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  1. I don't think there'll be much movement to change the Chiefs name. The word in itself and the logo aren't overtly racist like Redskins and Indians are.
  2. Just love seeing Obafemi score an equaliser!
  3. I get the City circumvented it and should have received a punishment within those rules. I just disagree with those rules so much that I'm in favour of anything weakening the integrity of FFP.
  4. Good. FFP is a load of bollocks anyway. It was was only introduced so UEFA's precious super clubs can protect themselves and maintain their status quo.
  5. That was one of the most bizarre 5 minutes of football I've ever seen. Leicester cruising at 1-0, gave away a penalty from a goal kick and then all of a sudden 2-1 down with 10 men. Mad.
  6. Has to be said too. Micah Richards' fade and beard is world class. Love to know who his barber is. Kepa is a pretty big failure alright. Most expensive keeper ever and he's a bit shit.
  7. That made me twitch in irritation at the thought. Jack is a total legend here and a cultural icon in many ways.. There was a brilliant documentary about his time here produced very recently, well worth a watch. It was before my time but everyone who was around for 90 and 94 speak of it as a magical time for Irish sport and two of the best summers the country has ever seen. He put together a very talented squad and had got some amazing results out of them. People will talk about his Irish team for generations and he'll never be forgotten. Thanks for everything Jack.
  8. That's a really cool touch. I remember there was chaos when the Jets played the Bills in the first colour rush NFL game. It was a colour blind person's worst nightmare. I think if a team is allowed have 3 kits then one of them should have to be white. It'd solve all kit clashes really because one-off kits are always white.
  9. They have Campbell down as left footed when he wasn't. I'd imagine little errors like that would annoy me a lot! Also I had no idea Andy Hinchcliffe was an England international.
  10. Yeah they had a few navy kits over the years too, including the 2010 WC! Black and luminous yellow was completely random though. Adidas fucked things up 2014 by having a weird insistence on one colour kits. So you had Spain with red shorts and Germany in with white shorts for some reason.
  11. Cam to the Pats is official and someone made this!
  12. Usually but they wore a black and yellow one in 2014. Wore it in their 3-0 win over Australia. Wore a different kit for every match, which is the only time that's happened in a World Cup I would guess, as you're only allowed to submit two kits!
  13. Are they coding in all the modern players to appear as they should or is it all regens after a certain point? I noticed Kane there but he would have been 6 when the database started!
  14. More blue maybe, Villa wearing white shorts? Different ref making the decision? Who knows really. They can be a bit particular. It's happened before in the Premier League. I remember Southampton had to make a white kit against Bournemouth when they had a black away and no 3rd kit. But to be in this situation when you already have 3 shirts and know your oppositions home colours is mad. The worst was in the World Cup 2014 Spain vs Netherlands game, the one where RVP scored that header. They deemed Spain's home and away to be a clash with both the Netherlands' kits, so they made Spain make a once off white kit. You had the weird situation where it was Spain in their white 3rd kit against the Netherlands' blue away kit.
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