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  1. WWE All-Stars

    WWE All Stars - £19.99 - One Day only on Game.co.uk
  2. Pokémon

    Love it! Traded my Pansage for Snivy on GTS time to start levelling up as I need a Grass in my team! Haha one fight in the wild with Snivy getting XP share and it grew from lvl 1 - 15 in one fight! Team at the moment Emboar - 36 Krokorok - 33 Palpitoad - 32 Archen - 31 Joltik - 25 Snivy - 19
  3. Pokémon

    Team at the moment - Just past Route 4 - Lvl 19 - Lvl 24 - Lvl 22 - Lvl 22 - Lvl 25 - Lvl 21 Got quite a few in bank that I might be bringing in to train up including - Throh, Venipede and Sandile. As I said add me via 3181-5792-3257 please send me your friend code too so we can trade or battle!
  4. Pokémon

  5. Pokémon

    Beat the first gym leader team at the moment is: Tepig - Lvl 14 Patrat - Lvl 10 Lillipup - Lvl 12 Pansage - Lvl 12 Pildove - LVl 11 Roggenrola - Lvl 10 Friend Code is 3181 5792 3257 if you want to add me!
  6. Pokémon

    Just picked up a DSi and Pokemon White so going to give it a whirl over the coming days. Will have to set up my wireless to WEP though to be able to connect! Also does the DSi have a infrared port?
  7. Nintendo Megathread

    So after having my DS stolen last year I've not really got around to replacing it. I'm thinking about getting a DS Lite (I don't really need a camera and the 3D version isn't something which really appeals to me) but reckon come next Friday when 3DS is out the Lite is going to go cheaper than the £69.99 its selling for now. Any games that can be picked up rather cheaply I've missed in recent months that I should pick up.
  8. EA Sports MMA

    still got this in the wrapping as it unfortunately joined my vast back-log of games. Might whip it out this weekend and give it a whirl! Hopefully it's a bit different to UFC Undisputed, loved it but don't want to be playing a carbon copy.
  9. is watching ECW One Night Stand 2006!

  10. legs are in pieces, played 3 football games in 4 days and have another tomorrow!

  11. The "I Miss X Game" Thread

    There are a few on the DS, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Secret Files: Tunguska & Professor Layton come to mind.
  12. The "I Miss X Game" Thread

    WWF No Mercy - Best wrestling game to date, still got a copy of it with my N64 up in the loft. Might have to bring it down at some point!
  13. Football Manager 2011

    I feel sorry for the commentator that has to say that name!
  14. first show up for Excellence not too sure on the layout though!

    1. Los ElTiburones de Japon

      Los ElTiburones de Japon

      It's a good layout. And it's pretty easy to read.

    2. Rocky


      I'm sure it's a good read, but I'm not a big reader... Could you put a show recap at the bottom of the show for the lazier of us :D.

      I have read the back-story though. Looks promising

    3. chazmers


      yeah i'll put in it as a spoiler bit at the bottom. Cheers for the feedback guys

  15. Excellence has gone live...now to make sure EWR doesn't screw me over!

    1. OctoberRavenO


      Every time you say that, a main eventer blows out his knee.

    2. chazmers


      well already lost one main eventer due to TNA going global!