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  1. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Idk whats worse usually: MNF or Thurs Night Football.
  2. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    0-16 here we come
  3. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I don't care and the fans don't care if they haven't fired a GM since the 70s Reese fucking blows and needs to go. This team is garbage. Fucking garbage. 0-4. Go fucking 0-16 at this rate. Get a top pick.
  4. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Oooh ooh! Cris Collinsworth duh!
  5. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I love my teams don't get me wrong but I'll be pissed off about it and than just move on lol. I'm already over the Giants loss and its been an hour or so. Now there are some losses that will sting for a long ass time no matter what (think the Miracle at the New Meadowlands) but at this point the season is over and you can sit back and laugh at the stupid Eli face or Ben MacAdipshits haircut. Giants may suck, but can always root for another team in the season. I root for the Raidahs success.
  6. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Honestly im not surprised anymore. giants always disappoint .. they had a huge weakness last year and did next to nothing to correct it.
  7. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    fuck the giants honestly
  8. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    I abandoned ship in the middle of last season. That was awful casting and when I saw advantagegeddon I was thankful I gave up on the season.
  9. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers **SPOILERS**

    Skipping out on this season - theme sucks, not feeling any of the cast and they really seem to be moving forward with too many twists/too many idols/BIG MOVEZ narrative thats tired and played out already.
  10. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Sergio Dipp is the greatest sideline reporter in sports history
  11. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Thank you Jerry Reese for addressing the Offensive Line
  12. 2017 College Football Thread

    greatest thing ive ever seen lmao
  13. General Television Thread

    So Narcos Season 3:
  14. 2017 College Football Thread

    I dont know why I get my hopes up with WVU in ranked games, let alone primetime games lol. At least Grier looked good. Defense meh...as always. Running game and O-line looked terribad