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  1. I had written Hannibal (the TV show) off as another hacky cash-in on an existing property. Turned out to be something wholly unique and awesome.
  2. That's standard. She was knocked unconscious.
  3. I thought there was a chance Holm could win, but I thought it would need to happen in the opening seconds, I had zero expectation of her fighting that good a fight. She owned it. Unreal.
  4. She started training with her mom when she was 11.
  5. You know you're losing an argument when your only remaining defense of your position is that in an infinite universe, anything is theoretically possible.
  6. You're not smart, man.
  7. The term Gamergate was created specifically in reference to Zoe Quinn, what are you even talking about.
  8. oh my god, "Gators"
  9. I find it really surreal seeing people say things like this in real life. It's such full-tilt crazy.
  10. Jon Snow may be a useless douche, but he's the closest thing to a straight-up fantasy hero in this show. I don't know where you left off, but he gets better, after a point. As far as upcoming sexual assaults go, there's no details, but one of the actresses recently talked about filming a "super tramautic" scene that was horrible for everyone to film and watch. So, I dunno, tread lightly.
  11. It might be trendy, but Modern Vampires of the City was truly excellent. A real maturation of their themes and their sound, and the best songwriting Koenig's ever done. One of the few albums I know where every single track is, in some way, outstanding (if that even makes sense).
  12. This is nonsense. There are clearly defined heroes and villains. Tyrion, Davos and Brienne are good. Dany is a friggin messiah. Tywin, Cersei, Bolton and most of the villains are almost comically evil. The only character with real "shades of grey" is Jaime, and it comes parceled with a lengthy redemption arc (that rape wasn't intended to be a part of). Seriously? You don't see the difference between rape and something as over the top as 80 crucifixions or a man crushing skull in his bare hands? Or why someone might have a stronger reaction to one than the other? You really can't understand that?
  13. I actually prefer it over the shitty "rape that turns consensual" scenes from the book. Writing that shit is seriously fucked up, and it has no place on primetime TV.