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  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    For me, yes!
  2. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    Just so happy about the movie. Don't want to type out my thoughts and stuff right now, especially on mobile, but it's just the nice kind of happy I haven't felt in years and especially needed right fucking now. At least tonight I'll forget about troubles and just be content.
  3. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    Watched it twice already. Third screening is tomorrow. Jesus, this film. Absolutely worth it.
  4. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    Wait, is AoS trying to make me root against Yo-Yo? They know that's impossible, right?!
  5. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Maybe he should have tried that in Game 3 at the end of the game, instead of the stupid drive he made only to put up a poor-percentage shot when he had better options before that.
  6. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    There's one thing about post-credit spoilers I know that I think people will really like: .
  7. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    Yeah, especially the originals are definitely not going to be confirmed for Phase 4 going forward. I think we can safely assume that Black Panther & Doctor Strange are going to be safe, though.
  8. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    He holding Perkins down, yo
  9. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Plus J.R. Smith is on that team, quite possibly the most overrated player in the NBA at the moment (overrated in the sense that he's still playing in the NBA).
  10. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Not a Pacers fan, but probably the series I am concentrating on the most? I just remember that he is also constantly pissing LeBron off the entire time he's defending him, even if it's not successful, that up to a certain point LeBron apparently just looked at him and said, "What is wrong with you?"
  11. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    That's like saying you owe a little loyalty to a company that gave you a chance at where you work, which is balls because companies (and teams) are always going to look out for themselves ahead of their employees (players). Therefore, players should always do the same. A team is just a company all by itself, it just has the added spectacle of sport attached to it. If they're wanting to leave the team, that probably means that in some way they're not happy.
  12. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Players have no reason to show loyalty, it's an intangible thing that means shit in the long run. These players are people with families and lives of their own, having them show some unreasonable sense of loyalty for a team just because it's expected of them is ridiculous.
  13. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    My understanding is that Phase 4 starts after next year's Avengers movie.