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  1. I'd rather they become a software company but yeah they're wasting their proprietary brands on their gimmicky consoles. So yeah I'd buy the shit out of a Nintendo console that had all the power and perks of a PS4 and XBox One!
  2. Brown isn't travelling to London anyway, good. Fuck it, have Odell kick the PATs and go for it on 4th inside the 50. Be a much better game that way!
  3. This. I want a powerful Nintendo console that gets all the AAA titles but also has Mario, Pokemon et al. This seems neat but there's no way I'm going to buy it. It'll be the same case as always, some amazing Nintendo titles followed by virtually no 3rd party support. I want to support Nintendo but I can't justify paying for a console that won't have most of the games I want. Super Mario Galaxy was a masterpiece but I couldn't help think it'd be better if I didn't have to shake my wrist and have my controller tethered to my hand.
  4. Yeah I don't care about the consequences on Sunday, Josh Brown needs to be cut now.
  5. Bet they're glad they chased Fitzpatrick for the whole summer and gave him $12mil guaranteed. It's amazing how many teams have been fooled by his flashes of decent play now.
  6. Because it doesn't matter. They'll release a limited edition virtual card of a player with a slightly higher rating and people spunk money into their stock market simulator!
  7. Roger Lewis went from wearing Eli's jersey as a kid to catching his 300th career TD pass. I love stories like that!
  8. At this point Sky are actively making me want to not watch it. Ryan Giggs makes me sick too, so I won't be watching the hour before either. He's boring as fuck, slimy piece of shit and a horrible person
  9. Tense but I'll take the win! The call on DRC was ridiculous but OJB's and the roughing penalty on the Ravens last drive were pure stupidity. Beckham can be an all time great, but he needs to cut down on the shit soon. Hopefully this a turning point for the season and snapped a rut. More importantly, Giants are in London next week and I'll be there. So, so very hyped!
  10. Wasn't Rockstar's line on the PC version that the code is a mess and way too difficult to port it to make it profitable?
  12. Helmets are quality but jerseys are terrible. Football jerseys don't have sponsors and have big numbers, poor effort!
  13. I'm totally going if there's a World Cup in North America, US or Canada would be an amazing trip for the tournament. I'll be pushing 35 then though and may have grown up responsibilities. Fuck Draw Baldy and this 40 or 48 team tournament though, it ruined the Euros and it'll ruin the World Cup too. It makes the group stage effectively pointless.
  14. Those Boxing day games are shite, New Years eve is tasty though!
  15. That makes more sense, I assumed if you're floating between both you'd be in that category!