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  1. VOD also has the added benefit of being available for 48 hours so you can watch it as many times as you want instead of having to pay for another ticket if you go back the next day to see it again - a rare occurrence for the most part but some people were watching End Game multiple times in theaters in a short period of time. Honestly, I've been saying for a couple years now I would pay more than $20 for VOD if it was a movie I really wanted to see because my wife and I never have time to go out and when we do not only do we fork out the 12 bucks a pop for a ticket (more depending on the theater we go to), but we're also paying at least 10/hr on babysitting too. So $20 for a VOD rental from the comfort of my own couch is a steal for us. I'd love to see this adopted more so I'm thoroughly on Universal's side here.
  2. Yeah, I lost mine when I was 9 and the ending definitely got me pretty good too.
  3. From what I read, it was over creative differences. He wanted it to be an R rated, true horror movie while Feige didn't want to go that far.
  4. That is the prevailing theory/rumor on the interwebs
  5. The movie literally just finished filming, so they were probably very limited in what they could use to make a trailer out of as well especially with things related to CGI and FXs. Ghostbusters is my favorite movie and I for one am intrigued by the possible new tone though and am just glad we're ignoring anything that happened in 2016.
  6. Definitely not what I was expecting but I kind of love the vibe so far. But in reality, they had me at Paul Rudd.
  7. After a bit of a slow start this season, I really enjoyed last night's episode. It does usually take the show 3-4 episodes to really get going each season so I'm excited to see where we go from here.
  8. Yeah, I agree - it felt like it should've been an hour long episode since it was a lot of build up without much of a pay off. Even the ending of the episode was very flat and episode endings are The Good Place's strength. But it looks like it's a two part episode so it kind of is supposed to be part of an hour long episode...so I have high hopes for this week.
  9. St. Dubb

    The Flash

    Spoilers since I don't know how far BK is into the season based on his comments but regarding Green Arrow losing to Cicada..
  10. St. Dubb


    This season had a few moments (the prison riot episode is one of the better episodes in the entire series, imo) but overall I felt it was the weakest of the Arrowverse shows this season.
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