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  1. A Nick Diaz biopic. Finally.
  2. This was fun last year! And I already completely forgot how I did.
  3. Bloody hell, you're right. Think this is the first time a movie trailer has made me tear up.
  4. I just watched this! It is indeed very fun, but for some reason quite forgettable for me compared to the other films.
  5. I probably haven't heard a LaVar quote in a year or so. Blessed.
  6. That's a problem the NBA created by having way too many games. These sports seasons are a fucking brutal toll on the human body, no matter how in shape these people are. The NBA has an 82 game season, all just so they can get a bigger TV deal and sell more tickets, merchandise, fucking soda. Out of those 82 games, teams have to face each other three or four times a season for no reason whatsoever. If you were a championship caliber team, would you be risking your best players against the championship level teams, who you're sometimes only playing twice a season, or are you going to rest them against the more bearable teams, which you play more against and have more games with, which means you rack up more wins and get a higher seeding come playoff time? Not to mention, the NBA nor the fans really care about these players, they just want to see the best play against the best. Which is understandable, but also why they should just do home and away games for the regular season. Until then, the NBA should be the ones punished, not the teams, because that will trickle down and punish the players. Even the playoffs are ridiculous. A best of seven series? There's no point, other than to churn out more content for TV.
  7. I mean, none of those actions warrants any sort of punishment.
  8. Trying to decide when this weekend to watch Captain Marvel again. Probably going to be twice, can't wait!
  9. Yeah, the usual two mid and post cred scenes. They're very worth it.
  10. Pretty fucking good. Goose is a breakout star. Hope it rips Thanos apart.
  11. Ali Abdel-Aziz is a combat sports agent (the founder of Dominance MMA Management) who's clients include Khabib, Cejudo, Frankie the Answer, Garbrant, Werdum, and Usman. He's also a dirtbag who owes thousands in child support, is the bastard that paves the way for major MMA names to become buddies with Ramzan Kadyrov, and also eventually make business deals with Kadyrov and have those guys become faces of Akhmat MMA, his personal MMA promotion. He also regularly gets into brawls with fans at shows as well as with other fighters because he's an asshole and a troublemaker. He and Usman got into it with Colby at the Palms (if I'm not mistaken) the day after the fight.
  12. You guys should watch Captain Marvel. It's um, pretty fucking good.
  13. @Jimmy Faces Places is also from 2017. Well, to me they're still 2017 movies, because that's when I watched them. Like, Death of Stalin was released in like October or something.
  14. Based on the trailers, I can tell you there will be very little tits
  15. I think the Gracie brothers gave a very good argument on why it was a good stoppage. Also, Usman is a fucking monster and I can't wait for him to absolutely maul Colby. Really wish he wasn't a fucking Ali fighter, though.
  16. Here's the Mountain deadlifting almost 480 kilos while setting a new record. Hound don't stand a chance.
  17. @GoGo Yubari @Jimmy The Death of Stalin and Paddington 2 are both 2017 films. Paddington 2 should win every year, though, I wouldn't mind. The first one can win everything as well.
  18. Honestly, I had no idea I was going to love Girls Night as much as I did, and she had a lot to do with it. Her stand up is hilarious as well.
  19. I honestly have got so much more to watch (I've yet to watch Burning, Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, If Beale Street Could Talk and Shoplifters, specifically). No idea if I'll get around to it, but so far, here's what I got: Avengers: Infinity War Eight Grade Black Panther Ralph Breaks the Internet Roma Minding the Gap Incredibles 2 First Man A Star is Born Christopher Robin I would be so happy Christopher Robin somehow got on the list. That movie is fucking darling. I wish I had the time to rewatch A Simple Favor and Thoroughbreds, You Were Never Really Here and Annihilation as well.
  20. Hey, Dick in a Box was great
  21. This week's episode might be my favorite of the show so far. The A plot was both important and yet still within the spirit of the show, and the B plot didn't lag behind or outshone either.

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