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  1. My favourite stat is that Ireland have more Premier League hat-tricks (5) than Brazil (4) and Germany(3)! I was more surprised that all 5 weren't from Robbie Keane either.
  2. That cross by De Bruyne was absolutely filthy. Sterling really is a complete player now. Guardiola is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. Mad he's still only 24 too.
  3. Irish press going mental over the chance of him starting. I read he's training today. I just want to see if he's any good and how English commentators handle his name!
  4. TCO

    NFL 2019

    It's weird. I went to a regular season game at Soldier Field last year and it genuinely seemed most people didn't care what was going on. Just seemed like they were there to eat, drink and chat. Major culture difference!
  5. More like its Caoimhin time! Hopefully he's fit. They gain nothing by playing Lonergan.
  6. Peak Falcao tearing Chelsea a new areshole in the Super Cup was fantastic. It's such a shame he picked up that injury, robbed everyone of arguably the best striker in the world.
  7. West Ham have conceded 99 goals in all comps at the London Stadium, Man City have scored 22 of those goals.
  8. It's hard to get a player who's good enough to be in the rotation but also happy to be sat on the bench for most of the season. It's a tough spot to be in when the first XI is so good and embedded.
  9. The fee is a major reason why I'd be happy to sell but yeah he's definitely weaker than Schar and Lejeune. There's just something about him that rubs me up the wrong way. He seems to be vocal and opinionated in the wrong way a lot of the time. He's quick to do a major interview at strange times that always paints himself in a fantastic way. The whole spat over his position in the 3 that led to him being dropped is a red flag too. Selfish and not befitting of a captain.
  10. It''s probably because of the injuries and nobody is watching but how nobody has tried to nab Lejeune is beyond me. He's a fantastic defender and has a brilliant range of passing. Lascelles is a wee bit over-rated and comes as a bit of a bellend though.
  11. The only way that'd be a good deal for Juve is if footballer's value was determined by the kilo. Would be a cracking bit of business for United.
  12. I still think Bale could have forced Madrid's hand and got at least a temporary subsidised move to a top European club. It's not as if he's not still supremely talented and a world class player. Such a shame to see him disappear for money.
  13. Troy Parrott played and looked! And he's legitimately Irish so he can't be taken away from us.
  14. It's hilarious that people think that it wasn't planned by Paddy. Like they didn't have all the legitimate shirts already produced ready for sale. The whole thing was a genius marketing ploy by them as always! Betting adverts should still be banned though. I can't fathom how shit it must be for an addict to have Ray Winstone calling everyone a massive pussy for not having a bang on a bet, when all you want to do is watch the football
  15. Lewis Dunk is 28 too, not exactly a young player with room to improve. Given Leicester's depth at the position, they'd be much better advised spending that money on a prospect from abroad. Don't know why United aren't jumping on a Coutinho deal either. Don't get the point of Liverpool paying a loan fee and his massive wages when they don't necessarily need him.
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