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  1. How did someone propose a hazard which means that the audience, roboteers and judges can't see what's going on and how did someone else not suggest that might be a bit rubbish?
  2. Vamp

    Doctor Who

    I can't help but think that some of those Daily Mail comments are people being sarcastic anyway.
  3. Vamp

    Doctor Who

    After the announcement of the last Doctor felt far too showbizzy they manage to go in the complete opposite direction and make it seem entirely inconsequential. Thats not a comment on who it is, just the way they announced it.
  4. Vamp

    Doctor Who

    I think it's a stretch to suggest that RTD's cliffhangers are much worse than the ones under Moffat. Lest we forget that Moffat has had love save the day and set up the Doctor's name as the mystery of the show and sort of hand waved it off into there being a secret Doctor. Not that you should reveal the Doctor's real name and of course it's a really boring plot point anyway. Both are guilty of having bad resolutions, if you even think that is a crime when doing Doctor Who. I think it's sometimes part of the charm in all honesty. I still think Series 6 is the worst series of the revival. Which is odd because individual episodes in it are great but overall it's a painful slog. The Pirate episode being utterly dismal and the only live transmission of an episode where I felt like giving up. And everything that happens to Amy feels like it should have a far bigger character response than it does.
  5. Vamp

    Doctor Who

    Apparently there will be a trailer for the rest of the series after the first episode. After the trailer there'll be a spoiler warning and then they'll show a huge spoiler about an upcoming episode. You'll then have the choice to watch it and find out what it is or close your eyes. I'm assuming it has something to do with what DFF spoiled above but i haven't read it... I'm not sure i like the idea of showing a spoiler on telly, it sounds okay offering the viewer a choice but if it is genuinely a big deal you'll probably just get it spoiled for you another way...
  6. To be honest i think its probably more interesting than some of the duller Grand Tour episodes. Certainly feels a lot more natural than anything on that show.
  7. Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments has somewhat similar interrogation scenes. You can call suspects out on evidence that doesn't add up and also adds a disappointingly simple mode where you analyse people's appearances to form assumptions.
  8. Vamp

    Doctor Who

    I actually thought the last series (bar the last episode) was one of the best new series and that was built largely on then tailoring it more to his talents. I'd have been very interested to see what he would have done under a new head writer.
  9. Vamp

    Doctor Who

    Spare Parts is something of an origin story for the Cybermen and is all sorts of brilliant. Davros with Doctor Six is quite good too.
  10. I could do with something like this. I work in a library and last year some of us did one review of a book a month (always based around a different category) but I ended up burning out on reading after hosting a couple of author talks towards the end of the year and not giving myself enough prep time. Setting myself a number target for the whole year might work a lot better.
  11. I'm a librarian and we're all doing a big Roald Dahl thing for the summer reading challenge but I honestly don't remember reading any as a child. Possibly because my mother steered me away from them. I should probably fill the gap at some point.
  12. Vamp

    Doctor Who

    I dunno, I could see it being just as likely that an American Doctor would actually be played by a well respected British actor doing an accent.

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