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  1. WWE All-Stars

    WWE All Stars - £19.99 - One Day only on Game.co.uk
  2. Pokémon

    Love it! Traded my Pansage for Snivy on GTS time to start levelling up as I need a Grass in my team! Haha one fight in the wild with Snivy getting XP share and it grew from lvl 1 - 15 in one fight! Team at the moment Emboar - 36 Krokorok - 33 Palpitoad - 32 Archen - 31 Joltik - 25 Snivy - 19
  3. Pokémon

    Team at the moment - Just past Route 4 - Lvl 19 - Lvl 24 - Lvl 22 - Lvl 22 - Lvl 25 - Lvl 21 Got quite a few in bank that I might be bringing in to train up including - Throh, Venipede and Sandile. As I said add me via 3181-5792-3257 please send me your friend code too so we can trade or battle!
  4. Pokémon

  5. Pokémon

    Beat the first gym leader team at the moment is: Tepig - Lvl 14 Patrat - Lvl 10 Lillipup - Lvl 12 Pansage - Lvl 12 Pildove - LVl 11 Roggenrola - Lvl 10 Friend Code is 3181 5792 3257 if you want to add me!
  6. Pokémon

    Just picked up a DSi and Pokemon White so going to give it a whirl over the coming days. Will have to set up my wireless to WEP though to be able to connect! Also does the DSi have a infrared port?
  7. Nintendo Megathread

    So after having my DS stolen last year I've not really got around to replacing it. I'm thinking about getting a DS Lite (I don't really need a camera and the 3D version isn't something which really appeals to me) but reckon come next Friday when 3DS is out the Lite is going to go cheaper than the £69.99 its selling for now. Any games that can be picked up rather cheaply I've missed in recent months that I should pick up.
  8. EA Sports MMA

    still got this in the wrapping as it unfortunately joined my vast back-log of games. Might whip it out this weekend and give it a whirl! Hopefully it's a bit different to UFC Undisputed, loved it but don't want to be playing a carbon copy.
  9. is watching ECW One Night Stand 2006!

  10. legs are in pieces, played 3 football games in 4 days and have another tomorrow!

  11. The "I Miss X Game" Thread

    There are a few on the DS, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Secret Files: Tunguska & Professor Layton come to mind.
  12. The "I Miss X Game" Thread

    WWF No Mercy - Best wrestling game to date, still got a copy of it with my N64 up in the loft. Might have to bring it down at some point!
  13. Football Manager 2011

    I feel sorry for the commentator that has to say that name!
  14. first show up for Excellence not too sure on the layout though!

    1. ElTiburon


      It's a good layout. And it's pretty easy to read.

    2. Rocky


      I'm sure it's a good read, but I'm not a big reader... Could you put a show recap at the bottom of the show for the lazier of us :D.

      I have read the back-story though. Looks promising

    3. chazmers


      yeah i'll put in it as a spoiler bit at the bottom. Cheers for the feedback guys

  15. Excellence has gone live...now to make sure EWR doesn't screw me over!

    1. OctoberRavenO


      Every time you say that, a main eventer blows out his knee.

    2. chazmers


      well already lost one main eventer due to TNA going global!