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  1. LeBron and Kyrie:
  2. Hybrid Theory and Meteora >>>>>>> RIP Chester.
  3. I am trying to muscle thru this week by week but this episode this past week really aggravated me. Maybe because I chose to watch this at 9 instead of GoT I have no idea
  4. Bobby as a deputy has been a great and fulfilling surprise in this reboot.
  5. Aaron Judge is Summer 2002 Brock Lesnar
  6. I'd rather see the alphabet strategy any day over gamebots like zeke.
  7. I'm guessing the lack of variety in challenges is due to the budget cuts in the show? It is literally the same thing every time now. It gives you the feeling the show is on auto pilot and I hate that. I know budget cuts are one of the reasons why they keep filming in Fiji. Hell they keep using the same beaches for tribes now over and over. Maybe I am just outgrowing the show.
  8. I actually preferred the character base direction of the show. This past season I hated because it was just about strategy and there were other reasons why I hated it which I won't get into.
  9. RUMORED: Paul George traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.
  10. I was like wtf while watching the episode but twin peaks reddit with people posting theories and such helped put the pieces together for me and I can truly appreciate this episode as a peaks fan and as a student of film.
  11. Don't worry now that D-Rose is out of NY he will return to MVP form lol
  12. Incoming: Woj Bomb
  13. I read up on a lot of theories and such about last nights episode I think I have began to put the pieces together about it. I suggest you guys take a read on the Twin Peaks reddit if you are interested. Its a lot.
  14. Twin Peaks Tonight: