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  1. There is a Green Bay Packers Foundation set up. Some laws are adjusted per-say to make the Packers a publicly traded, yet non-profit organization. The Packers Foundation is in place to divide any profits to nonprofit charities that make requests to the Packers. If the team was sold all remaining balance would go to the foundation as well. The Foundation is primarily in place so the team would never be able to move away from Green Bay. The Packers also hold an annual stock holders meeting at Lambeau every year and the public stock holders are allowed to vote on many topics and such. Don't know how much weight it holds, but there something like that in place.
  2. Rock Band is done for now aswell. MTV Games closed shop and Harmonix was sold for next to nothing. DLC will still come. They got all the instruments they wanted to get out now it's just the songs and if you are/were a fan of the whole thing them RB3 is/was the way to go all along as you get the most for 1 disk instead of of having to change when you wanted to play a different song not on that game. I haven't played a GH game since RB came out and am so glad I did.
  3. The analog controls are super smooth and will give the game a totally different feel. The best part is the fielding controls and how it's all revamped and the errors per player ability changes. The player and stadium models were in development since 09 released and we finally get to see them so the whole look will be much, much better. Like the post above me the RTTS got a lot of love, but franchise not so much which is in the middle of a 2 year cycle to totally revamp it like the models were. Only changes are to trade logic and some minor off season stuff. Many, many other little things aswell which these guys are the king of little things. Since you may want to play many more games than the standard sports game the little things is huge to not make it so redundant. Here is a video of the new pitching controls. I think they are pretty nice looking. It's been said that pitching is easy to pick up on, but the new hitting controls are rather hard to grasp and keep a good pace with. MLB 2011 The Show | Free Trial of MLB.TV | GameStop Baseball is my favorite video game to play because the sport is not so cheese worthy like football is.
  4. Can't believe the Badgers pissed away the NC game.. Damn kids! Ready after Week #1 recruiting.
  5. Got me a 75 rated HB. My starter returns, but I lost my back up and I use both my HB's a lot so it's a plus. Ready!
  6. Lafayette wins 28-7 giving up a garbage TD at the end of the game. Some sophomore cornerback named Jackson had a pick and 2 fumble recoveries to start the 2nd half to put the game away.
  7. Made my visits during the week and it paid off as I was able to land a 1* TE... w00t!
  8. That's not cool. If it's not reading then it's a Blue Ray laser problem, but that wouldn't cause it to stop once the game is running and in my case it progressively got worse before stopping altogether. I have had Blue Ray problems twice and it's simple to fix yourself if indeed that is the case except it costs 60 bucks to get a new laser off of Ebay. That is if your out of warranty. My problem happened every December which was exactly 1 year to the day exactly each time... I shouldn't say that because it's only 2 weeks away.
  9. I have had the worst recruiting year. I have a couple I am in 2nd for with both me and the other school at 100% and would like to try and pry them away, but if the masses say skip it then I will not put up a fight. I don't get a championship game to play so I vote to skip that week too then ^_^
  10. Yeah, I'm ready I never think to put ready after I am done recruiting. I don't think i can on the web site as I do my recruiting through there. I am ready to advance and don't have enough guys the past couple weeks to use up my hours.
  11. I understand why they can't be transferred, but It's still BS because Metallica don't do nothing about the 3 pack DLC from Rock Band 1 to be transferred to 2 or 3. Now we get a Chilli Peppers album without 1 song and so on. It just seems real stupid.
  12. Can't get Fan Axxess for the PS3 yet
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