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  1. Um, I'm sorry, but obviously Amy Santiago is the best character on B99.
  2. The Foreigner is insane. In all the good ways. Like, absolutely not the movie you'd expect it to be.
  3. Can't wait for Cejudo/DJ 3. That fight was incredible. Cody has such poor game planning for someone with such a high fight IQ. Getting hit from the same sequence repeatedly, in two different back-to-back fights. They won't, but I really hope they give Assuncao the next shot at TJ, dude deserves it. It'll be an incredible fight, too. Then we can have TJ/Moraes, which would be awesome. Bantamweight is on fire right now.
  4. Boardwalk Empire season 3 Friends season 4 Parks & Recreation season 4 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 Game of Thrones season 2 The Handmaid's Tale season 1 Community season 2 Atlanta season 2 A lot of recency bias, probably, and I'm probably not answering this correctly but who cares.
  5. Lady Bird and the Florida Project were easily two of my favourite movies from last year. The Florida Project is both touching and hilarious, and breaks your heart in all the right places. Bria Vinaite was amazing.
  6. ‪So if it's Conor / Khabib in October, then the MSG card will be headlined by... DC? No compelling fight there, Brock is only allowed to fight in 2019. Shogun lost, so the only other option is Gus, and do we really want DC battered before his fight with Brock? He might not make it, timeline wise. Blessed / Ortega? Only if Blessed can recover from whatever he's going through, but that's not a MSG headlining act. Unless they put Cyborg as the headliner, I can't see who else but Conor headlining an MSG card in a fun way. They should put 145 & 115 title fights in October, then Conor / Khabib together with, I dunno, some other made up title as the co-headliner. Maybe get Nick or Anderson as the co-main just so it looks pretty. Think the only reason they're putting Conor in October is so they can make another fight with him even faster in early 2019, with Nate or El Cucuy. Plus they probably figure MSG can bring in a slightly more than average buy rate by itself.
  7. It actually looks really good.
  8. I haven't watched either but I'll still be there opening night even though I haven't liked anything DC does outside of Wonder Woman.
  9. Hey, in Rampage he only had to save his friend, okay. I mean, his friend was a giant frenzied albino gorilla who was friends with a flying wolf who had porcupine spines that it could throw at helicopters...
  10. Cormier will try to get in on that New York card, opposite Shogun if he wins, otherwise I'm sure he'd be happy to sit out and wait for Lesnar. There's no way he'd put his meal ticket on the line against Gus, because he'd win, but Gus would rough him up for a while and he might not be able to make the Lesnar fight before he's 40.
  11. I'm totally fine with that, I don't really feel bad for these multi-millionaires the way I do for the people that work the day in and day out stuff for teams. That said, I do think it was really shitty for the front office of Toronto to lie to their star player who's helping to bring in that revenue about not trading him to go live in a different country, on the other side of the United States. A little earlier warning would be polite.
  12. I mean, I did too, then he fired Casey and I got a little annoyed by him, and now this? The only thing I can think of from a Raptors perspective is that they think with LeBron out west now, they can somehow squeeze through the tiny ass window that the Celtics / 76ers might leave them and end up in the finals. Like, I like the Raps, I like Toronto it seems like a freaking awesome city and and an awesome fanbase, but I really can't see how they can win anything in just a year. Feel for Lowry, too, that bromance he and DeRozan had was one of the best basketball had. I can only assume that the meeting or whatever that the team had with him made Kawhi realize he doesn't want to be THE star on a team and have so much pressure on one guy. Maybe that's why LeBron and LA looks so delightful to him now. Throw in some other guy (Lillard, but I highly, highly doubt it) and he can be the third in another big three and be the Bosh of the group. Or maybe guys like Tony and Bowen calling him out hurt his feelings or some bullshit. Usually if it's something more low key we'd have heard about it.
  13. The weird part is how surprising he did it, because I'm sure if he had just used his balls and played his heart out last season, still with the intent to go to LA, we'd probably be a lot annoyed at the way he wants to go now. Hell, he'd only be 28 next season! That's perfect, going into his prime athletic peak! Fucking go to your hometown then and win a bunch of championships with Lavar and Kuz and whoever, you weirdo! What's the rush right now, after 6 years in Texas? That injury by Zaza really scarred you so much you think you won't play another 5-6 years at your peak?
  14. It's like nobody gets the high art form he's producing year in and year out!

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