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  1. I'm not defending it and it's not about priorities. That is the difference and that's a pretty big fucking difference. Equating pushing and kicking out at a woman he's never met is completing downgrading how awful domestic violence is. People are quick to lump any form of aggression towards woman as "domestic violence" when it's a genderless and often invisible crime. The league is fucked for a large number of reasons. It's just me but I feel people who strive towards rehabilitation and serve their debt deserve a second chance in some instances. I certainly believe Hunt shouldn't be blackballed for the league for what he done. No league punishment will be too severe and he'll get what's coming to him. Hunt signing is the tip of the iceberg really when there's systematic issues with domestic violence in the league. I just don't see Hunt as one of them and beyond retribution.
  2. It wasn't domestic violence though. There is a problem with domestic violence the with Chiefs and it's with Tyreek Hill who should be in prison, nevermind an NFL field. Everyone basically ignores that though because it's not a hot topic. Domestic violence is something that is completely abhorrent and something I'm passionately against. I hate when stuff like this gets thrown in with Josh Brown, Ray Rice, Tyreek Hill or even Ruben Foster. It dilutes the physical and psychological damage domestic violence causes There is a lot of problems in the NFL but I don't think blackballing Kareem Hunt for his entire career is going to solve it. He got cut, will get a lengthy deserved suspension and has been dealt with by the legal system. Hunt is a fucking idiot and not a good person but as a person who believes in the justice system and rehabilitation, I don't see what good removing him from the league forever will achieve.
  3. 1 Year, $1mil for Hunt. He's gonna miss half the season but that's one hell of a value pick-up for the Browns.
  4. Few mistakes cost us bad yesterday and I think there was definitely a forward pass in the crucial English try that ref refused to check. Deserved England win nonetheless! Loss will do us good though. After the Grand Slam and All Blacks win the hype needed to be cooled before the World Cup which we can definitely win.
  5. TCO

    NFL 2018

    I love the Rams blue and yellow. They should totally go for a modern version of that when they move to their new stadium. The blue and white is over done and it reminds me too much of the Colts who have the most boring uniform combination in the league. (Texans as a whole are the worst though if you include name and branding.) They'd be crazy to change from blue/yellow if they win a Super Bowl in it. On a similar note the Patriots unis are shite too. They should rebrand when/if Brady ever retires. Let it rest with him and get a new start.
  6. TCO

    NFL 2018

    Fuck. That does not look promising this far after the incident. Given what I've read I hope he's able to walk properly after, nevermind playing. I'm glad his contract is well covered for injury guarantees at least.
  7. The Sala thing is awful, it's so hard to even comprehend. His career was only just peaking and it's just snatched away like that. Walters is a legend alright. He's always been vocal about his mother's passing. She was the Irish one in the family which explains why he was always so passionate about playing for Ireland. A right good lad!
  8. He's improved drastically on that though. He's got red hair now, impossible to miss!
  9. TCO

    NFL 2018

    Murray won't drop to #29. The hype will be too much for him to slip that far. I'm terrified of the Giants taking him but it increase the chances of getting Haskins without trading up so I don't know how to feel!
  10. TCO

    NFL 2018

    That's not how the salary cap works at all. Bonuses certainly count against the cap, they're spread out pro-rata for the length of the contract. Teams will restructure contracts by guaranteeing a portion of a players salary as a bonus, dividing that cap hit over the remaining years of the contract. It essentially makes a player less cuttable and pushes the cap number down the road. There'll be a bigger dead cap figure as the remaining cap accelerates and is charged to the current year should it happen. Brady is not one of the highest paid QBs. In fact he's the 20th highest paid in salary and 19th highest paid in total cash. Brady's current two year contract is almost exactly the same as Tyrod Taylor's. It's not some noble deed he does, he's certainly getting enough money elsewhere. He's doing it to win and it skews the market and competitive advantage to the Patriots. It's cap hit is high this year and next because of all the restructures he's done over the years to minimise the cap hit on already low contracts.
  11. TCO

    NFL 2018

    I think the Pats and Brady both have success without one another but Belichick would ultimately have more success apart, no matter what. He went 11-5 without Brady. What's not mentioned enough is Brady playing drastically under his market value for most of his career allowing the Pats to build an unfairly competitive roster.
  12. TCO

    NFL 2018

    I think the Chiefs can beat them, Mahomes is scary. I've never seen a QB with an arm like his. The ball just comes out faster or something, it looks like it's sped up when watching live. When he throws a slant, the ball basically teleports. I love watching him.
  13. TCO

    NFL 2018

    My main problem with the Pats now is that they're also quite boring to watch. They offense is insanely efficient but it's mostly short passes and runs non-stop. I'm sick of them in general but it wouldn't be so bad if they were tearing it up
  14. TCO

    NFL 2018

    If they love Murray and they get a first back for Rosen then I don't see the problem. New regime gets their guy and essentially costs them nothing.
  15. TCO

    NFL 2018

    I don't think height is everything with QBs but Kyler Murray is really, really small. He's listed as 5'10, 195 but that looks very generous. Russell Wilson has an inch and 20lbs on his listed metrics so I don't think the comparisons are accurate. Russ is also blessed with freakishly large hands, something that he shares with the other "short" QB, Drew Brees. Tua is listed as 6'1, Haskins at 6'3 and they tower over him I wouldn't be surprised if he comes in at 5'9 at the combine and I really think that's too short given his frame. I'd be terrified of taking him, his physique looks like Pat White's.

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