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  1. What about Francis "Show Robben onto his left" Coquelin?
  2. That's actually nothing what I pictured but way better at the same time! Huge thanks!
  3. Norwich scored a few worldies in that game. Hoolahan's goal was quality too but Howson's was ridiculous. They're in a serious run of form at the minute.
  4. I'm hoping that Ireland vs England is championship decider for both teams. Mainly because it's on Saturday evening the day after Paddy's day in Dublin and town will be absolutely buzzing that night!
  5. I agree. Should have been whipped soon as, to teach him a lesson as much as anything. Murphy offers more anyway and he's a beautiful bastard. The worst thing is that some fans will be using the goal and calling for him to come in when Gayle is back.
  6. He should definitely be off. Soon as he got away with that lunge on the keeper, I knew he was going to score. Serious liability in the second half though, I'd get him off soon as.
  7. Wanted to request a custom logo for my expansion franchise in NBA 2K17. Gonna go with the Las Vegas Bluebirds. Home jerseys will be oxford blue, baby blue and white. No real specifications other than make it NBAy and Las Vegassy as possible! Thanks!
  8. It was worse before when winning the coin toss and kick a field goal would win it. Never went to OT in a Super Bowl before so its never had a spotlight shined on it like this.
  9. Nah not a concussion for once, hamstring apparently. He should really retire at this point though, the injuries can't be good for his long-term health. That's the Six Nations over anyway for another year. Yay!
  10. Not at all, its hilarious! Getting smacked square in the face by a professional tennis player can't be fun though. If it hit him in the nose then that's a proper eye waterer!
  11. Incorrect illegal formation call on a blocked PAT resulting in a point the Falcons should never have gotten. That could be big later on.
  12. I think New England by 10. 31-21
  13. Only bet I'm doing tonight is that under, it seems very generous for a Super Bowl which. I can't see either team letting up that many points
  14. Yes but Neville was implying that the "Premier League cross" was intrinsically different and better than a cross in La Liga. That league in which Bravo excelled and coincidentally the league Neville got absolutely spanked in as a coach. Bravo shit the bed mentally from the start since his move to Man City. I'd speculate its a combo of a language barrier, and having worse players around him than he did at Barcelona. Neville suggesting that he was struggling with the Premier League's quality after his first game is laughable. It all harks back to this image that English football is tougher and superior that Sky have cultivated since they created football in 1992. Its become especially prevalent since they overspent on the TV rights and have not much other football to show. Its nonsense and it's emphasised every year when English teams crash out of the Champions League.
  15. Well he is the same bellend that said Bravo struggled dealing with a "Premier League cross". Getting KO'd in midair by a flying elbow probably comes part and parcel with playing in the Best League in the World™ to him.