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  1. I think they can stretch them to six games. Beyond that, I don't know. They'll need to win a break point in one of the first two games at the very least.
  2. I mean just about everybody that was in Twilight has better performances. Twilight was something like six or seven years ago as well, it's a little dumb to judging someone's ability on shit from years back considering they've a lot more recent stuff.
  3. Pattinson is an amazing actor. I think he'll be brilliant.
  4. Man, I hope they bring Tim Meadows back more often. He da bomb.
  5. I mean, that whole scene between him, Jaime and Tyrion feel pretty fucking pointless now, doesn't it?
  6. Just glad he's going to neither Knicks or the Lakers. Neither of their fanbases deserve him or Barrett. FFS Memphis please draft properly.
  7. Don't really want Bellator to touch him either, actually, 145 & 155 there is pretty nasty. Maybe he can win a million dollars in PFL?
  8. Well that's literally just not true at all.
  9. Veep ended fucking fantastically. Best show on TV, shame everyone seems to have jumped off the ship. Gonna' miss the shit out of it. Think I'll give it at the very least several months before I do a rewatch.
  10. Watching the Inside the Episode, I've come to realize that Benioff and Weiss are just two dudes who are full of shit that got lucky they got to be in charge of this. I've still got hope for the spin-off series as they aren't involved in it (hopefully), but I hope HBO doesn't just make them a bunch of these big moment bullshit anymore. What a trash bunch of episodes ever since "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms".
  11. The last time he won a fight Max had either one fight or hadn't even debuted yet.
  12. Oh my god. That ending. Oh my god.
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