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  1. Good on him, if he hadn't he would have cracked and been suspended again anyway. That would have been his career done. This way he has the best possible chance to come back and Cleveland's season is done anyway. Hopefully he comes back with a shiny new franchise QB and cured of his problems. Either way, I admire him for taking the step And at least it's not as bad as Justin Blackmon?
  2. Jesus Lineker that first post is fucking dreadful. List of features people would like to see? For shame! I'm looking to get a new laptop after my current one produced enough heat to warm my appartment running 3 nations, very slowly on FM2015. The forced year break is probably a good thing, because I'll be super hyped for being able to run this quickly!
  3. The presentation and entrances are terrible! They couldn't even be bothered syncing up the music up to the entrance cues in all of them. Noticed in AJ Styles and Sasha Banks' ones that the tracks were just loosely added. It's ridiculous how poor they are after all this time. That's not even mentioning the souless audio in Carmella, Enzo and New Day's entrances and demon Dana Brooke model.
  4. Damn straight I do! I closed my laptop with the radio stream at 95mins, I went off to stew for half an hour and I was baffled when the 4-3 popped up everywhere. Brilliant! I think Mitro summed up all our feelings after the match
  5. Pep was proper out-tacticted on that set piece!
  6. This whole thing is hilarious, but I'm not laughing yet because I'm worried about Rafa now
  7. He has to get the chop now really, be completely spineless if they let him continue.
  8. People are forgetting how good Tony Romo is now that they have a shiny new toy. He has to go back in as soon as he's healthy. It's not really a tough call at all. Dak is good but they're playing relatively conservative with him and he's a rookie. Romo is a borderline top 5 QB.
  9. I haven't bought one since getting the last Smackdown vs. Raw and was given 2K15 for free and never played it more than a handful of times. The franchise is a disgrace. Graphics are terrible, the audio is worse and there hasn't been zero innovation of the game for a long time. It should have been nuked after THQ were done and started completely afresh. Instead they built upon a broken dated game and just added more DLC to milk people on a yearly basis.
  10. Wait they'v gotten to the point now where they're charging extra for downloadable moves as well as charging $30 for additional wrestlers? Lol it's a yearly game with almost no replayablity. I think I'll pass again, the franchise is toxic.
  11. Blind is even better than Harry Kane at corners! #Pogbonce, someone get Stormy!
  12. Winning with Lindley on a weeks worth of prep would be hilarious. Edelman would probably be a better QB in the system but you're removing his contribution as a receiver with that. Bellichick is just bored with winning the traditional way so he's just fucking about now. I truly pity the Browns when Brady returns and scorches the earth they stand upon!
  13. God bless Amazon! €43 when the standard edition here costs €75 in Gamestop.
  14. Nobody would bat an eyelid if Joe Hart wasn't England's no.1 goalkeeper. He's not that good and Pep just got in a better player that fits is his system.
  15. Playing the Seahwaks also means winning a game. They're bizarrely the only NFC team to not have a losing record vs. Russel Wilson.