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  1. TCO

    NFL 2018

    The good thing about Fitzmagic is that he's such a cool guy and it increases the chances of Jameis getting canned by the week. I have a horrible feeling Winston somehow ends up on the Giants next year though. Given how much he's fucked up so far, it's seems like such Gettleman move. The only 3-13 team with no offensive line and a rapidly ageing QB in win-now mode.
  2. Keane peaked at Sunderland really. Did a fantastic job there and never really saw success again after walking. Worst part of that was there was fucking Sunderland jerseys everywhere in Cork. Every 2nd person seemed to have one. That was a weird, bad time.
  3. Ah now. Keane is a prick but he was one of the greatest midfielders ever. He had everything and there's really no modern equivalent as well rounded a midfielder as peak Keane. Let's not under sell him. I don't think any player in history would eat peak Keane for breakfast! I don't think Ward is lying but I think the story is definitely being blown up bigger than it is. Keane was 100% in the wrong but I imagine it's not as big as people are making it out to be.
  4. TCO

    NFL 2018

    Hot take I know but Khalil Mack is very good at football and the Raiders shouldn't have traded him!
  5. I just might join the r/NUFC one too and knock you down to 22nd!! I won the EWB last year too, it's just a standard season for me really!😋
  6. Spike O'Sullivan fighting on the undercard tonight too, bit of a hometown hero here! If he wins against Lemiuex (unlikely) then he will very much be next in line to fight GGG assuming he beats Canelo. I like Spike but he'd get absolutely murdered by GGG. Still hoping he does it tonight somehow and gets himself a nice payday before retirement!
  7. Vorm needs to be doing better there. Was hoping he'd do well because Lloris is such a massive Sol Campbell.
  8. TCO

    NFL 2018

    He's no Teddy Bridgewater
  9. TCO

    NFL 2018

    Stafford isn't overpaid, his contract is just horribly structured. It's extremely back-loaded after year 1 and the cap hit is going to escalate next year and peak at $31.5mil. Obviously the cap will go up but I have no idea why the Lions didn't frontload it somewhat and create themselves a window. Must have been tight elsewhere last year because the cap % (the only figure that matters) jumped from 9.9% to 15% from year 1 to 2. Typically you cannot build a Super Bowl roster if your QB cap spend is over 13%. I wouldn't even consider cutting him before 2021 either because he's both too talented and the dead cap will be too much. I just hate this hot take of "oh I wouldn't have paid him that much" without a fucking clue of how the salary cap works.
  10. TCO

    NFL 2018

    Isn't Stafford only 30? People need to calm with these hot takes. The Lions were just unlucky to hit on high picks right before the rookie wage scale. They never had their talent under affordable contracts so never had a real window to win.
  11. Really? Think they stick out like a sore thumb in that squad. No Carrick? Also Beckham, Scholes, Keane and Giggs in one midfield was just so fucking outrageous and unfair in hindsight.
  12. I might squeeze Scott Parker in there and maybe Owen too. He was a prick and a crock but that 3 months before he got injured he was immense so potential there for this exercise! Is that Amdy or Abdoulaye Faye? I don't remember either being particularly good. I'd throw Lascelles in there before either of them!
  13. TCO

    WWE 2K19

    Everything I've seen from this looks hilariously bad, people really need to vote with their money and stop buying this shite!😂
  14. He also looks like he's from a early 00s boyband now too, so he's got that going for him.

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