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  1. Christmas Traditions

    This is pig ignorant. No one ever said he had a beard! Anyway, I usually spend Christmas with the girlfriend's family (which is weird 'cos they're continental and celebrate everything on Christmas Eve), but her dad is ill and I don't know if he'll be up for having visitors this year. She'll probably go back anyway, but it'll kind of leave me at a loose end, because like hell am I spending it with my family. The only enduring Christmas tradition I have is that the last thing I do before I go to sleep on Christmas Eve is watch The Muppet Christmas Carol.
  2. That's standard. She was knocked unconscious.
  3. I thought there was a chance Holm could win, but I thought it would need to happen in the opening seconds, I had zero expectation of her fighting that good a fight. She owned it. Unreal.
  4. What's Up With Your Username?

    I logged in one day to find my display name had been changed, and was like, "sure, why not?"  Then the board upgraded and I can't even sign in with my old name any more. I am Daniel Bryan. I have always been Daniel Bryan.
  5. She started training with her mom when she was 11.
  6. Traditions that are hard to explain

    Elevators, though...?
  7. Traditions that are hard to explain

    Would you really have trouble explaining anything in that list?
  8. If it makes you feel better, the "Dark" type is really the "Evil" type, in the Japanese, so this isn't actually true.
  9. Superman 64 Discussion Thread

    You know you're losing an argument when your only remaining defense of your position is that in an infinite universe, anything is theoretically possible.
  10. Superman 64 Discussion Thread

    You're not smart, man.
  11. Superman 64 Discussion Thread

    The term Gamergate was created specifically in reference to Zoe Quinn, what are you even talking about.
  12. Superman 64 Discussion Thread

    oh my god, "Gators"
  13. Superman 64 Discussion Thread

    I find it really surreal seeing people say things like this in real life. It's such full-tilt crazy.
  14. Game of Thrones

    Jon Snow may be a useless douche, but he's the closest thing to a straight-up fantasy hero in this show. I don't know where you left off, but he gets better, after a point. As far as upcoming sexual assaults go, there's no details, but one of the actresses recently talked about filming a "super tramautic" scene that was horrible for everyone to film and watch. So, I dunno, tread lightly.