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  1. Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By by Various Artists Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae The Kids Are Alright by Chloe x Halle ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott Queen by Nicki Minaj My Dear Melancholy by The Weeknd East Atlanta Love Letter by 6LACK Suncity by Khalid Bobby Tarantino II by Logic KOD by J. Cole That's what I got so far. Can't think of what else I listened to. I guess Testing, Narcos II, Quavo Huncho need to be relistened to? Also I really need to listen to Saba.
  2. Part 3 of Elseworlds was almost as good as the other two, had some really great bits. Loved the crossover. The Arrowverse is actually full of great characters (like the black guy and Felicity and Digger from Arrow are the only ones I remember from there so I'm glad they're the only ones that showed up). Can't wait for fall next year. However, Legends of Tomorrow only needed one episode to do a better Elseworlds. I'm sorry, but "Legends of To-Meow-Meow" might have been the best episode on TV this year. Fucking stellar all-around.
  3. @GoGo Yubari's got it right, Dirty Computer was the album of the year, definitely. Well, either that or Black Panther: The Album. Both were amazing.
  4. DC's Legends of Tomorrow Insecure Atlanta The Good Place Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Last Kingdom The Handmaid's Tale The Goldbergs Supergirl Speechless Fresh Off the Boat GLOW Love On My Block Shameless
  5. Holy forking shirtballs, okay, part 2 of Elseworlds was just as good.
  6. UFC main card was incredible. Marreta is a fucking sledgehammer. Gunni / Cowboy was all kinds of fun (the core strength and pain tolerance to just turn into someone's body lock when they have your back!) and that ending was a goddamn horror movie. Probably bloodier than a murder scene. Valentina can lift. Joanna is just way too small for her, but might be way too big for strawweight now. Max Holloway is the god of violence.
  7. Figured I'd stick this here instead of the Flash thread since it's got Arrow and Supergirl episodes as well. I FUCKING LOVED ELSEWORLDS PART 1! So geeked out about everything. Seriously, it was said a billion times last year during Crisis on Earth X, but Arrowverse does these Justice League team ups so right. It was simple yet so full of vibrancy and excitement. Can't wait to watch Part 2. Only thing I'm sad about is Sara and Ray and the rest of the Legends are joining in, but well, they're basically involved in their own mess right now. Seeing Constantine on-screen with Kara would have been amazing, though. Somehow hope that when we get to the Supergirl episode, there's Alex because we always need more Alex. Also, cool cliffhanger, can't wait to see the Arrow episode. Oh, also, "Save Me" being played was incredible.
  8. I forget there's still a bunch of good comedy on TV, but at the same time it's like the funny stuff all got shifted to ABC somehow (the Goldbergs, Speechless, Fresh off the Boat, oh and Modern Family is there too I guess) but yeah, NBC used to have the most amazing Thursday night comedy block. Wasn't that a staple for them for like a decade, going all the way back to Seinfeld and stuff?
  9. Benjamin

    The Flash

    Was nice to see Thawne disguised as Harrison Wells again. Probably my favorite Tom Cavanaugh. Good to see that we'll be seeing more of him this season, too. Really wish the whole Cicada thing would go away again, though. His tragic backstory is pretty by the numbers and as boring as DeVoe's was for me.
  10. Christopher Robin is incredible. Cried my eyes out.
  11. So annoyed with the Raps and Kawhi. If only they weren't dickish in the off-season, I would be freely enjoying them as my boys in the East. Now, it just feels slightly dirty for what they did to Demar and the Spurs.
  12. Info on the league and the teams, I guess. Or do I just pick the team that has the nicest jersey? I mean, might not last more than a season, but at least then I can say I was a lifelong fan 😛
  13. Yeah, Master of None was a great show for me, but there's no way I can watch if there's a new season or even to rewatch the past two ones.
  14. Anyone know any easy guides for someone who doesn't know all that much about football? Especially regarding who the players, coaching staff, etc all is? I want to make an informed decision on who I want to support, and not use the tactic of selecting a random team on Madden and ending up a supposed lifelong Titans fan
  15. Wanted to start rewatching Parks and Rec, with the mindset to completely skip over the Louis CK bits. Totally forgot that Ansari was in it, too. Felt just weird watching him, and kept thinking of "the claw".
  16. About this AAF thing, is it true that they don't require any kickers? Isn't that weird?
  17. Kyle just wanted to be as close to James as possible.
  18. Halfway through the Last Kingdom. I fucking missed this show, it's the goddamn best.
  19. This fight gave a plethora of new Tito quotes, so for that I say this fight was worth it.
  20. It's amazing how many fans as well, will pay for a PPV because "these guys have given us their lives and their health for years, so when they're doing it after a million years and they function like space goo, we want to pay them out of respect or some bullshit".
  21. Well, Lady Bird was the best movie of last year. Really have no clue what was the best TV show this year so far. Got some stuff I haven't even finished (Fargo, Westworld) and just so much stuff on my watchlist I haven't even began yet (the Marvel stuff, Haunting of Hill House, Sharper Objects), but I'm just gonna say Trollhunters is the best so far this year
  22. Ralph Breaks the Internet is fucking awesome. Ended way too soon for me, I loved it.
  23. I'm actually incredibly interested in this, it's been one of my most anticipated shows of 2018.
  24. Forgot how good the Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted was. A real damn shame they cancelled the TV show just as it was getting good towards the end of season 1.

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