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  1. I watched Untouchable. It was pretty uncomfortable to hear some of the first-hand accounts about what Harvey Weinstein did. Guy's a real piece of shit.
  2. Whoops, got that all wrong
  3. This is what's on the Wiki page of the show, at least: So I guess it has nothing to do with the original story, which in a way is a good thing.
  4. Then have him come back as Robocop, right?!
  5. Sure, I wouldn't mind getting shafted out of the playoffs again at the last week
  6. To be fair to those 14-15 people, they would all still have McGregor ranked third, with Helwani and Okamoto (both ESPN and therefore now basically in-house UFC journalists) probably ranking him just behind Khabib, on the pretext that he's the ex-champ. It's basically just there for aesthetic purposes, anyway.
  7. Detective Pikachu wasn't anything amazing, but it was hella' fun. Wished I watched it at the cinema.
  8. You should tell your friend superheroes aren't real :/
  9. Khabib is easily the best MMA grappler I've ever seen.
  10. Rocketman was ruddy fantastic.
  11. Looks like we might not be getting Masvidal / Diaz because we can't ever have nice things in MMA.
  12. La La Land was bloody fantastic. Loved every bit of it.
  13. I need to watch the second season of that. The first season was really good.
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