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  1. TCO

    NFL 2019

    It's so much easier watching Odell's bullshit when he's not on your team. What an absolute idiot of a man.
  2. I wonder what exactly their argument was? "I mean his ankle is still attached to his leg, right?"
  3. TCO

    NFL 2019

    To be fair, the lead was built off two special team plays and a blown coverage. It was a artificial lead in a way. Not surprised it was unsustainable. 7 consecutive TDs is a surprise though!
  4. TCO

    NFL 2019

    Texans really need a stop on the next possession. If they do we got a game again!
  5. TCO

    NFL 2019

    All turned on two 4th down calls. Not going for it on 4th and 1 then running a fake punt for no reason at all. Insane game!
  6. TCO

    NFL 2019

    Texans should have definitely gone for it on 4th and 1 there. They're on the ropes, need to finish them.
  7. TCO

    NFL 2019

    This has got to be the most catastophic start to a play-off game ever. Mistakes on offense, defense and special teams!
  8. TCO

    NFL 2019

    Soon as Earl Thomas started chatting shit about the Pats tackling Henry that was always going to happen. Titans are very efficient all around and well coached, it's great to see them making waves. I love Derrick Henry because he reminds me of Brandon Jacobs, except slightly smaller but way faster and better! Big boy running backs are always exciting! It'll also be the second time (first time in the AFC) a 4 seed has ever hosted a Championship game if the Texans win tonight.Then it's also the Houston Bowl, Texans vs Oilers!
  9. We're not hoovering up anybody. Player who are eligible to be Irish citizens are asked if they want to play for Ireland and it's up to them if they do. I'm never going to accept players using the Irish system to advance and develop, then turn their back in what a lot of the time is financially motivated. Rice is going to continue to get abuse and will have to live with that for the rest of his career. He said, time and time again he was committed and played every level right up to senior and at the expense of lads who's dream it was to play for their country. Who knows where some of these guys could have been if they had been given the coaching and time he was given? I will never accept the shit Rice pulled and I never overly rated him as a player even when he played with us so it has nothing to do with what he'd add to our team. It's also put pressure on every dual national we have coming through, Michael Obafemi faced the same nonsense when he was never anything but committed. And just last week we had Gabby Logan on MOTD saying Mick McCarthy should hurry up and cap Adam Idah. Dual nationality is becoming more common and I have no problem with players opting for England or any other country. Dennis Cirkin and Armstrong Oko-Flex are two Irish born players who have represented England underage recently. All the power to them and I wish them every success whatever country they do end up representing.
  10. Sterling is from Kingston and Tomori is from Calgary, what's your point? Is nationality and personal identity purely linked to where you're born now, that's news to me? Declan was Irish enough when stole time from our players developing underage in our system and playing senior games. Also when he was posting pro IRA comments on Instagram too. I'm not saying remove accidental handball, just if a hand leads directly to a goal then it should be disallowed. Just an opinion really and I'm OK with it as is. Rice literally knocked the ball head of himself with his hand last night. That should rightfully be penalised in my eyes.
  11. To be fair, I am in agreement with the new rule! I was last year when Boly slapped the ball in against Man City and Llorente's Champions League goal too. You shouldn't be allowed score when you handle it. I'm pretty sure I said I wanted the rule change here. But also yeah fuck Declan Rice, the treacherous little cunt.
  12. It was handball and West Ham wouldn't have scored unless he slapped the ball ahead of himself. I don't understand what the problem is and this whole "fuck VAR" for getting decisions right thing I really don't get. The only issue I'd have with it is the human error of placing the lines for offside and and when the ball was struck. Other than that I haven't seen a problem in it's application at all and now we have Declan Rice in tears on TV because his little assist didn't count. 😥
  13. TCO

    NFL 2019

    Replacing 8-8 bullshit with some 7-9 bullshit. Excellent!
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