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  1. I thought I had enough of a grasp on how Rugby League works to play Rugby League Live 3, but judging on how many times the announcers talk about how dumb I am, I clearly do not. 

    1. Rocky


      I grew up on Union and League and I cannot play the games. It doesn't feel natural or have true flow to it.

    2. Yitzy


      @Rocky I actually got the hang of it, and it's pretty fun. I guess my problem is, I don't fully understand all the rules (especially when it comes to kicking) and/or I get confused and think I'm playing Madden and make a dumb mistake. 

      I watched the Rugby World League World Cup last year and got into it. I don't know why this isn't more popular in America.

  2. PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

    I like to consider myself a fairly informed person, but I had no idea Kosovo had an Olympic team.
  3. Actually, because of the time difference between Japan and Australia I've been able to watch a lot of Australian sports. I got into V8 Supercars and watched a little of the Rugby League World Cup.

  4. Australian Baseball, baby!

  5. Vince McMahon to relaunch the XFL

    Three things: 1) Last year, I bought an entire set of XFL lapel pins (all of the teams plus an XFL logo one) from some dude in Germany off of eBay. I feel like this made them a lot less cool (Were they ever cool? Not the debate here). 2) SIGN GOD DAMN JARED LORENZEN 3) Real talk: This needs to be an arena football league. Why? Arena football is a much faster game than normal football, and it's different enough where you can't compare it directly to the NFL. Arena football has been kind of floundering around in obscurity for a while (more on that later) but I think enough people will tune into the first game out of interest that a casual fan who has never seen it before, might find it interesting enough to stick around. The top league of arena football, the AFL, is really struggling. They're going to be down to four teams next season. The XFL will never top the NFL, but Vince could realistically own the top arena football league in America. Fuck it, Vince should just buy the AFL if he wants to own a football league so bad. I just really like arena football and want to see it become more popular.
  6. Hey buddy, you still around?


    1. Yitzy



      ps I think I'm gonna follow you on Instagram.


  8. The NHL.tv app for PS3 is bad and it should feel bad. 

  9. WMMA3 might be my favorite Ryland game. Sorry EWR.

  10. I'm livetweeting No Way Out 2002. Because why not.

    1. JTHNumbers2018


      The NWO return was pretty cool, until fans ruined it by randomly chanting for C.M. Punk :shifty:

    2. Yitzy


      I thought it was weird Hogan was like "god bless America" but then I realized that 9/11 happened like five months before.

      Also, this guy had a "Pillman 9:11" sign. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I feel like it's something in poor taste. :shifty: 

    3. Meacon


      I hate to break it to you, but No Way Out 2002 was fifteen years ago. No matter what the commentators say, they are most definitely live!

  11. I made a dumb wrestling Twitter. @MoppyNoDensetsu

  12. Playing NHL Legacy Edition and the Phoenix Coyotes decided to send me back to WHL for a season. Welp, time to simulate.

  13. Sorry for bumping an old thread, and this is probably a long shot, but a long time ago, someone made an EWR mod set into the future. Not like, flying car future, but maybe like 2030 something. Is there a chance that anyone out there still has this? I checked EWWarehouse but couldn't find it. Thanks for your time.
  14. End of the Year 2015

    Top album is probably Harmlessness. Second best is Beach Slang.