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  1. Honestly felt the last two episodes of Crisis was a huge letdown. Just a whole lot of not much actually happening, and fight scenes were absolutely abysmal.
  2. For everyone's own sanity, I think we should all just not recognize the spin-offs as existing at all. Venom was not good, and this Morbius does not look good either.
  3. I'm really confused. Why are we saying that the Spider-Man movies are not a part of the MCU? They're heavily referenced both within the Avengers and other standalone MCU films (Far From Home was the last one, but I'm sure it'll effect future movies with the huge reveal at the end).
  4. I don't think there's any way the director award does not go to either Marty or Tarantino. Both their films and the media follow-up to them are the exact kind of shit other directors love. Wouldn't be surprised if most of them think that Tarantino should get one because all the big American directors should.
  5. What I've seen of 1917 has given me Dunkirk vibes. Is that accurate? I loved Dunkirk because I saw it in a theatre built for IMAX.
  6. Also this is absolutely fantastic. Elsie Fisher is lovely.
  7. It was over 40 minutes long and not part of a series so I considered it a film Have you not seen it yet?
  8. I think when Roma got nominated it spoke to at least the fact that they were finally realising that your movie doesn’t have to be released in a theatre to be considered “cinema”.
  9. I really need to see Jojo Rabbit, 1917 and Knives Out. Is Ford v Ferrari good? It looks incredibly boring.
  10. Little Women is fantastic. I was halfway through the Lighthouse, and the first 20 minutes or so are certainly something, but I was watching it half-asleep so am going to get around to watching it in full sometime soon.
  11. Most nominations are based off of name value, anyway, so the longer you've been around, the higher the chance of you getting nominated because of how established you are. It's why Anthony Hopkins is nominated for basically just existing while being filmed during the Two Popes, or Kathy Bates is nominated for one of the biggest wankfests Eastwood has directed in a while. I loved Marriage Story, the Irishman and Little Women, but getting two nominations each seems excessive when there's a billion other acting credits out there. Out of the twenty acting nominations available, there are only 13 movies, so almost half of them are from the same movies. Ali Wong, Park So-dam, Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Taylor Russell, Awkwafina, Jimmie Fails, Eddie Murphy, Kelvin Harrison Jr, I dunno, just felt like they didn't have to give Leo or Pacino another nomination. Due to Oscar nominations leading to more work for actors, I feel like it shouldn't just be a small select group of people that seem to be nominated frequently off the back of stronger performances from previous years, getting nominated for less stellar work they do in the current year. And the directing and best film category, massive eurgh. It's like the Academy Awards are only for old white men.
  12. More like Oscarssoboring. The same old shit getting nominated for, well, the same old shit. I can't tell which double punch of white bland acting nominations is worse, the Two Popes or Bombshell.
  13. Those girls are really fit. I know nothing about the show, but that girl Amber Gill gives me all kinds of embarrassing feelings.
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