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  1. Just got back from vacation! Busy now with work though so SSBU League update coming when I can

    1. Molly


      Can everyone's favourite underdogs build on their longest ever winning streak of one in a row? :w00t:


    2. Molly





    3. JMarushin


      The Baja Blasters? I hope so!

  2. Got to meet Doug Bowser while I was still working for GameStop, he's a genuinely awesome dude and I'm fully confident Nintendo of America's gonna do great with him at the helm. Definitely going to miss Reggie, he was Nintendo of America's identity for more than a decade... was very sad to hear the news but happy that it was for all the right reasons at least.
  3. SSBU: League Playoffs & Faction Championships are up! Only one event left in the first season!

  4. Event #2 for the Smash Bros Ultimate League is now up. Check in out in the Cube today!

  5. Super Smash Bros Ultimate League's first Event of the Season has finished. Check it out in the Diary Cube!

  6. First round drafts in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate League have begun!

  7. Only four more sign-ups needed for my game in the Diary Cube to start! Interested? Sign up today!


  8. Want to play a game? Join mine in the Diary Cube today! Also, hey! I'm back again!

    1. Sousa


      ME: *checks thread*

  9. Been itching to write again recently. Might need to do something about that.

    1. Benji


      Get to it!

      Miss you xx

  10. Saw Wind River recently with my family. They’re up visiting from out of state and we wanted to catch a movie, and while this sort of movie isn’t generally my first choice (they wanted to see it, Lorina and I kinda just went along) I actually enjoyed it. Renner plays a good action hero — unsurprising given his work as Hawkeye — and his character’s background lends a different take on a hunter’s role in a murder mystery environment. Olsen, meanwhile, did an excellent job portraying an out-of-her-depth FBI agent seeking the truth, and gave a very raw and realistic performance overall. There were some moments that felt forced, and others uncomfortably ran longer than maybe they needed to; however, on the whole I’d say it was a good movie, and delivered where it needed to in action and emotion. The pacing of the story was steady, and kept things moving without feeling rushed. Without spoiling with specifics, I would say the only point that broke the pace for me and felt jarring was the ‘big reveal’ moment, as it wasn’t fully established what was happening when it did. I still wouldn’t have sought it out to watch, and it’s not in any personal ‘top movies of 2017’ list for me, but yeah. It was a good movie overall, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an action flick with a darker story.
  11. Miss you guys!!

    Also you should play Undertale.

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    2. Kaney


      Up yours, Norris.

    3. KisenosaTEOL


      Already on it Norris.

    4. Sousa


      I miss you too. I'll try using a scope next time.

  12. Miss you guys! Still lurking, just... so, so busy these days :/

    1. SeanDMan


      Finish Supremacy.

    2. Sousa



  13. I'm going to admit that I don't follow football as much as I'd like to right now -- usually start paying attention around playoffs -- but I have to ask those of you in the know: what are the chances of the Texans doing anything significant next season? It's hard being a fan of Houston when our team can't ever hope of touching notoriety. Someone please give me a reason to hope again
  14. Was able to get the messenger bag and the puzzle. Super happy I was able to snag those, was worried they'd be gone by the time the site was DONE FUCKING LOADING. Navigating it these past few days has been hell to say the least. On a different note! Anyone else got a good Amiibo collection going? I have the entire Smash series so far (including Rosalina & Luma and Lucario) and I'm planning to get Toad from the Super Mario line. No plans to resell or anything, just getting one of each for my own display and use. Love the things but it's definitely an expensive hobby in the long run.
  15. Echoing SRR here... Death Parade is fucking fantastic. The intro alone is worth watching the show, but the show has done a LOT for only three episodes so far. Love the concept and I love the way the stories come together -- that first episode's ending left me so pissed but it left me wanting more -- and I'm definitely excited to see where it all goes from here.
  16. EWB Inbox Status: 1844 Conversations out of 250 message limit. I think I might be a hoarder.

    1. EddieG


      Those 1844 messages still contains less reading material than one Norro post.

    2. DMN
  17. Yeah... sticking with UFC 2009 in the end. Best career mode in my opinion, and I have nostalgia goggles for the gameplay because I remember playing it on our demo unit back before it came out and loving it, and then buying it and putting countless hours in with friends. 2010 was a great improvement on gameplay overall and UFC Undisputed was best for it, but both suffered in the career mode and this new one just feels too clunky for me. UFC '09 definitely had more going for it overall than the rest for me. It really does look mostly the same comparing to Undisputed, too. You can tell graphically that it's better but, in all honesty, not by that much. Striking game is really weak too, you can hit a full on strike to the center of the face and it just slides off and the game reacts to it like a glancing blow. Was worth checking it out, but I'm glad I didn't drop $60 on it. I can't see myself being happy with that purchase if I did.
  18. Took a two week vacation with Lorina, went off to Nashville. Capped it off by going to see Distant Worlds, the Final Fantasy Symphony Orchestra. Completely amazing :D

  19. I hear talk there's some minors here what need a throttlin'.

    1. King Ellis

      King Ellis

      Is the Norro symbol just a bunch of silhouetted words spilling out from the spot light?

    2. Sousa


      Oh good, you got my message.

      Here you go.

  20. Watching TwitchPlaysPokemon is more addicting than it has any right to be.

    1. Jasonmufc


      It's a train crash in slow motion.

      It's just cringe inducing most of the time, but I feel compelled to keep watching.

    2. Benji


      Now's not the time to use that!

  21. Next day off is Monday-- got a 6 day workweek next week for the XBox One. Want to try and arrange a game for then? Fair warning: haven't played Battlefield in ages now, so I'll probably be a bit rusty at first. I'll try and get some practice in before then to get back to old standards
  22. PSN ID: MaskOfNorro Got my system today after I got out of work and have everything set up. So many games already!! Got Battlefield and Madden installed, Knack and Killzone I'll probably put in tomorrow and then I'll likely wind up picking up NFS: Rivals since the free copy I got I gave to an employee of mine. So freaking excited!! Already loving the new UI too. I know people were hating on the similarities to the Windows layout but I've always been a fan of simplicity (visually that is, verbally... well, you guys know). I just wish there was more of a reason to have this touchpad on my controller because I was expecting to be able to swipe and click using it on the main screen and it's literally sitting there doing nothing instead. Anyone know if there's an option for that or is it completely useless on the main screen?
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