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  1. That's a really young and exciting team. Fair fucks to Southgate, he's really giving the right players a chance.
  2. Interesting to see if Mitrovic goes back to being a nutcase now. Seemed to thrive under Jokanovic.
  3. TCO

    NFL 2018

    I was so pissed off that the Bears game I went to was the only game Mack had ever missed in his career. Rotten luck
  4. That might top the Arsene Wenger one as my favourite. Ederson's evil tattoo better be a thing from now on!😂
  5. TCO

    Stan Lee has died

    He shaped so much of my childhood before I even knew who he was. I still enjoy his legacy as it grows stronger than ever. A massive loss but a good age. Rest easy
  6. TCO

    NFL 2018

    Brady is still crazy efficient but watching him this year it's definitely seems like he's regressed ever so slightly. He's still good enough to win yet another Super Bowl but the needle is turning ever so slightly.
  7. TCO

    NFL 2018

    Just from watching limited Dez games he always seemed lethal in the redzone with Romo. He'll have a field day with Brees too.
  8. Got brought along to A Star is Born. Wouldn't have picked it because it should be something I'd hate. Shit was fucking magical and I'm feeling so many emotions since!😁
  9. I'd pronounce it Kwee-veen! Fun fact, he didn't start playing in goal until a year or so before he was snapped up by Liverpool. Talented outfield player too!
  10. TCO

    NFL 2018

    So bizarre that he has waited this long to sign for a team.
  11. Only one government aided terrorists and murdered civilians. I think the Republic's hands are fairly clean. This whole thing is a joke. McClean is being investigated by the FA now. If it were a black player or Muslim player getting this abuse for their background there'd be uproar. McClean is Irish so sectarian abuse is a-OK
  12. There were terrorists on both sides. The UDA and IRA blowing the shit out each other is very different to the British government appointed death squads shooting up a stadium (1920) and the British Army murdering 14 civilians (1972). Nobody is condoning the actions of the IRA or UDA. The fundamental problem is the poppy commemorates soldiers who murdered innocent Irish people. Also the same British soldiers who colluded with loyalist paramilitaries and aided them in murdering civilians. TLDR; It's really messed up to expect a Catholic Northern Irish person to wear a poppy!
  13. I meant specifically civilian massacres conducted by the British Army. Casualties is war are a given and I wouldn't criticise that. We've got two Bloody Sundays where innocent civillians were murdered thanks to our lovely foreign occupiers!
  14. TCO

    NFL 2018

    NFC playoffs will be super fun as always. Can't wait to see which team plays the Pats in the Super Bowl this year.

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