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  1. First Man was incredible! Saw it in IMAX, well worth it.
  2. It's terribly unimaginative, isn't it? Like, I can't even comprehend how Tom Hardy must have been sleeping his way through the whole thing. He looked incredibly uninterested.
  3. Not crap at all, it's one of the best shows on TV
  4. Venom was just kinda' boring, wasn't it?
  5. A Simple Favor was great! If I had kept a list of my favorite movies this year, it would easily make my top 5 right now.
  6. The Haunting of Hill House is getting some seriously good reviews and it's probably going to be the only Halloween-y thing I do this year. Looks like a banger.
  7. The fact that the Flash is in its fifth season seems crazy to me. Still remember when it was so bizarre seeing that costume on TV every week in live action.
  8. UFC putting on a circus in 24 hours. Was fun.
  9. That time span where UFC was looked at as a professional organisation was only because the people involved weren't as big names as the ones right now. They still had a plethora of scumbags on their roster, Dana didn't enforce shit, the names just weren't popular. Unfortunately, combat sports is filled with people like this, and it's the easiest sell to non-hardcore fans. The people of Dagestan never seem to be ones you should take lightly. They basically grew up in hell, I'm not surprised something like this happened. Khabib is an animal. I can't even imagine having just finished almost four rounds of world class fighting, then deciding to jump, literally, into a three-on-one brawl with three killers outside the cage. What a crazy, disturbing, individual. You mean besides a man losing his opportunity to make some money because his opponent went and did something insanely stupid? Yeah, okay.
  10. Khabib is also a gross piece of shit, with ties all the way to Kadyrov and Putin. Combat sports is filled with gross people. The history of sports is littered with stuff like brawls happening. Everything is 95% of the way to being like WWE if that were the case.
  11. And it was fucking glorious. Sapp was too tired to walk towards the guy and finish him, and the guy was too tired to do anything but stumble away from Sapp. Both men received yellow cards for inactivity. It was peak Bob Sapp.
  12. Imagine being the kind of dumbo that pays for a UFC PPV in this day and age, when I think every one this year has had a main or co-main event fall apart. Not to mention that half the title fights are for made up interim belts, which the person wins and then doesn't get to face the champ. The UFC better be praying to every deity they can put their hands on that Conor and Khabib don't fall through. Oh, and the last PPV did only 130K estimated buys. That's insane to me.
  13. Honestly, if they wanted to use another Batman character, Ace is right there. Now there's a license to print money.

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