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  1. You should stop surfing the net while drinking.
  2. Just curious. I like to spend my money on things I love. And I do have a sizeable collection. Probably enough to keep me entertained. But I still want to, yet can't seem to, find enough new stuff I'm interested in listening to/spending on. And on average I probably spend less than the Spotify crowd. I must spend like 5 times more on golf than on music, and that doesn't feel right. I spend a lot more time with music than with golf. So I buy like half a dozen new releases and see maybe 1-2 shows (of bands I already knew I love). A few bargain bin finds on Amazon, and I'm probably still just under $150 a year (and I also sell some stuff, so I make some of it back). Are people still spending money on music? Why is the music industry failing to take my money? Am I just old? Or maybe I'm completely wrong, and other people spend more than me? Why won't they take my money?
  3. What kind of music do you like?

    Still a form of lie.
  4. What kind of music do you like?

    People who say they like a bit of everything are lying. Unless they truly seamlessly go from nazi punk to extreme black metal to bossa nova to ländler for their listening enjoyment. There's just too many marginal styles of music to say you listen to everything. Shouldn't be too hard to narrow it down, especially since people mostly anyway listen to popular stuff they hear on the radio. Anyway, I like this song: That's like the best descriptive song of my taste. And then everything around that sound in every different direction. Harder, softer, poppier, angrier, etc, and the further it deviates from that song, the less I tend to like it. So, I guess I like popular, guitar based, hard, epic old fashioned rock and metal. I got it figured out
  5. Discographies?

    My CD collection can be found here: https://rateyourmusic.com/~Larmer28 Obviously I'm not going to type them all out here.
  6. Music that is great

    I don't normally listen to great music, so I wouldn't know it if it pounded me in the ass. But, in my pit of bad musical taste, I'm still convinced this collection of old geezers playing unfashionable music is fabulous:
  7. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    CDs I've bought in the past two months: Voivod - Nothingface (original 1989 print) Metal Church - Blessed in Disguise (original print) Rage - Seasons of the Black (2CD version) Raven - All for One (the 2017 re-print w/bonus) Rage - From the Cradle to the Stage (2DVD+2CD) Therion - Secret of the Runes (original print) Blue Öyster Cult (the 1986 first CD pressing) Rage - Full Moon in St.Petersburg (CD+2DVD steelcase) Metal Church - The Dark (original 1986 CD print) Rage - The Early Years 6CD box (2017) Iced Earth - Incorruptible (digibook w/poster) Skyclad - Forward into the Past (jewelcase, and I suppose it's the only version) That's also essentially what I've been listening to lately. And some Wuthering Heights and Slough Feg etc.
  8. What albums for you are 10/10?

    I have currently 75 albums I'd personally rate 10/10 And they are all listed here: https://rateyourmusic.com/collection/Larmer28/r5.0
  9. CDs are still cool

    I buy CDs. Here's my collection: https://rateyourmusic.com/~Larmer28 I do rip them and put them on Google Play Music (it's free) so I can stream my collection anywhere. I hardly ever have to do that though, since I play my CDs at home (hifi system) and in the car (car stereo only plays CDs). I order a lot from Amazon. But also a lot of other online stores and there's still quite a few brick and mortar shops where I live.
  10. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    I got tickets to see Helloween and RAGE in February. I've seen Helloween multiple times, but I'm really excited to finally get to see Rage, another one of my absolute favourite bands ever. It's 2016, so it's been 20 years from this:
  11. Series is tied at 2. It's a best of three now, and Game 5 is Saturday night. I think Tampa's had a slight edge in play so far. But the margins are tiny. It's been back and forth.
  12. Hockey Super Weekend coming up. Two game 7s, both for a big trophy, and a chance to play for the biggest trophy of them all next week.
  13. Hawks @ Ducks game 2 in Triple OT now. I've got Kesler for the winner. Seabrook for the Hawks.
  14. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    Oh I have all his solo albums, a couple of them autographed. I've seen him live - awesome show, great frontman. Got a picture taken with him, too. Blaze is not just an awesome singer-songwriter, but a great guy as well. Having said that, King of Metal was kind of... well, bad. All the other solo albums before that were amazing though. Tenth Dimension was my favourite a long time until The Man Who Would Not Die came out. Now THAT is a monster album. Awesome, aggressive songs combined with a great sound and performance. But the others are very good, too. Silicon Messiah had the best set of songs. Just a little clinical sounding, but still great. Blood & Belief had the best band performance... just a really underrated band/musician. There definitely aren't enough Blaze Bayley fans around.