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  1. I had a £24mil bid for Mauricio Lemos accepted. Agent demanded £105k p/w and £4.9mil signing bonus. I offered £95k and £4.3mil (max bonus allowed). Instant withdrawal from negotiations. 1 week later, he signs for RB Leipzig and he's on £37.5k with a £950,000 bonus. This game is stupid sometimes.
  2. Pep the fraud confirmed!
  3. When Eli reaches the play-offs he's either one and done or wins the Super Bowl, so if he wins the the Wild Card round then everybody watch out!
  4. I was looking at the squad list and was horrified to see Arthur Maia there. He was one of my favourite FM players ever. Signed him with Toronto in FM2012 at 19 and he went on to be my captain and best player. He stayed so long he got citizenship, then played for and captained Canada under me. It's bizarre but that just makes it hit home harder. This is just terrible and it's bizarre but Arthur Maia has and will always stick in my memory.
  5. I only just realised the Giants currently have the 2nd best record in the NFC but are looking at the 5 seed at best. Then I member that the 07/08 Giants were a 10-6 #5 seed and beat the 13-3 #1 Cowboys coming off a bye.
  6. I meant specifically an event that wipes out a team. I believe there was only a single fatality in that attack and it was the bus driver. That was naturally awful too.
  7. This is really terrible and the first thing that's happened in our generation. A whole club and 70+ lives wiped out in an instant. Life sucks sometimes
  8. The issue seems to be getting caught over the top, so I thought a deeper line might help. I think I'll try instructing the CBs to not press as hard as the rest of the team is and reign the full backs in a little to see if that works!
  9. Anybody have any tips on how to be tighter at the back? I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 with high pressing and an emphasis on possession. That all works great except I'm leaking goals. I could have 60% possession with plenty of shots and then every highlight is getting dispossessed followed by them hoofing the ball forward and being in on goal. I tried a deeper line and tweaking instructions but I'm still giving away a huge shot to goal ratio for the possession I have. Ended up finishing 13th with Newcastle with that system, the same one that got a record points haul in the Championship. Part of the problem could be the back four just isn't good enough, it's the exact same as the one I had the year before. Gamez - Hanley - Mbemba - Lazaar
  10. Nah you need the RB and bonus points if it's a made up word. I'd go with Rovers Ballclub Milton Keynes with RBMK for short!
  11. You'd have to make up a word like Rasenballsport MK or an English equivalent for realism to circumvent the no corporate name rule!
  12. What's even worse is a player turning down £50k a week and then going to a shitter club for half that and usually at a reduced fee too. But yeah, it's impossible to shift players when you want to. Very easy to get low-ball offers for your star players that unsettle your squad though!
  13. Comfortably got promoted and won the league with Newcastle anyway with 8 games to spare. Given £58mil to spend so I want to get my business done early and before anybody else gets their budget. The agreed price for Atsu is first priority, £5mil when he's worth £13.75mil is an absolute steal given how well he's done! I'll miss the Championship and winning almost every week.
  14. Cutler will definitely get a starting gig somewhere, he's definitely one of the top 32 QBs in the league. Bridge QB for the Jets makes sense, especially with Brandon Marshall there already.
  15. We need to do another run Ernesto running wild in Peruvian football again or any random location. That was cracking fun back when!