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  1. If I did it, I'd be jinxing them. Marqise Lee, WR, JAX @damsher hatfield
  2. You're just one of the early ones to see the light. Worst to first boys! Deshaun Watson, QB, HOU. @damsher hatfield
  3. I would prefer DST to IDP. I am on board with reducing the benches to make free agency relevant, last year was kind of shit for that. Also can someone explain timings? I'm sure I'm being thick but I didn't understand why a lot of players weren't available until certain days of the week. My other leagues would always let you pick players up on gameday.
  4. So I'm currently sat in the airport in Stockholm waiting to go back home. I had tickets for the Avs game last night, and although it sucked to see us lose, in such a stupid fashion no less, the experience was incredible. I'd been to live UK hockey before, but the NHL is (obviously) on another level. The Girard kid we got in the trade seems legit, and McKinnon is FAST. I thought we deserved more from the game to be honest, we had more of the possession and Ottawa only had a couple of chances, which they unfortunately cashed in on. Best thing was our seats were right by the tunnel the Avs came out through, so I got fist bumps from MacK, Kerfoot and Yakupov. And Landy threw a puck at me but it went over my shoulder and my dad was to busy taking a picture of me fist bumping players to catch it for me :@
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