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  1. 2015 NFL Season

    Any black women in the NFL executive ecosystem are about to get a whole lot of '2 birds with 1 stone' interviews! Also TO is a first ballot HOF, anybody who says otherwise is silly.
  2. Stoke 2-1 Everton (Sat 3pm)Swansea 1-0 Crystal Palace (Sat 3pm)Tottenham 2-0 Watford (Sat 3pm)Southampton 2-1 West Ham (Sat 5.30pm)Chelsea 0-0 Man Utd (Sun 4pm)
  3. 2015 NFL Season

    The Rams have to sign RG3 and have him become their franchise QB. Then the long con troll job can come come full circle! Common misconception about Chips offence is that it's tailored specifically to a mobile QB. Sure it helps, but that offence is best run with a QB with good accuracy, quick release and footwork is also important. I'm seriously sceptical that Kaep can run it, he's mechanically a poor QB and his primary strengths are his legs and a big, if erratic arm. 
  4. Football Manager 2016

    Is the Mobile version of this worth the price? I generally go every other year and I'm gonna hold off until I get a new laptop for 2017 but I'm getting the itch again! I have a Galaxy S6 so running it shouldn't be an issue.
  5. 2015 NFL Season

    Thing was the Giants had 3 in '07. Justin Tuck would line up inside on passing downs and cause mayhem with Osi on one side and Strahan on the other. That's not even counting Fred Robbins.  That was an absolutely monstrous d-line and Tom Terrific can thank them for not being 19-0!
  6. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    I think if he hits any run of form at all with us, his value will only increase given that he's 22. He's a much better striker than Perez. I love Ayoze and think he's fantastic but he's really not a proper goalscorer, more a creative player. I'll be happy if the deal goes through and I won't be bothered if it doesn't. So either way, if we end up with just Doumbia tomorrow, I'll be happy.
  7. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    I don't understand how £25mil is too much for Berahino. It's the going rate for players nowadays. Bournmouth just spent £10mil on Benik Afobe and £8mil on Lewis Grabban. 5-10 years ago, £25mil would be extortionate, but in an era of bumper TV deals and Ross McCormack moves between Championship clubs for £11mil, it really isn't.
  8. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    Bit of a David Nugent vibe off him; bang average in the Premier League, beast in the Championship.
  9. 2015 NFL Season

    Question, why are some people certain that the Browns are going to cut Manziel? I know he's a horrible pro, but I still can't see much benefit in cutting him. Even assuming you don't want to go forward with him as a starter, having him as a backup on a cheap contract is a better situation than most teams in the league. He's claerly talented and a very dynamic player and from what I've seen, his problems don't seem to creep into the locker room.
  10. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    Can't say I've seen Siqueira but he's a left back who's not Paul Dummett, so that's a huge plus. Doumbia has tailed off recently but it's still exciting, he's lightning quick and can finish, seemingly the opposite of Mitrovic thus far!
  11. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    Joe Mason is one of the string of Plastic Paddys from older FMs who'd go on to be a key part of the Ireland squad every game. Is he actually any good, I haven't heard much about him at all and he's 24 now!
  12. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    Spurs are Moussa Dembele signing specialists!
  13. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    Joel hasn't been that bad from what I've seen, he worth a shot?
  14. Biggest sporting decline

    I'll admit, I thought the exact same thing initially. My own morbid sense of humour, outweighed any sporting knowedge!
  15. 2015 NFL Season

    Look at Larry Fitzgerald's blindside screen block on RIchard Sherman. Proper technique combined with not being an asshole trying to hurt your opposing players can make the world of difference, even when it's with potentially dangerous hits.  Compare that Vontaze Burfict's antics and you'll see the difference.