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  1. We're really beyond "This superstar has really been focused on winning as of late" in this generation. They have the license and access to everything WWE, it's not acceptable for a full price title to feature shit like that. Almost every other sports title manages to do it near flawlessly. The only time it begins to get generic in FIFA is when you're playing with two tiny teams and even then it's almost seamless. It almost sounds like they recorded Lillian Garcia syllable by syllable in an echo chamber and pasted it all together.
  2. It's not a bad signing, just an odd one. Martin O'Neill loves him and he's started over Shane Long plenty of times for us. As a target man, there's very few better at that level.
  3. So apparently Newcastle are close to a deal for Daryl Murphy. In Rafa we trust I suppose?
  4. Milner now has scored 13/16 in his career according to Transfermarkt. He's one of the more reliable ones in the world. I reckon if your toilet was fucked and you needed a plumber, James Milner would come in and do a professional job and get it done. The lad can do everything slightly above average!
  5. Milner is a very good penalty taker though and his a history of taking them. Attacking player who can finish ≠ good penalty taker, it's a very different skill.
  6. That video is another example of the woeful commentating and announcing. It'd be better if they copied and pasted in sound bytes from real broadcasts!
  7. Robbie Hands down the greatest sportsman in this country in a long, long time. The stats are there but he'll never truly get the credit for how fantastic he's been. He's regressed in recent years but has always been worthy of place both on and off the pitch. A true credit to his profession and never shied away travelling half away across the world the pull on the green shirt for a friendly. You'll be missed Robbie but your place is history is assured Really want to go this but ticketmaster has frozen with the demand spike!
  8. Pre-ordered this from Amazon for €50 including postage when it's €75 here to buy in store. Thank you Britain for leaving the EU and tanking your own currency!
  9. To be fair, when you're a pro athlete who earns stupid money, it is a crime to be showing up with a belly straight from the pub like Higuain did.
  10. Not really relevant but the only comment on an article on Man City in the Daily Mail is by a lad going by BRITISH from Essex. "Should they not be banned from the Premiership for failing to have home grown players?" . Ban them, ban them all!
  11. Actua Soccer 3 was the peak of 90s sports games and commentary. Barry Davies and Martin O'Neill ran that shit with Robbie Williams on loop in the menus too!
  12. I don't know what I'm more upset about, the fact that somebody would willingly get that or that the Premier League typeset has a hashtag ready for printing.
  13. Good commentary might not be a deciding factor in buying it but commentary that bad is definitely a reason not to.
  14. Top of the league
  15. That's the worst commentary I've ever heard in a sports game. It's like it's ripped out of the 90s.