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  1. Is Morata even that good? Every time I've seen him he's been fine but other than a few glimpses he looks average. £70mil seems a lot even in the current market.
  2. Pep is treating the Dani Alves rejection like a divorce. Out spending all his money banging younger women who are just like his ex.
  3. Saw him out on the piss getting into a cab in Dublin last week actually, must have been his last week with Ipswich!
  4. They'll need a few channels for the HOME OF EUROPEAN FOOTBALL. There's a lot of Eredivisie and Coppa Italia games to go around.
  5. That's the Dublin Herald, been doing the rounds today. So brilliantly inept! I mean they do look alike but I just wonder how they found that image in a search for Lukaku!
  6. Yeah, they're never going to learn. The TV rights bubble is going to burst, our generation just isn't paying that much money for a handful of games. The UK pays the most for the least amount of games. Great value that. :/
  7. Not enough emojis, dabbing or Stormzy. 4/10
  8. He did it left-handed too, what a pro.
  9. That was ridiculous standard of rugby over the 3 games, I love the Lions tour! Feels like such an anti-climax though. Have to wait 12 years for a rematch now
  10. That Wycombe yellow one is literally perfect, right down to the sponsor. Made by O'Neills too, Irish company that does most of the GAA gear. They makes some fantastic quality stuff, my favourite stuff to train in!
  11. It happens to all strikers because its a team game and the other team can often negate their effectiveness with good tactics. I wasn't saying it to discredit Kane at all btw, he's brilliant. Its just I've heard that thrown at Lukaku a lot in the past few days and its odd. Kane's 3 in 9 and Lukaku's 4 in 11 are almost the same ratio and I've never heard anyone say that about Kane. Not everyone is Messi or Ronaldo, we're spoiled in an era where we have two players who are likely to grab any game by the balls and score a brace. They're a once in a lifetime occurrence at best.
  12. Just going back to this, I disagree with it. This is a stat thrown at every striker who hasn't had a distinctly memorable goal against a big side. Fact is chances are fewer in these games and the defenders are better. Not to mention Everton are highly unlikely to attack against these sides. Its a cherry picked stat that's used to discredit strikers. Nobody would throw that at Harry Kane because they remember him sticking one past Arsenal. But Kane only scored 3 goals against the the remaining top 5 and that's with a much better supporting cast, that attacked in those games. 16% of Lukaku's goals came against the top 6, is that really a poor return? It's not and that tally is only going to improve sides when he signs for Man United.
  13. He's going to go a long way to doing it. Bailly, Lindelof, Pogba, Rashford and Lukaku is a tasty young core to build from and its not as if they're going to stop spending. Another midfield player and a few more pieces here and there should do it. Mourinho in his 2nd season is historically something to fear too!
  14. The lad scored 17 goals with West Brom at the age of 19. There's less than 0 chance he flops! I think Lukaku is slightly underrated by a lot of people. He's basically averaging 1 in 2 and he's not even close to his prime yet.
  15. My dad is a Leeds fan, so I went to lots of games growing up! Met the squad after at the Supporters Club dinner dance. Purely coincidence we were at the same game! But yeah, from Ireland not the North! Henry was absolutely ridiculous that day.