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  1. Yeah, though unfortunately he'll still be behind Lawler if Robbie beats Colby, and if he doesn't, then Masvidal is in front of him. If Robbie wins, though, he'll hopefully be getting the Gambred sweepstakes since Masvidal hasn't finished showing him the entire menu so far.
  2. It's ridiculous how excited I am for that movie. However, Chiwetel Ejiofor does a very, very bad Be Prepared Maybe it's just different, or maybe I just love the original so damn much.
  3. Rewatched Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 the past two days. It's fucking criminal that this show wasn't renewed past two seasons. Also, I wonder how this past decade of single-camera sitcoms will be remembered as we head into the 2020's, and if it'll be as fondly remembered as I think of it now. There's been some absolutely great ones that was basically in that sweet spot period of my life where I'm in college and uni and basically have as much time as possible to watch all of this. Community, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, the Goldbergs, Modern Family, The Office, Broad City, I could go on and on. It's going to be weird as with the next gen of streaming television basically taking over, this is a decade where a lot of shows would have probably thrived even longer on Netflix or Amazon.
  4. Hemsworth's character was fantastic. What a fucking scumbag of a person. I loathed him in all the right ways. That movie was pretty fun. Erivo's performance there I thought was better than the one she gave in Widows.
  5. Is this season 3? I found season 2 to still be quite strong, but haven't gotten around to season 3 yet. Neither have I started Big Little Lies season 2. What I have been doing is rewatching Modern Family, the first season is still so fucking strong. Comparing that to its later seasons is really night and day for me. The last season had some few really good ones, though. However, I still manage to laugh out loud at some of the truly ridiculous shit from season 1 ("Turn it off." "I can't turn it off, it's who I am!" "Not you, the music!" is still one of the funniest exchanges in all of TV). Speaking of comedies from ten years ago:
  6. It's almost like it's smart career management! What a preposterous way to go about your business!
  7. Kind of crazy to imagine that they were teammates 7 years ago. Feels like only a couple of years. People will underestimate the Rockets, but they'll probably be a 4th or 5th seed again, Westbrook is just the kind of player they love to have, plus he actually can defend.
  8. Finally finished When They See Us last night, fuck that was absolutely incredible.
  9. GotG Vol. 3 I guess got pushed back since they tried to fire the director for some ridiculous reason, right?
  10. Those have basically what the Spider-Man and Ant Man films have been and all four have both been great. Do we know when they are going to announce the next phase? When is SDCC?
  11. Lakers are definitely one of those teams that could win the chip, I don't think anyone has said otherwise. Especially with Boogie just recently joining them on a one year deal. Hopefully they implode and shit the bed, that'd be fantastic to see.
  12. Yeah I feel the same as Lars, due to my life being a giant shithole for the past one year or so, I have so much catching up to do. The fact that I haven't seen the most recent season of AoS, iZombie and the Handmaid's Tale, all of which used to be appointment viewing for me, is like one silver lining. I'll probably put it off and just rewatch more B99, though :/
  13. I'm so happy about this, because fuck the Lakers and am glad they don't get to monopolise the West. There's legitimately 9 or 10 teams that can win the league this season and that's so cool.
  14. I watched it all in one sitting if I remember correctly. Just absolutely magnificent.
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