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  1. Nora would probably get my vote too...however, she technically debuted during the Crossover in November 2017 on Crisis on Earth-X during the wedding.
  2. That was great. You could tell she was having a lot of fun with this episode. She won’t get it but she deserves some Emmy attention for this episode
  3. I like it when trailers actually spoil very little...so glad to see this one didn't give much of anything away while still pumping me up at the same time. Not a fan of the title, but they could've called it literally anything and they'd have my money.
  4. Since Netflix doesn't publish its viewers numbers, for all we know Friends gets 10's of millions of views and that's why they decided to do that. A lot of shows popular to the internet/critical successes don't always translate into ratings on broadcast/cable TV...so for all we know, the critic darling shows on Netflix aren't bringing in the viewership that a show like Friends is for them. Similar to how Big Bang Theory continues to be the most watched show on TV every year despite it being close to universally hated (maybe exaggerating here but you get it) on the internet.
  5. St. Dubb


    That was one of best episodes in a long time and has some of the best action you'll see on network TV.
  6. Source material is the comic Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, not the TV show which was based on the comic Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I'm guessing there's definitely a lot of people out there very confused if they start watching expecting a family friendly sitcom.
  7. St. Dubb


    Haven't watched episode 2 yet, but for Episode 1..
  8. We're neighbors! Oh and woo to a new season of Legends of Tomorrow, tonight!
  9. Speaking of DC movies - James Gunn has signed on to write and probably direct the Suicide Squad sequel...
  10. Yeah, she is definitely awful...I'd say maybe it'll get better with time, but she has a big uphill battle ahead of her. I really hated the recasting news from the get-go. Would've been better just to write her off somehow, which admittedly would be difficult if you're going to keep Kyle around (which you have to - best part of the show). And yeah on the other hand, I probably wouldn't even realized Boyd had been recast if I didn't already know.
  11. It was pretty lame NBC aired a commercial for the Thursday line up next week and it included a spot for The Good Place that spoiled the big cliffhanger appearance at the end of the premiere.
  12. Everything after Season 1 of Heroes (which I would put in the other thread of best seasons ever) is absolutely terrible. Including the reboot/revival.
  13. I echo the final season of HIMYM. Even if some of it wasn't that bad, the finale ruined not just the entire season, making the main storyline from that season mute and extremely pointless - but it also ruined the entire show to the point where I won't even watch reruns of the good seasons.
  14. I'd also echo 24 S1, Lost S1, and Heroes S1. Not mentioned so far, I'd say Arrow S2 and Flash S2

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