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  1. They got The Fiend's entrance wrong. I will give them this though, they fucking nailed the commentators talking over shit and ruining moments! Perfect simulation/
  2. I wonder how will all these English fans and media who are disgusted by the racist abuse, treat James McClean choosing not to wear a plastic flower next month? That'll be interesting.
  3. Yeah please nobody buy this nonsense so they might actually try next time.
  4. This. What in the living fuck are those graphics? It looks like the PSP version of Smackdown vs Raw 2007 and I'm not even exaggerating. These hair graphics though...
  5. Meaning he's still eligible for Ireland. There's a chance!
  6. The Serena Williams defence!
  7. New cycle of U19s is always great fun, case of which random youth academy prospect has an Irish granny this time. Jamie Bowden of Spurs is a much better nab than Neville Jr though! We also got Armstong Oko-Flex back from the English who is one of the few who's genuinely Irish and has flimsy links to England!
  8. He played Gaelic Football and was raised in a very Irish household. Nationality isn't defined solely by birth. He's equally as Irish as Raheem Sterling is English. Dual nationalities exist and he made his choice which was his right, I'd never begrudge him or discount his Irishness though!
  9. Mick O'Bafemi I believe he prefers to go by. He's only played for us once but everyone loves him already. Saw loads of Obafemi jerseys at the Aviva last time. It's really a shame Grealish didn't play for us. He'd be a God to Irish fans if he had stayed but will probably be a bit part player at best for England at best.
  10. The reassuring thing about this wave of talent we've got is that they're all Irish born and bred! The only one eligible for England was Obafemi and he was born in Dublin and cap tied. That waist coated dickhead probably has the PowerPoint warmed up in St. Geroge's Park nonetheless! ๐Ÿคจ
  11. TCO

    NFL 2019

    It's mad that they built all that NFL infrastructure for 2 games a year, it's a proper NFL stadium! Proper excited to be going next week though!
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