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  1. Does anyone even care about de Randemie or her title anymore? Cyborg has already moved on to Megan Anderson or the absolutely shit Angela Magana it seems. It's actually interesting who I would want Cyborg to maul more, de Randemie or Magana.
  2. Just found out that the guy that played Aziz's cousin in the Religion episode is his little cousin Harris! You know, this one:
  3. On the question of who will fund them after season 5, my guess is that Bighead will somehow gain control of his money or something and fund them, because the writers love extracting humour from Bighead and making him the unlikely guy to succeed all the time. EDIT: Also, am I the only one that is watching the Handmaid's Tale? I get that it's hard to come by, but holy shit, this week's episode was bonkers!
  4. Are you saying Game Changers was the Charlotte Flair of Survivor? Also, am with TCD, hated how Varner got the last moment, not to mention shilling his book? WTF was that. If not Zeke, should have ended on Ozzie's speech.
  5. Lol, the last five minutes of the finale was utter bullshit. Everything in between was convoluted and unnecessary, most of the time, but at least the action was fun and I think the emotional beats landed fairly well. But oh my god, that fucking finale cliffhanger can go to hell. So magnificently stupid. Oh, and the Killer Frost stuff was really good, though. Major props for that.
  6. Man, that Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale was fun! I really hope they don't end this arc in just the first few episodes like the beginning of this season, this has so much potential for a ton of original comedy.
  7. Cleveland all the way. The Warriors are boring and can fuck off.
  8. Whitaker / Romero are facing each other at UFC 213 for the interim middleweight championship, because... why not, I guess. Have one contender knock another off and hope you can make that absolute trash of a superfight in GSP / Bisping. Also, holy tone deafness, UFC & Reebok. They gave out a coupon code for 50% off for a ONE-TIME PURCHASE at The fighters have to use apply the promo code at the check out page
  9. Was Covenant good? I only started watching this franchise just so I could watch Covenant, but now I don't feel like shelling out cinema money for it, so will probably stream it when it's available. This next couple of weeks has so much stuff coming out, though. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy, Wonder Woman, Rough Night, Baywatch, The House, plus the Circle and Colossal is already out. July looks worse, though
  10. Batman vs Superman was an embarrassment of a movie. I honestly have never wasted my time as much as I did watching that piece of shit.
  11. Did he confirm he's retiring? Fuck this day man Honestly, we were probably never going to win this season anyway, but I'm still proud to be a Spurs fan with how much we fought.
  12. Oh yeah, that was kinda' funny. It's always extra funny when LeBron suddenly doesn't show up in the post-season, especially right after bragging about not giving a damn about the regular season.