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  1. It definitely touched his arm, then onto his thigh and in. Some of the angles don't allow you to catch it but it definitely hits it. Doesn't matter either way as it was well tucked in. Also second the opinion of Dele Alli being an insufferable, dirty little cunt. Very happy for Son though, he's the best.
  2. Laporte has seemingly forgot to how to football too!
  3. Why are Spurs wearing their away kit and causing a kit clash? Annoying.
  4. If you follow the theory that Jay is lying and Adnan is innocent then who killed her and what was the motive? I just don't see anybody else being the perpetrator after seeing the evidence.
  5. I watched the first two episodes and nothing has changed my opinion that he's 100% guilty although shouldn't have been convicted. The documentary seems very biased too.
  6. If his demands are true I'd either let him play this year with a tag next year or trade him now for a kings ransom. He seems to be posturing for a move away more than anything.
  7. Looking at the fixtures Liverpool have to be favourite. All of the teams they player are either shite and/or have nothing to play for. City will have to win all 5 to take it IMO. I think they'll drop at least 2 points between the Man United and Spurs games
  8. I'm gonna guess it was tongue in cheek at the time to be fair. Fuck Barton though.
  9. Depending on the fee and depending on the timing I might have sold Shearer. It was a different era though. The fee that he would have commanded wouldn't have been near as club altering as Kane's would be now and it'd be more or less just getting the money that the club already spent back on him. Also I wouldn't trust Newcastle's board or manager like I would Levy and Poch. I just think it should be considered. They seem to be fine without him despite having very little depth up front. A few clever purchases and chipping the stadium debt away could do them the world of good long-term. I don't think Liverpool are too upset about selling Coutinho given how he was replaced. It's risky but if the money was right then I'd do it.
  10. Basically safe now. Need to get Rafa signed up or it's all for nothing. I've maintained all year Spurs should sell Kane. He'd command an astronomical fee + the Levy blinder bonus that would pay a fair chunk of that stadium off and allow them to flesh out their squad. He's an unbelievable striker but I's still sell up if I were Spurs.
  11. TCO

    Stephen King

    Give the audiobook a chance if you're into those. It might be the best book I've read but it's 100% the best audio book I've listened to!
  12. TCO

    Stephen King

    I don't really like most of Stephen King's work but 11/22/63 is probably my favourite book ever. It's also very unlike his typical work so that probably explains it. Love it from start to finish and the world he created was so vivid!
  13. I was foolish enough to buy an FAI season ticket. So now I'm hanging around after work to see Georgia put on a footballing clinic, get home from the Aviva and have to be up at 4am for a flight. Great!
  14. Gibraltar will win games there based off yesterday's conditions. Plastic pitch that the ball shoots across with a vicious wind to contend with. It's near impossible to play football there. Better teams than us will struggle there, so I'm very happy with the 3 points. I get that they want to play at home but there's no way qualifiers should be allowed play on that surface or in that stadium.
  15. This too of course! Saquon only just turned 22 though that's less of an immediate worry. The stacked boxes he's going to face this year is though!
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