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  1. No surprise because Schefter is just a massive shill who'll push any narrative that fits his own benefit. I'm excited for the draft. The entire world is working from home and the Draft is just a big conference call really. There's no reason for it to not happen and it gives sports fans a bit of respite to take their minds off things. Microsoft Surface Pro are a massive sponsor of the NFL, this is a good business opportunity too.
  2. Just looking into their league. What a bizarre and unfair format they have to find the Champions. Every team plays each other twice. Then after 30 games they break into a series of playoffs and play each other twice. Top 6 contest the title, everyone's points totals are halved (meaning leads are halved too) and they start from there with 10 games.
  3. Agreed. The way Levy does business/plays blinders is going to come back and bite him so hard, it shouldn't be praised at all. He seems like a prick of the highest order both personally and professionally. At least with Ashley, you know you're getting a massive cunt up front.
  4. This year the extra game would have seen the Steelers @ Chiefs and the Rams @ Packers. The Chiefs would have massacred the Steelers but could see the other game being close enough. Still see this as a needless expansion. 12/32 teams made the NFL play-offs seem like a big deal in comparison to the NBA as it was tough to make it.
  5. Rooney being 9 months younger than Ronaldo is a living example of the importance of work ethic, professionalism and life choices long-term. Difference between Derby County and Juventus evidently!
  6. Salah is 92 after double checking Will have to swap him out for Mahrez!
  7. Why not put together an all team of players from birth year instead! Lopes Meunier - Koulibaly - Van Dijk - Sandro De Bruyne - Kante Mahrez - Hazard - Griezmann Firmino That's a lot better!
  8. Mine is completely terrible Chilavert F. Ricksen - B. Poulain - A. Figuero - D. Iapichino L.Cana S. Govou - M. Hamsik - P. Hurtado G.Pandev Manager: Triple H Had to pad the team out with lads I've never heard of. Absolutely set for set pieces with Chilavert though
  9. Tripped up on the last 2. Would have never gotten the last one so I'd say 19 is my best possible score!
  10. While I was looking into this too, I looked at Torres. His ratio was 0.64 at Liverpool (would have been 4th on this list) and dropped to 0.18 at Chelsea lol. 0.40 overall. Sligthly better than Darren Bent but worse than Drogba and Sandra Redknapp . He was only 26 when he signed for Chelsea as well. Madness.
  11. Here's the goals per game ration ranked or everyone who scored more than 100 goals. Gives a good balance of productivity and longevity. RVN, Ronaldo and Suarez all scored less than 100 so I've added them to the list too. Looking at it, I don't think Ronaldo should be in the top 10 personally. Rank Player Nationality Goals Games Ratio 1 Sergio Agüero Argentina 180 261 0.69 2 Thierry Henry France 175 258 0.68 3 Harry Kane England 136 201 0.68 4 Ruud Van Nistelrooy Netherlands 95 150 0.63 5 Luis Suarez Uruguay 69 110 0.63 6 Alan Shearer England 260 441 0.59 7 Ian Wright England 113 213 0.53 8 Robin van Persie Netherlands 144 280 0.51 9 Michael Owen England 150 326 0.46 10 Andy Cole England 187 414 0.45 11 Romelu Lukaku Belgium 113 252 0.45 12 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Netherlands 127 288 0.44 13 Robbie Fowler England 163 379 0.43 14 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 84 196 0.43 15 Wayne Rooney England 208 494 0.42 16 Les Ferdinand England 149 351 0.42 17 Didier Drogba Ivory Coast 104 254 0.41 18 Darren Bent England 106 276 0.38 19 Matt Le Tissier England 100 270 0.37 20 Robbie Keane Republic of Ireland 126 349 0.36 21 Dion Dublin England 111 312 0.36 22 Teddy Sheringham England 146 418 0.35 23 Nicolas Anelka France 125 364 0.34 24 Jermain Defoe England 162 496 0.33 25 Dwight Yorke Trinidad and Tobago 123 375 0.33 26 Frank Lampard England 177 609 0.29 27 Steven Gerrard England 120 504 0.24 28 Peter Crouch England 108 468 0.23 29 Emile Heskey England 110 516 0.21 30 Paul Scholes England 107 499 0.21 31 Ryan Giggs Wales 109 632 0.17
  12. I got bored of Red Dead too. Too slow and every time I went back, by the time I got aclimatised to it again, I was bored again. I've played, completed and loved bascially every other Rockstar game too. This was just a bit too much
  13. Antonio Brown is/was? arguably the best reciever in football, he'll 100% get another shot if there's no criminal charges.
  14. Cam to the Chargers makes too much sense to not happen. I still can't believe the Bears gave up a 4th to pay Foles $15mil with all the QB options out there.
  15. Off the top of my head. I'd say Martin O'Neill, Paul Scholes, Dwight Yorke, Seamus Coleman and Jonny Evans are the people he's worked with and praised publicly. It's a short list! He's a strange man but was a phenomenal leader and player. Would definitely have him ahead of John Terry as a captain
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