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  1. Very comfortable with the ball and has two good feet too. Peak John Terry will always be underappreciated.
  2. I think John Stones is an exception. He tries way too hard with the ball at this feet when sometimes its just not on. He's trying to be Rio Ferdinand but sometimes he looks closer to Titus Bramble the way he gets caught napping. Unless teams play hoofball then defenders have to be able to take it down and play a pass. I think John Terry is the perfect blend of both and arguably the most complete defender in a long time.
  3. I said it in the other thread, Power Rangers is objectively fucking stupid. They're trying their best to cash in on nostalgia and tweak in a way that makes some bit of sense. This is only a good thing for people who stand to make money off this. The amount of people they'll lose because they're not wearing cheap spandex etc vs. those who see it because it looks shiny and cool will be like 1:100,000.
  4. How many of those goals are from just being amazing in the air at corners though, rather than end product? Ramos in particular has a knack of reading a cross. I don't see how that diminishes their defensive abilities in comparison to Moore. They're just way better than any other centre backs with the ball at their feet. It's not like they're doing Cruyff turns and pulling out of tackles.
  5. People say its a different era and different game, less physical, better nutrition etc. to diminish Messi's ability when comparing him to Pele, Maradonna and the likes. But then say he can't be the best because he hasn't won the World Cup. Its ridiculous. World Cup means fuck all for his legacy. Its no longer the measuring stick, its one tournament every 4 years. You get 3-4 cracks of the whip if your lucky and even then you need an enormous amount of luck. Also, it's much harder to win the World Cup now. Messi is the greatest ever, enjoy him before he's gone in a few years.
  6. Yeah I was a very young kid when it was popular and even though I watched it, I'm pretty sure I realised how shit and embarrassing it was after a short while.
  7. Objectively though, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fucking sucked. It was a Japanese show chopped up and spliced with American footage to form a ridiculous story. This manages to stay true the original mythos while upping the scale and coherency. If it manages to stay somewhat self aware with a serious tone then this will be money. I love the look of it and while I left Power Rangers behind a long time ago, my nostalgia sense was triggered which is realistically what they're aiming for!
  8. Fucking hell, Jonjo was back with a vengeance tonight. I know it's in the Championship but the lad's passing range is absolutely absurd, there's nobody else like that in the English setup.
  9. Saw also that 14/16 of the QBs in the AFC Championship game for the past years have been Manning, Brady and Roethlisberger while the NFC have had 10 different QBs. Rodgers, E. Manning, Wilson, Ryan and Kaepernick \are the ones with multiple appearances. Shows having a top tier QB trumps everything else.
  10. You're sick to death of the Packers but Tom Brady going to his 7th Super Bowl for his 5th ring is a better alternative? Rodgers is playing like a god, he deserves his 2nd ring. Either way, I'm happy as long as an NFC team wins it. I really don't want Brady or Roethlisberger winning again.
  11. When Rodgers isn't decimating your team it's much more fun to watch him. Its very theraputic after last week!
  12. Gini gets a mighty case of the yips away from home, get used to it!
  13. It's not against my point though. You think Leicester fans born in 30 years can comprehend what it was like living through last season? The fans who witnessed that will cherish it forever and never tire speaking of it. The same with Liverpool in Istanbul etc. You want the chance to live through it, history is nice but ultimately who really cares? It's a line on Wikipedia you can brag about on Facebook "LAD" pages. A league built on 100 years of tradition can't happen like it did anymore, the game can't grow organically like it is. You just can't. Following some sort of assumed rules of inflation is ridiculous too. The Chinese have the money and passion so why not use it? They're growing their game the only way they can now. They need local eyes on their game and whether you like it or not, giving Diego Costa or Tevez stupid money is the way to do it. It'll pay dividends as the investment in grass roots takes form and the locals shine. The problem is, clubs like Man United and AC Milan are trying to have that divine right to be a top club. That's the only reason for FPP and bullshit new Champions League format that's been talking about. You're only allowed to be big in England if you were a top side when Sky invented football in 1992 and have that history.
  14. I never got the whole history and tradition thing, it's bollocks. You see it all the time with Man United fans using it as an insult to Man City that they have no history while they're sat in 6th and going to Ukraine on a Thursday night. As if Ahmad, the 12 year old die hard Man United fan from Malaysia watching a grainy Youtube videos of George Best lauding it in the European Cup gives some sort of bragging rights or prestige over any other modern successful club? Why would anyone care really about what happened in the past, I want to live through my club creating history. Fuck the status quo and and the fixation on tradition, China are trying to create something and everyone is uncomfortable about it. It may not be of high quality now but the only way to get sustained success in football now is to fuck money at the wall and hope it sticks. Not every club can get an official pillow case partner to help buy their way back into success so this is the best way for China to create a global force.
  15. Nah, the Patriots always get to at least the AFC Championship. They either lose there, win the Super Bowl or lose it to Eli Manning. There's the 3 options that included in Belichick's deal with the devil.