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  1. I know, it was just a bit forced.
  2. It's been the traditional alternative punishment to people facing the death penalty for hundreds of years in Westeros and Grey Worm doesn't know Jon and has no reason to imagine he'd like it?
  3. It is a bit unfortunate that the Messianic hero that's the only truly worthy heir to the throne is of course a white male, but they're kind of bound to the source material there.
  4. It is if you actually think about it. It's easy to say "season 8 could be just about the North", but what about the North? You can't just have 7 episodes in a row of the Night King attacking different castles. If Season 9 is just the battle for the Iron Throne, what are they doing for the eight episodes before they invade King's Landing? Standing outside the Red Keep wringing their hands?
  5. If they had extended the seasons what would go in them? Just battles that drag out over 3 or 4 episodes? People sitting around expositing their character motivations? Send Jaime back to faff around in Dorne? The reason for the shorter episode count is that there's not enough story or characters left to sustain 20 episodes without hours of pointless filler.
  6. I don't mind the spoiler tags, but I don't get why someone would be balls-deep in the Marvel movies thread if they haven't seen Endgame yet.
  7. That comes down to Ned and Robb being killed in the books, and you can't be angry at the writers for that because it wasn't their idea. If it happened today, people would be making the same complaints.
  8. Most of the TV shows and comics and stuff aren't set on Earth, they're on a talking animal planet called Mobius, so Sonic has kind of always been an alien. I don't know why they didn't just make him more cartoony, he looks freaky as hell, and the "humour" is so 70-year-old-executive-trying-to-seem-cool. The whole thing just looks horrific.
  9. The shot of Peter's passport in the trailer has no year on it, so that may be them trying to hide whether it happens before or after Endgame. Probably! Isn't that sort of the whole point? At this point seeing Marvel movies that are totally isolated from the rest of the universe would feel like a let-down to me.
  10. I had written Hannibal (the TV show) off as another hacky cash-in on an existing property. Turned out to be something wholly unique and awesome.
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