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  1. St. Dubb

    The Flash

    Spoilers since I don't know how far BK is into the season based on his comments but regarding Green Arrow losing to Cicada..
  2. St. Dubb


    This season had a few moments (the prison riot episode is one of the better episodes in the entire series, imo) but overall I felt it was the weakest of the Arrowverse shows this season.
  3. Yeah according to what I read, the re-release is next weekend.
  4. St. Dubb


    Flash, Arrow, then Supergirl is the Elseworlds order.
  5. New trailer dropped this morning...link in spoilers since I'm not sure what really qualifies as a spoiler. But definitely don't watch the trailer if you haven't seen End Game (there is a warning in the video too!)
  6. Wow...just wow... That one has a lot of Razzie nominations to look forward to, I feel.
  7. Having to wait until tomorrow is the worst.
  8. I am pretty sure in Infinity War, Peter says they were on the bus going to the Museum of Modern Art in NY.
  9. After watching last week's Legends of Tomorrow, I really wish I could go back and change my vote for Best New Character in our TV show rankings to Hank Heywood. Tom Wilson has been so much fun as a guest star. And as it relates to last week's episode....
  10. Sureeeee ya don't have that info Netflix, sure ya don't.
  11. With that in mind, speculation/theory about Toy Story 4 below in the spoiler.
  12. I'm not crying, you're crying.
  13. Captain Marvel: Thought it was good, maybe not as high on it as others but I'd say a solid 7.5/10 would probably be where I put it. But I am definitely pumped for End Game at this point. Spoilery thoughts below
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