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  1. Because this isn't even fun to watch anymore. Just my personal view. 😕
  2. Have fun with the upcoming seasons guys. I'm done tuning in.
  3. The Lakers get LeBron. Interesting days
  4. These CF were the only series' of the NBA I followed all year in hopes to avoid a 4th Cavs/GSW series. I can't watch the final, if you are a Cavs or Warriors fan, I wish your team good luck.
  5. I REALLY like who the Giants picked in the 2nd round
  6. Alex.


    I binge watched the entire first season Friday night, really love how this show is funny but there is subliminal messages to it as well. Also Katt Williams comeback 2018.
  7. As a Giants fan this was one of the worst possible match ups but the game was great to watch. I don't know how, but the Eagles won me over as the game was going on to the point I was rooting hard for them. Congratulations to the Eagles and their fans, you've suffered long enough.
  8. Alex.

    Is Mad Men good?

    I actually just did a rewatch of the entire series because I don't remember the last season all that much. I enjoyed the show very much, S3, S4 and S5 I found to be excellent.
  9. It will be interesting to see what network if any will pick up the XFL. On one hand, this failed before so I don't have any hopes for it this time around but then again, as someone whose getting tired of the NFL in recent years, I wouldn't mind seeing the NFL get some competition. I could potentially see Barstool Sports getting involved in this project one way or another.
  10. if we get an eagles/pats superbowl i quit
  11. Ever watch a show when you were younger and then rewatch it when you are older and notice and realize things that went over your head the first time around because you were young and didn't understand? Me with Mad Men right now.
  13. Very violent game last night. *waits for NFL to schedule Steelers/Bengals in primetime for both meetings*

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