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  1. Just got back from vacation! Busy now with work though so SSBU League update coming when I can

    1. Molly


      Can everyone's favourite underdogs build on their longest ever winning streak of one in a row? :w00t:


    2. Molly
    3. JMarushin


      The Baja Blasters? I hope so!

  2. Got to meet Doug Bowser while I was still working for GameStop, he's a genuinely awesome dude and I'm fully confident Nintendo of America's gonna do great with him at the helm. Definitely going to miss Reggie, he was Nintendo of America's identity for more than a decade... was very sad to hear the news but happy that it was for all the right reasons at least.
  3. SSBU: League Playoffs & Faction Championships are up! Only one event left in the first season!

  4. Event #2 for the Smash Bros Ultimate League is now up. Check in out in the Cube today!

  5. Super Smash Bros Ultimate League's first Event of the Season has finished. Check it out in the Diary Cube!

  6. First round drafts in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate League have begun!

  7. Only four more sign-ups needed for my game in the Diary Cube to start! Interested? Sign up today!


  8. Want to play a game? Join mine in the Diary Cube today! Also, hey! I'm back again!

    1. Sousa


      ME: *checks thread*

  9. Been itching to write again recently. Might need to do something about that.

    1. Benji


      Get to it!

      Miss you xx

  10. Saw Wind River recently with my family. They’re up visiting from out of state and we wanted to catch a movie, and while this sort of movie isn’t generally my first choice (they wanted to see it, Lorina and I kinda just went along) I actually enjoyed it. Renner plays a good action hero — unsurprising given his work as Hawkeye — and his character’s background lends a different take on a hunter’s role in a murder mystery environment. Olsen, meanwhile, did an excellent job portraying an out-of-her-depth FBI agent seeking the truth, and gave a very raw and realistic performance overall. There were some moments that felt forced, and others uncomfortably ran longer than maybe they needed to; however, on the whole I’d say it was a good movie, and delivered where it needed to in action and emotion. The pacing of the story was steady, and kept things moving without feeling rushed. Without spoiling with specifics, I would say the only point that broke the pace for me and felt jarring was the ‘big reveal’ moment, as it wasn’t fully established what was happening when it did. I still wouldn’t have sought it out to watch, and it’s not in any personal ‘top movies of 2017’ list for me, but yeah. It was a good movie overall, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an action flick with a darker story.

    1. Rukaru Shida

      Rukaru Shida

      He lives in like...Seattle now.

    2. The Mask of Norro

      The Mask of Norro

      HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS I oh yeah I was gone for awhile there. It’s good! Really good actually. Also Ruki I’m not in Seattle but I AM very close to it.

  12. Miss you guys!!

    Also you should play Undertale.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kaney


      Up yours, Norris.

    3. AnTEOLnio Inoki

      AnTEOLnio Inoki

      Already on it Norris.

    4. Sousa


      I miss you too. I'll try using a scope next time.

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