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  1. He's clearly the butler from Mr. Deeds
  2. That's the best part. The song contains the words "land of the free and the home of the brave". This is literally fascism. They love their 2nd amendment, the 1st not so much.🙄
  3. He could have played for Italy. Stupid decision not to given his cuntiness has black balled him from the Argentina set-up!
  4. Penalising players for peaceful protesting against racial violence so Republicans can keep their gun and flag boners. What a time to be alive! I'm assuming the 2025 Super Bowl will be Vegas? That'd be mental. I'll be 33 by then, may use that as the last hurrah of irresponsible behaviour and go!
  5. Wavin' Flag was a belter from 2010. Way better than the Shakira effort! The soundtrack from the official PS3 game may have been the greatest of any FIFA too.
  6. Good choice that. He's England's best player and probably the only suitable 100% guaranteed starter for the next few years. Also he scores goals without touching the ball, you can't teach that sort of finishing instinct!
  7. I'd love to see Pogba under Pep, he'd sort him right out after a season. United are diabolical to watch, just not pleasing on the eye or effective. A niggling feeling that Mourinho's spark has gone and the game is passing him by. Their point total is far from reflective of their quality and it'll be interesting to see how they do next year. Jones was woeful but that first touch by Hazard was pure filth.
  8. TCO

    Game of Thrones

    I'm still bitter about HIMYM too
  9. Did Parma always wear white and black as their home kit? I could have sworn their wore yellow and blue stripes at home in the 90s? Good for them though. They're 90s team was amazing before it was sold off for huge sums.
  10. Dear lord that team is stacked. Martial should be on the phone to his agent now, he's about to do a KDB and Salah! Also If I were Aymeric Laporte, I'd be declaring for Spain ASAP. Madness that he didn't even make the standby list and this will likely be Pique and Ramos' last World Cup
  11. You mean 5 headers and 1 imaginary header. I've scored some worldy imaginary goals, get me on the plane!
  12. Racist! That's self proclaimed "one of the greatest minds in football" Sol Campbell to you. Also on what fucking planet are Livermore, Cook and Loftus-Cheek better midfield players than Jonjo Shelvey? Shelvey has a attitude problem yet Jake Livermore who got pissed and stole a taxi is fine? Would have brought Carroll over Welbeck too. He instantly changes the play style and offers something different. Welbeck offers the ability to trip over his own feet and lose the ball, but at pace.
  13. Saquon Barkley jersey arrived. So now it's about forgetting franchise QBs, taking a running back at 2 or not trading down. All aboard the hype train to the hall of fame!!
  14. I agree, look at Reading last year. Finished 3rd comfortably then lose on penalties to 5th place Huddersfield. Stam gets sacked and then they nearly got relegated to League 1 while Huddersfield stay up. Championship is a ruthless league.

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