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  1. Latest course 2C1B-0000-00C6-6932
  2. Not my level, but if you want a challenge - A858-0000-0091-28A9
  3. there are ledges so you dont have to blind jump. Also beaten all of Sousa's levels
  4. Nice level. Ive done a few myself. 561A-0000-00B2-6F5D Is my latest.
  5. In UK you need a code from Smyths toystore, which sucks cause i dont live near one. Theres a shiny Pikachu code from Smyths as well apparently.
  6. this is a no win situation for sauber, whats to stop nasr or Ericsson taking sauber to court if they get dropped.
  7. i always thought Luxray should of been dark/electic. defently has the right look for it espically since it learns bite and crunch
  8. Just about to take on the 5th gym Current team Sceptile lvl 37 Swellow lvl 36 Octillery lvl 36 Metang lvl 35 Litwick lvl 33 Manectric lvl 28 Friend code is 0748-3007-4322
  9. I've cleared a load of people as well so you can add me if ya like.
  10. Some people must play this 10 -12 hours a day to get the score they have. No life what so ever.
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