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  1. Such shit news and just another blow really, it was expected. Rafa and the fans deserved better. I hope he kills it wherever he goes next. It's hard to support the club and I won't be going to any more matches or buying merchandise until Ashley is gone. Jose Mourinho is favourite now. The only hope is that the takeover is imminent and they wanted Jose or some other big name manager. Ashley staying and no Rafa is not something I don't want to think about.
  2. Denis Irwin though. Did it all while being right footed too! Doesn't get mentioned because he was a proper defender, not English and also played the precursor to football before Sky invented it in 1992.
  3. It's not even the sponsor per se. It's the size, colour and the fact it has a white background. It's literally the width of the shirt as is and the background completely ruins the limited amount of "stripes". It could easily be fixed
  4. It's amazing how a bad sponsor can ruin a perfectly nice design!
  5. I just did Liverpool to win 3-1 @ 13/1. Correctly predicted 3-1 Madrid last year and never made the bet so not going to make the same mistake again. Very excited for this, should be a cracker!
  6. That's loser talk if I've ever heard it...😋 Have a cracking time though, an opportunity of a lifetime to see your team play in the Champions League final!
  7. I usually just get a high quality Chinese knock-off for like a tenner, with the most random player I can think of on the back and wear it playing 5-a-side! Would never wear one out really. Girlfriend is an Arsenal fan too, so it wouldn't be the weirdest one to wear!
  8. That Arsenal shirt is quality, I'll have to buy it! Might win the award for biggest improvement ever between seasons after last years monstrosity. I don't know what Puma were going for with our home one. I like the idea of the badge being occasionally in the middle but it needs more stripes than that. Awful and the sponsor looks bigger than normal too.
  9. If Pep walks they'll be gunning for Poch if they had any sense!
  10. TCO

    Game of Thrones

    That was fucking laughably dreadful. That wasn't Game of Thrones, that was a thrown together, poorly written rush job where the characters just didn't behave like they should. They lost their way soon as the books ended but it's almost like a completely different show now.
  11. Stick that right next to the "If shots that hit the frame of the goal counted as goals" Premier League trophy they stormed years back.
  12. He's right though, he's fighting for his own career. Bettering his primary rival makes no sense when only one of them can see the field at one time. Favre did the same with Rodgers. They're QBs, not coaches.
  13. Soon as they started playing for 0-0s to scrape over the line he was a goner. He's done well there but they've really stagnated and were very lucky to stay up. It was time for everyone to move on I think. Shame on the timing for him. Ireland job was his if he were available at the time I reckon.
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