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  1. Looking at the squad, its easily one of the worst England teams I've ever seen put together. They're getting cakewalk groups and pissing through them but at some point they won't and the general poor quality will start showing in qualifiers.
  2. Coleman injury, serious NSFL warning on it. Again, fuck Neil Taylor.
  3. Golden Boy Gareth would have got a red if he was any other player on the pitch at the end there too.
  4. He went in high and dangerously and snapped a man's leg. Fuck him.
  5. Fuck Neil Taylor, seriously. I saw it first time, his leg was dangling.
  6. We don't look like scoring at all really, so I'd love a draw at this point. It'd be a good result in normal circumstances but with missing half out tema, it'd be a fantastic result.
  7. I know the Giants badly need a tackle but I don't like what I've read of any of the first round ones. Its win now mode with Eli but I still think best player available should still be adhered to. When we reached for that need last time, it resulted in Ereck Flowers and that can't happen again. Actually the last two tackles I wanted were Lewan and Conklin and the Titans picked them just before the Giants. Obviously I'm not bothered because it led to Odell, but still didn't make that link before!
  8. Tebow sucks, but there's some very sucky QBs currently earning a living in the NFL. His skillset was definitely unique enough to catch another look at the very least if he didn't have the whole Christian fueled hysteria thing going.
  9. Its the same reason Tim Tebow isn't in the league when he's the perfect QB 2/3. Attention/hysteria outweighs talent If your QB goes down then your season is likely fucked anyway, I've always maintained Tebow would be the perfect guy to throw in. He's basically a incredibly hard working HB who can sort of throw. The opposition is going to be prepared for your traditional QB, then you throw this left-handed erratic running back with an arm out there who's also a great leader. He's gonna fuck their shit up in the short term which is all you need because if QB1 goes down long-term, you're done anyway!
  10. Has anybody pointed out how fucking stupid it is playing the national anthem before every game anyway? That along with America's rager for flags absolutely everywhere always confused me. That being said, I don't think its exclusively Kaepernick's beliefs that are keeping him out of a job, it's almost certainly his price. He's going to be looking for starter money when teams see him as a backup.
  11. Derry City captain Ryan McBride has been found dead at age 27. He played and captained them last night as they won 4-0 and they've won all 4 games so far this season too. This is awful
  12. Losing Gabbiadini so early definitely didn't help to be fair!
  13. Its depressing really. No matter how many youth products a team produces or success they have, its always short term until the usual suspects fling money at them. I can see Mbappe having his own Stormzy video and hashtag while lauding it in the Europa League within a year.
  14. Shearer playing for United from 1996 on would just have been criminally unfair. They would have won everything.
  15. I want Monaco or Leicester to win it too. Monaco's team is so young and so talented, they won't have long before the big boys pick their team apart.