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  1. Regina King is absolutely killing it. She's the perfect protagonist for this show. That baby thing freaked the shit out of me, almost made me forget that I saw Lube Man like 15 minutes earlier. Jeremy Irons just absent-mindedly tossing screaming babies in a river, wow. Next week's Looking Glass-centric episode is gonna' be one I watch with trepidation, for sure.
  2. Kind of secretly hoping Colly is Malaysian as well, somehow
  3. So was Avatar, and how many characters can you remember from that movie? People are just weird with blockbusters. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and it was just incredible. I need to watch it again, it's been a couple of years.
  4. Why is Disney+ not available here yet?
  5. You know what's a bad show? That Paul Rudd one on Netflix. It had what I thought really good potential, but it's sort of garbage. Paul Rudd charm can only take you so far.
  6. Yeah, we definitely were going to let one in the way that was going.
  7. Yeesh, the King was really not good.
  8. Oh, right I think I'm wrong? My guide only has 2 more episodes listed till the end of the month, but their wiki says this season is 14 episodes.
  9. That's the guy that's like 7'3 or something right?
  10. What's really bullshit is fans complaining about load management when the NBA schedules a 100-game regular and post season in an 8 month span. If your team is good enough to reach the playoffs in the spot your organisation is comfortable with by resting players during certain games, by all means go for it. It's not the players' fault the NBA wants to suck every possible penny out of their fans. Why do some teams need to face each other four times in the regular season, when they could conceivably face each other another seven times in the post is beyond me.
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