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  1. Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness

  2. nihilist

    WWE 2K19

    So that's why his and Moustache Mountain's regular theme is Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel!
  3. Brexit means Brexit, damn it!
  4. Finally, after 11 years of being on this forum, I have joined the elite...

    1. apsham


      Good, now you can sass as many regular members as you want without fear of being banned.

  5. You're thinking of April 1998, not 1997 The Outlaws started teaming in October '97 (so six months down the line)- around April, WWF were prepping Billy Gunn for the new gimmick of Honky Tonk Man's protege and Jesse Jam[m]es was doing sweet FA. Tag Champs were still Bulldog and Owen cos Bret wanted the belts kept on them to kick off the Hart Foundation angle on the biggest note possible.
  6. I've seen the finalized WCW roster, and I think I've already made this point before, but I think the overness of most of the midcard and the lower-midcard is far, far too low! My big example is Rey Mysterio Jr who is stuck in the lower-midcard on 55, when he should be at least 10 points more, if not reaching the 70s! He was well over in WCW- I know that the disparity between the main event and the rest of the card in WCW was massive, but those overness ratings are just ridiculous- if you played the scenario on easy in EWR 4.2, you'd be left with a really teeny WCW roster after just a few days play LOL!
  7. So shocked and saddened to hear this news... Velvet Underground were such an influential band and Lou himself is such an iconic performer that it's a great loss to rock music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHCHfne0CTs
  8. The most bizarre thing to happen to me so far (20% of the way through)...
  9. It's not Moyes that makes the bids. He picks the players and the CEO decides how much to bid for them. I heard he picks the prices of the pies, too. surely prawn sandwiches? Anyway, what is the deal with Mata not playing at Chelsea?
  10. I've recently been sorting out a scenario starting from August 1997 based on the original EWR '98 with tweaks and changing stats where required, as I'm planning a diary from that time period. It shouldn't be too bad really to change the details, because after all it's only two months or so. beforehand. Roster counts from the time period can be found at www.solie.org Click on the rosters tab at the side, then scroll down, et voila!
  11. As a Sky Blue fan (I know, I know!), I do feel sorry for Andy Thorn- he was promoted from within the club as a cost-saving measure and then when he did get the team playing good football, the club simply allowed the best players at the club to leave and then compounded that error by failing to invest in decent to good players who might have kept us in the Championship. We had some okish young players, yes, but they didn't have the necessary experience needed for the situation we found ourselves in. I also can't believe that Coventry are the first club to sack their manager this season, only three league games into a 46 game league and the timing also means that the new manager (whoever it may be) won't be able to spend any (if we've got some, that is) money in the transfer window.
  12. I'm a Coventry fan who saw Gael play regularly last season, and I thought he was pretty good, but after he got sent off in one game, his confidence and form really tailed off (then again, he was playing in a team that got relegated from the Championship). Nevertheless, he's a hard worker who could dispatch a lovely long ball, and I think he could develop even further at Newcastle... I just hope we've got a fair price for him
  13. I'm intrigued by this game and just wonder if it would run okish on a laptop?
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