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  1. I would totally watch the current season of Samurai Jack if there weren't like 5 seasons beforehand for me to get through first. On a totally unrelated note, season 2 of The Last Kingdom seems to be even better than season 1 right now. It's so on form.
  2. Binge watched the seven episodes of Legion, and I have to say I don't get all the praise it's been getting. The only episodes I've enjoyed were Chapter 5 and Chapter 7. The first four episodes were a drag, I slept halfway through each one of them. Chapter 5 was a great breath of fresh air before Chapter 6 dove into utter boredom for me again. Chapter 7 was amazing, though, if Aubrey Plaza doesn't get a slew of awards for her performance in that episode, then there is no justice.
  3. Yeah, the way it was hyped was way overblown. I was wondering why the film censorship board here didn't create any type of fuss for the supposed LGBT moment in Power Rangers when they were outright banning Beauty and the Beast. Having watched the film, it wasn't more than overhyped, there wasn't anything there. Trini didn't even acknowledge it, another one of the Rangers was the one who brought it up, and it kind of just got swept under the rug right after. However, there were many moments I did like. Having an Asian character with an Asian family that speaks nothing but their Asian language at home and it not being some big thing, but just considered absolutely normal was really nice. I liked some of the teenage soap stuff being done without any hint of sarcasm or hidden agenda, but presented as just regular problems for these kids, and the four of the five kids did have really good chemistry together on-screen. The fan service stuff was okay, my favorite being that they do say random shit while throwing spinning wheel kicks. Rita was underdeveloped, the plot was really basic and tedious, sitting through a lot of exposition was horrible, and the worst part was
  4. Oh yay, more super dark hues everyfuckingwhere. Sure looks like it's going to be fun! I agree with Apsham, though, I might actually get my hopes up a bit if Wonder Woman is good.
  5. And it wasn't even a close game, so it isn't really a worthwhile accomplishment.
  6. Kung Fu Panda 3 was a lot fun. All those movies are, except Ghostbusters because I haven't seen it yet.
  7. This episode could not come at a better time. Worst season of the show, best episode of the show. That rendition of "More I Cannot Wish You" It seriously can't get better than that. I want Super Friends all the time, I want musical Flash all the time
  8. I've honestly only liked First Class, The Wolverine and Logan. Everything else in this series has been pretty terrible to me. Days of Future Past was a huge disappointment, and I didn't even know Apocalypse came out till like 2 months after it's cinema run had ended. I really need to start watching Legion, though.
  9. Dear lord, part 5 of Big Little Lies. Absolutely fucking incredible.
  10. If something grabs your attention, just try it out. I would never have tried out the Goldbergs, which is one of my all-time favorite shows right now, if I didn't see Jeff Garlin listed on the cast, and being a huge fan of it, started watching and it's the best one so far. I'll also admit that the EWB Best TV of the year list that GoGo does is a ton of help. I would never have tried out Parks and Rec, Community or the first season of Modern Family if I didn't decide to try like the top of ten shows we ranked in like 2009 / 2010, for instance. And there's also the part where most cable shows are on fire right now, especially FX and HBO. Most of them are amazingly good, and are filled with big Hollywood stars that someone like you would recognize as well. On another topic, THE LAST KINGDOM IS BACK! God I've missed this show. Can't wait to watch it after work.
  11. No she doesn't.
  12. As much as this might damage the Spurs title chances this season, I'm actually just really sad for LaMarcus. This disease is rarely fatal, but they could never let him play again.
  13. I don't know why you think saying this would help your point
  14. @thatshortguy @Quom @Maxx @LL Be Home For Christmas @LarsLars @New Year New Srar! @Meacon Do you guys want to play the Tourney Pick 'Em? I'm not sure how it works but it looks fun!