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  1. Bit shit that he had to miss the Europa League final though. Not that it would've 100% changed the outcome, but Liverpool were definitely missing him.
  2. Game of Thrones

    It's great that they're diverging, but that's assuming the books even get written. I was just really excited about the Kingsmoot and Euron being a dangerous power drunk maniac rather than whatever the hell he is in the show. Stuff has inevitably been spoiled for the books already anyway. There's no way that Hodor reveal wasn't always intended from the start and straight from GRRM's fucked up imagination!
  3. Game of Thrones

    That's not what I was talking about! Book spoilers (they may still do it in the show, but I doubt it) So yeah, the more I think about it the books are almost a different story now.
  4. Game of Thrones

    Shame. They're diluting the Iron Born just like they did with Dorne, writing out characters and skipping plot points that leaves a void in the whole thing. Euron sucks too. He's supposed to be a power hungry treasure rich pirate on hallucinogenics, with a genuine grudge and interesting background. They've Victarion and stripped one major thing from his plan with Daenerys too that makes his plan in the show stupid. Plus there's no badass eyepatch! His character has been watered down to "I'm man, I want ships and to fuck sexy dragon woman!" Basically: no Victarion, no party.
  5. Game of Thrones

    Forget to mention. So they've completely written Victarion out of the Iron Islands arc? He's pretty important to explaining why Euron is such a dick and why he was banished in the first place.
  6. Summer Transfer Window Thread 2016

    Why are Inter Milan being mentioned? They're shit now, that'd barely be a step up for Lukaku.
  7. The New Kit Thread

    I want maroon and blue hoops again. Wouldn't mind the Championship custard creams either, that was glorious! 3rd kit looks like Leicester's from last year.
  8. Man Utd do seemingly take the piss though. I'm expecting them to announce their official south-west Vietnamese dog shampoo partner at this stage.
  9. In probably the last bit of Newcastle relevant news in the Premier League thread... Press Conference at 7pm, Rafa is staying! I've never been so excited to be relegated!!
  10. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    It's the best practical design they can do. It offers shade everywhere apart from the opposition sideline. Playing against the Dolphins in the sun wearing dark colours is a big disadvantage. The Pats under Belichick have a losing record there. The roof shields the fans and team while fucking the opposition. It's genius!
  11. Euro 2016

    Losing Varane, Laporte, Sakho and Zouma yet still being pretty stacked at CB is just outrageous. Umtiti still can't make the squad either.
  12. Game of Thrones

    That's a complete cop-out though. Fantasy plots still need to have fleshed out characters, well structured plots and firmly established universe rules. This isn't an example of bad storytelling because it makes sense and GRRM is a fantastic story teller. At it's heart, GOT is a character driven drama, you don't get a pass from good storytelling because you operate in a fantasy world.
  13. The New Kit Thread

    Newcastle away kit apparently, obviously sans Wonga. Ah the ol' 'away kit practically clashes with the home, lets make a 3rd kit' trick!
  14. Game of Thrones

    I don't see how it's a paradox, it follows Novikov's self consistency principle. Bran can visit moments in the past via the roots of weirwood trees. His influencing of the events aren't changing things or causing paradoxes, these moments happened as they did in the past as time. Bran's feint presence at the TOJ was how it happened and he always emotionally damaged Wylis in his youth, using his abilities to transmit the 'hold the door' message. Time is a closed curve and Bran cannot change the past. Everything that will happen has already happened, 'destiny' is moot and Bran can use the weirwood trees to visit these moments and exert the influence he already did.
  15. Summer Transfer Window Thread 2016

    Gokhan Tore is a cunt and completely fucking insane by all accounts, delighted to see him sign for West Ham!