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  1. Moreno's hair is a monstrosity. It needs to be cutimmediately and then burned, just in case it tries to reattach itself. I love Sakho though, that video of him randomly running into Blaise Matuidi in Paris is brilliant too
  2. I love stats and data, so I was looking at the Premier League Champions and their respective top scorer each season and made a table to analyse it. The lowest scoring top scorer for a Premier League winning side was Chelsea's Frank Lampard in 04/05 who scored just 13 goals. So maybe it is a myth that you need a 20 goal striker. Although the average of the Champions' top scorer is 20.9 goals. so who knows? I dub it the Daniel Sturridge Line.
  3. I don't think Arsenal will realistically challenge until they have someone scoring for fun up front again. Giroud hasn't really done that. Also Higuain is having a medical at Juve for roughly stupid money for a near 29 year old. Pretty much confirms Pogba to United I'd imagine too!
  4. Good signing but shouldn't they be signing a striker?
  5. Newcastle should piss the league. The squad is better than the rest of the league by a longshot. The spending big thing is a bit of a myth too, seeing as after Gini leaves there's a net profit left over. With Sissoko going for big money too, it's been pretty frugal and good business.
  6. You weren't lying! I don't see the point in still having Haris Vuckic around. Lad is nearly 24 and still hasn't broken into the first team.
  7. Yeah the added physical items to this are actually pretty cool and it's probably worth it. I wouldn't spend that much money on WWE game but I may be willing to pay the normal price if I could play as Nakamura, but seeing as I can't I'll probably leave it off for a 5th consecutive year. But yeah, stuff like this being sold for €99.99?!/en-ie/games/ea-sports-fifa-17-super-deluxe-edition-pre-order/cid=EP0006-CUSA03214_00-FIFA17PREORSUPEU?emcid=EAFranchise2017 Fuck right off. I can get the console itself for €321 off Amazon and you're charging 31% of that for software that's essentially obsolete in a year?
  8. Wednesday got rid of their stripes too, they look like shitty Ipswich now. Went and saw Newcastle beat Bohemians 6-0 yesterday. Now I'm optimistic with life in the Championship after seeing what the team is like after a pre-season under Rafa!
  9. People defend DLC? Really? Game prices are constantly going up with the content being stripped, it's really making me jaded with games in general. Can't wait for EA to include 10 packets of virtual cards and charge €100 for their games.
  10. Am I the only one not even remotely bothered about Pokemon Go? I've played every generation of Pokemon and can't wait for Sun and Moon, but this seems a bit meh and hollow compared to the full game.
  11. The Browns in week 5 are going to get a fucking the likes of which has never seen before.
  12. They should sign Christopher Wreh next, he was a great squad player too!
  13. Graziano Pelle and Cisse both signed for the same club. That's not a bad partnership they have now!
  14. If someone bids £25mil for him, I have no doubt the club would snap their hand off. His glimpses of class at the Euros is perfect timing to fool everyone in thinking he's good all the time, when you get 5 games a season when he's not shite. And that's only if he's in a good mood.
  15. I wouldn't put Hodgson in that category. Hodgson is fine but he showed himself as inept tactically with England, he really didn't have clue how to lay out his team and get the best from them. Big Sam would excel in that regard and wouldn't be scared of the all the shite that comes with the England job. I think Klinsmann would also do great. If Howe took the job it'd be a McClaren style career suicide, it's not the right time for him.