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  1. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    the shows not over yet!
  2. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    This Giants team is pathetic
  3. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    So its gonna be that kinda game
  4. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    Quitting and retiring at halftime...🤣
  5. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    They really drafted a RB with an awful O-Line. Perhaps the Jags are that good, but Giants line is trash Edit: Wow, what a run
  6. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    I would say there is plenty of time left in this Giants game, but after that Pick 6, this game is over.
  7. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    I will never, ever understand why Erick Flowers still has a starting job/roster spot.
  8. Alex.

    RIP Mac Miller

    His music takes me back to a specific time in my life - just growing up in high school and entering college. I will miss him
  9. The Wire...Randy from Season 4 last name is Wagstaff....Cheese last name is Wagstaff. da fuck
  10. Alex.

    NFL 2018

    Only guy on that last I liked was Manningham.
  11. Season 4 of Power. although that show is on quite a run with a good season 1, great season 2, mediocre season 3, awful season 4 and same old shit season 5
  12. Possible Spinoffs I wouldn't mind seeing I think? - Dance of the Dragons (Civil War with the Targs) - Blackfyre Rebellion - Aegon's Conquest An alternative universe where Stannis The Mannis, one of the strongest commanders in Westeros doesn't just walk to Winterfell with zero plan against Ramsay and his 20 good men and isn't killed by BRIENNEWINSLOL and instead wins Winterfell, wins the throne, and we all bend our knees as this happens. 😔
  13. Because this isn't even fun to watch anymore. Just my personal view. 😕
  14. Have fun with the upcoming seasons guys. I'm done tuning in.

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