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  1. Yeah, its a nice little redesign actually. Just a cleaner version.
  2. "RACIST!" - Sol Campbell He's a just a bit of a knob really.
  3. His name literally has Ass in it and that's the best you can come up with?
  4. This the biggest load of nonsense I've seen thrown around against it. They literally stop the game minutes at a time after every drive, PAT and sometimes just for shiggles. All so we can see the latest ad about beer and boner pills. Who care if the celebration delays the PAT? And besides, there's a play clock, if they delay too long then they're penalised. I want more shit like this. Football is fun, the players should be allowed show it This is my favourite celebration. Gay just don't give a fuck. He's been flagged and the camera cuts back to him after the ref calls it and he's still knee-walking to his coach!
  5. They're also 3rd in arrests since 2000 and he's been their coach since 2003.
  6. Having a 38 year old on big money is the problem. Defoe could drop off a cliff at any time, a 3 year deal just isn't good business.
  7. Suarez definitely scored 6/7 in a similar timeframe in his last year at Liverpool. I think it included that year's violation of Norwich too.
  8. The Fitzpatrick curse/monkey paw is as old as time itself at this point! :/
  9. "Lets sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, he's a competent backup!" Fitzpatrick is done, last year showed that. He'd be a fine addition as a backup at that price if his curse wasn't guaranteed to break your starting QB.
  10. I could see them hitting around the £30mil mark with add-ons, but if De Gea sets the market then recently relegated keeper with 30 league appearances should be much lower.
  11. That'd make him the 2nd most expensive keeper ever. That ain't happening even with the English premium.
  12. Probably costs about £30k per appearance to play him, that's a reason not to! Also, Spurs are quality. Gutted to see end the year empty handed, they'd be the best team almost any other year, Chelsea were just a machine though. If they can keep their core and Poch, they should have a title sooner rather than later. It'd probably 0.0001% be bitter sweet lifting the title at Wembley though, wouldn't it? Really hope they do it next year, love Lloris, Tobes and Kane and Levy paying £30mil for Sissoko is solid bantz. Can't hate them!
  13. The shameful ostracising aside, he's 30 and a know quantity who struggles to make reads and relies on his athleticism. I can't see him being the long-term answer for anybody, which I imagine he sees himself as. He's in the top 32 QBs in the league at least but I don't think anybody wants to give him starter money when they've seen his ceiling. Teams should be frantic to get him in as a premium back-up though, I'd like to see him in Pittsburgh. Big Ben is held together by tape at this point so he'll likely see playing.
  14. I know, I can't believe Huddersfield went and knocked them out on a Wednesday. That's their day, horrible!
  15. Yes you would have. Real questions is would you have gotten Pogba if you had another shirt manufacturer? Probably no!