributed a lot, and eventhough "farewell tour" means nothing nowadays, I think that means I won't be having much to do with them anymore, as I haven't bought a CD of theirs in ages anyway. I guess they keep recording, maybe.
  8. What music are you listening to?

    I'm going through a Metal Church phase. Today in the player: the Human Factor.
  9. 90s Europop is the best

    Oh it's awful. And glorious. What are they doing with their hands?
  10. Desert Island Discs

    We all know you'd just use your phone to post on EWB. There might also be rare Pokemons on that island, who knows...
  11. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    Well, the three of them are back together again.
  12. Desert Island Discs

    After 16 years on the island you fondly remember that one day when you still had enough battery to use it. And maybe wish you had picked a volleyball instead.
  13. How do you listen to your music?

    Varies, but mostly full albums, with good headphones. Focusing on the music. Reading the lyrics, browsing the booklet. Preferably with a tumbler of scotch or similar. Especially if it's a new album I've never heard before.
  14. If you like X, you might like Y

    My wife thinks everything I like sounds the same. She was wondering why do I keep buying the same album over and over again.
  15. EWB's Album of the Year 2017: Voting Thread

    Where? Oh, on page 1. I see.